Person:Henry Chandler (11)

m. ABT 1550
  1. Barbara ChandlerABT 1553 - 1584
  2. Agnes Chandler1555 - 1599
  3. Henry ChandlerABT 1560 - 1618
  4. Sarah Chandler1562 - 1650
  5. Richard Chandler1565 - 1593
  6. Edward ChandlerABT 1568 - 1653
  7. William Chandler1570 - 1590
  8. John Chandler1573 - 1592
  9. Thomas Chandler1575 - 1592
  10. Richard Chandler1577 - 1620
  • HHenry ChandlerABT 1560 - 1618
  • WAnne UnknownABT 1569 - 1630
m. 1590
  1. Richard Chandler1591 -
  2. William Chandler1595 - 1641
  3. Sarah Chandler1598 -
  4. Elizabeth ChandlerAbt 1601 -
  5. Samuel Chandler1605 -
Facts and Events
Name Henry Chandler
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1560 Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
Marriage 1590 Bishops Stortford, Engla, Hertfordshire, Englandto Anne Unknown
Death? 17 DEC 1618 Jamestown, James City, Virginia, United States
Burial[1] 17 DEC 1618 Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England

Glover, ancestor of the Chandler family of America.

Although Henry Chandler's baptism is not recorded and his father left no will, it is nevertheless clear that he was a son of Thomas Chandler, as he succeeded to the moiety of the double house occupied by the latter, and is recorded for paying rent there until 1619, when his widow replaces him in the rental rolls.

Excpet for mentions of his name in the parish registers, no other information about Henry Chandler has been found, apart from his will:

The Will of Henry Chandeler of Stortford, co. Herts, glover, dated 9 Dec 1618. To my wife Anne, for life, the tenement in Stortford where I now dwell (my daughter Elizabeth to have the chamber tehrein in which she lodges); with remainder to Samuel Chandeler, my youngest son, he paying to my daughter Sara, within four years after the daeth of my wife, L5 in money, and to my daughter Elizabeth, for life, an annuity of 20s, payable at the usual quarterly feasts. "Itm. I give & bequeath unto Willm myne eldest sonne ffower pownds of lawfull mony to be payd to him within fower yeres next after my decesse, that is to say yerely in e[v'r]y of the said yeres Twenty shillings, if my said sonne live so long. To be pd to my Wife, her executors, or ass." To my daughters Elizabeth and Sarah, beds, etc., and to said daughter Sarah a linen wheel that was her grandmother's. All the residue of my estate to my wife Anne, whome I make sole exeutrix. Wit[nesses]: Tobias Channler, Willm Denyson, Tho: Jeninges, Thomas Barnard, Sr., Sc. The mark of Henrici Chendler. [Seal, a fleur-de-lis.] Proved by the executirx 15 Mar 1618/19. (Commissary Court of London for Essex and Herts, original will.)S1

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