Person:Henry Cooke (1)

Henry Cooke
b.est 1614
m. Jun 1639
  1. Isaac Cooke1640 - 1692
  2. Samuel Cook1641 - 1702/03
  3. Judith Cooke1643 - aft 1701
  4. Rachel Cooke1645 - 1740
  5. John Cooke1647 - 1716
  6. Mary Cooke1650 - 1732
  7. Martha Cooke1650 - 1667
  8. Henry Cook1652 - 1705
  9. Elizabeth Cooke1654 - 1654
  10. Hannah Cooke1658 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Henry Cooke
Gender Male
Birth[2][3] est 1614 Estimate based on date of marriage.
Emigration[1] 1638
Residence[1] 1638 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage Jun 1639 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Judith Birdsall
Death[2][3][4] 25 Dec 1661 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation[3] Butcher
Alt Death[3] 14 Jan 1661/62 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesError by Pope; this the date of inventory.
Estate Inventory[5] 14 Jan 1661/62 £162-14-4¾d.
Probate[3][5] 24 Jun 1662 Administration granted.

Unsourced Material

Proprietor here this year (10 DEC 1649 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts)

"Mortg. house and land" to Henry Cooke (16 FEB 1655 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts) Purchased five acres from his brother-in-law Nathan Cooke [Birdsall]. Mortgage of land to H. Cooke: Essex Land Records 1:7 Purchase of land from N. Cooke [Birdsall]: Essex Land Records 1:26

A John, TALBIE or TALBY, son of John of Salem, was apprenticed to a Henry Cooke on "29 (11) 1655." This John's mother, Dorothy , was executed in 1639 for the murder of a child named Difficult, and had appeared in court in 1637 for "violent actions toward" his father. The date and place seems to make this person our Henry.

On 10 December, 1649, he mortgaged his shop, house and one acre of land to his father-in-law, Henry Birdsall. And on 16 Feb 1654/5, he purchased five acres of land in Salem from his brother-in-law, Cooke [Birdsall].

I have found several reports on the web that Henry was the child of Edmund and Elizabeth (Nichols) Cooke, but have as yet been unable to find any corroborating evidence.

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    Inventory of the estate of Henery Cooke, late deceased, 14: 11, 1661 [January 14, 1661/62], taken by Nathaniel Felton and Henry Bartholmew: His dwelling house and the land adjoining, 60li.; the Cowpen lot, beinge 5 acres, 20li.; 9 acres of land at the great coave, commonly called Towne's lot, 10li.; the house, orchard and land, about 21 acres that was formerly bought of Willm. Nichols, 40li.; a farme lot of 40 acres, neare Mr. Downing's farme, 6li.; 6 acres of meadow lyinge by Bishop's farme, 5li.; 8 acres of meadow lyinge neare the land of Hen. Phelps, 8li.; an acre of land in the towne next to Mr. Norrice & the housinge upon it, 30li.; 2 oxen, 12li.; 1 Cow, 5li.; 4 two yeare old heifers, 12li.; 2 yearlings, 3li.; a horse, 12li.; In beddinge wth. 2 payre of sheets, blankets and a rug, 5li.; hempe & flax, 2li.; a bed teecke & boulster, 2li. 10s.; a brass ketle, an iron pot & ketle, a skillet, 2 platters, a table & a Cupboord, 3li.: a sadle & bridle, a payre of skales, a payre of stilyards & a steele, 2li.; Barly and pease, 4li.; In beddinge, 1li. 10s.; a polaxe, 2 cleivers, 3 axes, 3 wedges, a hammer, beetle rings, a thwart saw, 2 muskets, a rapier, a sword & bandeliers, a fryinge pan, an old warminge pan & a morter, 2li. 10s.; some old bookes, a fire shovel & tongs & other smal utensils, 1li.; a Cart and plow wth. tacklinge thereunto belonginge, a slyd, 2 sytes, 3li. 10s.; his wearing apparrel, 5li.; total, 255li. Sworn in court June 24, 1662 by the widow, before Hilliard Veren, cleric.

    Henery Cooke debter: To Mr. Corwinne, 16li. 17s. 4 3-4d.; Mr. John Browne, 8li. 2s. 11d.; Mr. Bartholomew, 8li. 13s. 10d.; Mr. Gidney, 4li. 15s.; Henery Bullocke, 4li. 7s.; Willm. Flint, 25li. 10s.; John Pickeringe, 15s.; Nathaniel Norton, 14li.; Francis Lawes, 1li.; Mr. Cromwel, 2li. 2s. 9d.; Mr. Gardiner, 2li. 1s. 10d.; Richard Bishop, 1li. 10s.; Ezekeil Wathen, 2li. 10s.; total, 92li. 5s. 8 3-4d. Inventory, 155li.; debts, 92li. 5s. 8 3-4d.; rest, 162li. 14s. 4 3-4d. Henery Cooke's children were Isacke, aged twenty-two years, Samuel, twenty, John, fourteen, Henery, eight, Judith, eighteen, Rachel, sixteen, Mary and Martha, twelve, and Hanna, four years. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 24.

    John Burton and Samuel (his 0 mark) Eburne certified, Jan. 10, 1661, that 'beinge wth Henery Cooke about 3 or 4 houers before his decease perceiuinge he was in perfect memory spake to him about the settinge of his house in order, for the peace of his famely after his dicease: and that if he had done it when he had had more strenght, It would haue ben more comfortable for himselfe, his answer was, that he had some reason for it and that he would leaue al to his wiues disposinge, then after some tyme of respite he sayd that his wil was that his son Isacke should haue his Dwellinge house with the land thereunto belonginge, then beinge demanded when, he sayd after the decease of his wife, & then he sayd that his daughter Judith should haue the Cowpen land and more he would haue spoken concerninge the rest of his children but was not able.' Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 8, leaf 25.

    Upon further consideration about ordering the estate of Henry Cooke, deceased, it was ordered July 7, 1662, that Isaack, the eldest son, have 24li. and the other children, John, Henry, Judith, Rachell, Mary and Hanna, 12li. each, payable at age or time of marriage, and the widow was appointed administratrix. Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 100."

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