Person:Heinrich Conrad (2)

Heinrich CONRAD
d.aft 1760 NY
  • HHeinrich CONRAD1670 - aft 1760
  1. Philipp CONRADABT 1707 - BEF 1790
Facts and Events
Name Heinrich CONRAD
Gender Male
Birth? 1670 The Palatinate, Germany
Marriage Germanyto
Death? aft 1760 NY
  1.   This is the immigrant in our Coonradt line.
    According to Coonradt researcher Bernard C.Young, Heinrich was a widower and he arrived in America as a Palatine Immigrant with his young son Philipp. The Conrad name is immortalized on a plaque which appears on The Church at West Camp, NY listing the surnames of all the early (1710) settlers. The name there is spelled as Conrad. In all the records from those days the name is listed as Conrad. It is my opinion that the influence of the Dutch in the Hudson Valley led to the Hollandization of the name; Coonradt being the Dutch equivalent of Conrad/Konrad. When did this happen? I don't know, but there were records at the Gilead Lutheran Church in Center Brunswick where they were using the name Conrad as late as 1781. I believe these records were written in German so the use of the name Conrad would be expected. Simmendinger's Register was originally prepared by Ulrich Simmendinger after his return to Germany from the colonies, where he had been part of the Palatine migration for seven years. The names given are all who were living in early New York settlements at the time of his departure in 1717. We find Conrad, Johann Heinrich, wife Gertraud & 2 children in Wormsdorff (part of East Camp, later known as Annsbury). Heinrich's wife Gertraud would be Anna Gertrude Segendorf, whom records show Heinrich married in 1716. They supposedly had a son, Johannes, born within the first year of their marriage. Subsequently they had two other children. The last one born in 1725. The second child referred to by Simmendinger would seem to have been Philipp, born to Heinrich and his first wife, whose name is unknown. Heinrich is reported in the NYC Lutheran Churchbook as having married Maria Barbara Hommel on 25 April 1726. We presume he was still in Livingston Manor at this time and that Gertraud had died. Since his last child by Gertraud was born in 1725 it may be Gertraud died in childbirth.

    "THE COONRADT FAMILY" supplied by Bernard C.Young ( "Sources are the Germantown Reformed Churchbook,the Gilead Lutheran Churchbook, the Documentary History of NY, Vol. 3 and the Gallatin Reformed Churchbook.
    JOHANNES HEINRICH A widower from Anshausen, Nassau-Seig, he arrived in NYC in 1710. He is listed as a soldier taking part in the Canadian expedition of 1711 from Livingstons Manor as was Heinrich Jung. He married secondly, Anna Gertrude Segendorf, d/o Adam Segendorf who came from Hermandorf in the Commune of Neuwied, Germany. Marriage took place on 31 August, 1716 (West Camp Lutheran Churchbook). Johannes married thirdly, Maria Barbara Hommel on 25 April, 1726 the d/o Hans Jurg Hommel of Mussbach in the Palatinate (NYC Lutheran Churchbook.) He was married a fourth time to Maria Margaretha --?--. He appears to have had children with each of these women except for Maria Margaretha. The name Johan Heinrich Conradt appeared on "Names of Male Palatines above twenty-one years old in Livingston Manor, N. Y. in the Winter of 1710 and Summer 1711."

    From: History of Columbia County, New York, Captain Franklin Ellis, Published by Everts & Ensign, Philadelphia, PA 1878. "The following are the heads of families reported as willing to remain in Germantown, Aug. 26, 1724, and for whom grants of the land improved by them were sought by petition to the provincial council. It shows the actual settlers of Germantown after a portion of the Palatines had become discouraged and moved away: ... Johannes Henrig Conrad, ..." However an entry from The History of the Gilead Lutheran church, by Rev. T. N. Barnett, Gazette Co. Bookprinters, 1881 states that "...who subsequently removed to this vicinity were ... Johan Heinrich Conrad ..."

    Coonradt researcher Ralph Garfield Coonradt states that Heinrich Coonradt came as a youth from Livingstone (sic) Manor to Rensselaerswack (sic) in 1734. In 1734 Heinrich would have been 63, hardly a youth. Ralph shows four sons: 1. Joseph Coonradt, b.1746; 2. Fredrick (Fredric) Coonradt, b. 1748; 3. John A. Coonradt, b.1750; and 4. Henry H. Coonradt, b.1753. It is doubtful that the original Heinrich would still be siring sons in his 93d year. It is more likely there was a younger Heinrich who also settled in Center Brunswick and fathered those 4 sons. Who he was is yet to be determined. He may have been a son of Heinrich and Anna Gertraud, identified as Jost Heinrich b. 1720. This needs more research.

    From William Sagendorf:
    You said that you thought the family moved to Rensselaerwyck about 1734, I have some doubts about that. (1) Johannes Henrich was with a Maria Margaretha (no last name) called "his wife" in 1752 (Germantown Reformed Church Book) (2) "Hendrick Coenradt was owner of lot #301 in Germantown in 1749 and lot #244 in Germantown in 1760
    ref: Settlers & Residents, Clermont, NY Vol. 2, part 1 at pg. 340. One might infer from this that he was strill in Germantown in 1760 at age 90 and never went to Rensselaer.