Person:Henry Hadley (2)

Dr. Henry Gilbert Hadley
b.25 Jan 1894 New York
m. 20 May 1890
  1. Dr. Henry Gilbert Hadley1894 - 1983
  1. Dr. Henry Lee Hadley1922 - 1993
Facts and Events
Name Dr. Henry Gilbert Hadley
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 25 Jan 1894 New York
Marriage to Anna Virginia Hafenmayr
Death[1][2] 17 Jun 1983 San Bernardino, California, United States

From a sermon on The Quiet Hour: "Nearly 80 years ago [an Adventist doctor named Henry Hadley] heard God call him to downtown Washington, D.C., and he answered.

He had done his residency at the Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park, and worked in a clinic in Southwest D.C., one of the city's worst areas. When he learned that the clinic was going to be shut down, he decided to operate it himself.

So he moved into the neighborhood and started work. Fights were common, and the Hadleys' sleep was often disturbed by people who needed to be patched up. Sometimes Dr. Hadley would be so tired he wouldn't hear the bell, and Mrs. Hadley, who was his nurse, would go down and tend the wounded. He was often out at all hours of the night, but Dr. Hadley was never threatened; people knew he was there only to help them.

The work was especially hard on his family. It was too dangerous for the two boys to be out on the street, so they had to play in their small, walled yard. Mrs. Hadley worried about them continually, and says she never would have forgiven herself if they hadn't turned out well. But they did.

Through the years Dr. Hadley's work grew, and he even helped found a hospital. As he expanded his practice, he ranged all over the city, going to places where he was not known. He was mugged more than ten times, and nearly killed three times, but he kept on well past retirement age."

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