Person:Hardin Laffoon (3)

m. 1821
  1. Harden Laffoon1822 - 1899
  2. Susan Laffoon1827 -
  3. Lydia Laffoon1828 - 1904
  4. John C. Laffoon1832 - Aft 1880
  5. Elizabeth J. Laffoon1833 -
  6. Stephen Dennis Laffoon1836 -
  7. William G. Laffoon1840 - 1864
m. 21 Jun 1850
  1. Mary E. Laffoon1852 - 1928
  2. Plutina Jane Laffoon1857 - 1936
  3. Nettie Clay Laffoon1862 -
  4. Sarah Ann Laffoon1865 - 1963
  5. Juda Ross Laffoon1867 - 1949
  6. Ada Laffoon - 1928
  7. Laffoon
Facts and Events
Name Harden Laffoon
Gender Male
Birth? 4 Mar 1822 Surry, North Carolina, United States
Marriage 21 Jun 1850 Surry County, North Carolinato Sarah "Sallie" Lewis
Death? 31 Dec 1899 Surry, North Carolina, United States

Skilled shoe/boot maker


The subject of this obituary was born in Surry County, N. C. March 11th, 1822, and died at his home at White Plains, in the same county and state on December 31st, 1899. His age was, therefore, 77 years, 9 months and 27 days. He was the son of Mark R. Laffoon and Cynthia Laffoon. His mother’s name was Caudle, and was born and reared in Chatham County, N. C. His father’s father was a native of France, having come from Paris and settled in Surry County in his young manhood and toward the close of the 18th century. For more than a century the Laffoon family has lived in Surry County, and have, with rarely an exception, been honorable upright citizens.

On the 21st of June, 1850, Harden Laffoon was happily married to Miss Sallie Lewis, daughter of Elkana and Mahala Lewis of Surry County. Of this union seven children were born: six daughters, namely, Misses Mary E. Laffoon and Ada Laffoon of Surry County, N. C., Mrs. Jas. J. Greenwood of Patrick County, Va., Mrs. R. M. Taylor of Buncombe County, N. C., Mrs. LaFayette Nichols and Mrs. W. O. Bunker of Surry County, N. C. One son only was given to them, who died at age of three years. All the rest, including the bereaved wife, still live and mourn the loss of husband and father.

The writer has had an intimate personal acquaintance with Mr. Laffoon for 25 years. He was a man of very decided character, unchanging views and strong convictions. He was strictly honest in all his dealings. No man hated fraud and deception more than Harden Laffoon. He did not practice these things himself nor could he tolerate them in other people. He promptly condemned, on the spot, whatever did not strike him as right and would speak to a man face to face whatever he had to say about him. This sometimes made him enemies, but he was never known to court popularity by flattery. His love of truth was equal to his reason for honesty. He hated lying with all the intensity of his nature. In politics, he was a lifelong Jeffersonian Democrat, and I suppose, voted for every Democratic candidate he ever had a chance to vote for, having cast his first presidential vote for Andrew Jackson in 1833, he kept to his political faith till the last.

In religion he was what is known as a Primitive Baptist, though not communicant of any church. His conscientious convictions were very clear, and his sense of right and wrong was keen. He was converted at the age of 18 and held to his faith until his translation.

In his last days he talked a great deal about death, and said no man living feared to die less than he. He had a presentiment of his approaching dissolution. He thought he was in the church of his choice, and there met his blessed Savior, who beckoned him to come. All the members he said looked very beautiful to him. He related this vision to his own family and some friends before his death. For several years past he sang a hymn daily in which the last verse was a prayer, which was answered literally. Just at nightfall on the Holy Sabbath, the last day of the year 1899, after having attended to the various duties of the house, and having eaten his supper, he was called to go. It was sudden. He complained of a strange swimming in his head and sank down in his chair. He ceased at once to breathe. Not a muscle moved- not a struggle of the last flickering rays of life. Thus lived Harden Laffoon and thus he died.

The remains were buried at old Fish River Church near Dobson. The funeral services were conducted By Elder Jas. D. Draughn, an able minister of the Primitive Baptist Church and a neighbor of Mr. Laffoon’s.

His bereaved wife and sorrowing children sorely miss him, but they sorrow not as those who have no hope, for by his daily life and dying testimony, they confidently hope to meet him” on the other shore.”

R. M. Taylor Weaverville, N. C. March 8, 1900

Note : "R. M. Taylor" is Rev. Robert M. Taylor who married Harden and Sarah's daugther Nettie Clay.

This copy typed in by family member in late 1970's and given to my mother.

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My maternal 3rd great grandfather.

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