Person:Harold Northum (1)

Harold Clifton NORTHUM, SR
  1. Harold Clifton NORTHUM, SR1909 - 1967
m. 8 Apr 1933
  1. Pierrine NORTHUM
Facts and Events
Name Harold Clifton NORTHUM, SR
Gender Male
Birth[1] 10 Sep 1909 Gastonia, North Carolina
Education? Aug 1928 Charleston, SCThe Citadel
Census? 5 Apr 1930 New Citadel, Pt of Ward 12, Charleston, Charleston, South CarolinaCensus
Graduation? May 1932 Charleston, SCThe Citadel
Marriage 8 Apr 1933 Beaufort, South Carolinato Marguerite Soubeyroux Leprince
Death? 28 Nov 1967 Charleston, South CarolinaCause: Lung Cancer
Soc Sec No? 248-07-0818

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Granddaddy attended Porter Military Academy in Charleston for his entire education from kindergarten or first grade through graduation and then went on to The Citadel. He would have begun classes possibly in 1914 or 1915.

Possible attendance would have been from 1915/1916 - 1928 and attendance at The Citadel was 1928 - 1932

On his Soc.Sec. Application he lists his birthplace as Gastonia, NC.

  1. possibly adopted, story of him having memories of being "Herbert" or "Hubert" "Berryman"
    found a Eugene Berryman living in the Florence Crittenton Home in Charlotte, NC in the 1910 census, listed at 1 year old.