Person:Henry Covington (2)

Henry Hampton Covington
b.1668 England
m. ABT 1690
  1. Henry Hampton Covington1668 - Bef 1744
m. 1691
  1. John C. CovingtonAbt 1710 - 1767
  2. James CovingtonAbt 1713 -
  3. Henry CovingtonAbt 1716 - 1766
  4. William CovingtonAbt 1720 - 1794
  5. Benjamin CovingtonAbt 1722 - 1767
  6. Sarah Covington
  7. Nathaniel Covington
Facts and Events
Name Henry Hampton Covington
Gender Male
Birth[3] 1668 England
Immigration[2] 20 Feb 1670 Maryland, United States
Marriage 1691 Englandto Mary Blackistone
Alt Birth[1] 1693 Kent County, Maryland
Property[2] Bef 1712 Queen Anne's County, Marylandplantaton called "Providence"
Alt Marriage 1712 Queen Anne's County, Marylandunreliable
to Mary Blackistone
Death[2] Bef 31 Jul 1744 Queen Anne's County, MarylandProvidence (name of property)
Probate[2] 31 Jul 1744 Queen Anne's County, MarylandWill entered into probate
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    Henry Covington arrived in Maryland from England on the 20th of February 1670. He and his family attended St. Paul's church in Kent Co., and St. Luke's church in Queen Annes Co., Md. By 1712 he is living on his plantation called "Providence". His will was proved 31 Jul 1744 in Queen Annes Co., Md. In it, he gives--
    "to son John, the home plantation, 'Providence' and one half of the 156 acres bought of John and James Tully in 1744; to son James, one half of the 156 acres; to other children the balance of the estate; to son William Covington, land, if older sons did not accept; sons John and Henry to be executors.

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