Person:Hannah Brooks (1)

m. Bef 1622
  1. Hannah BrooksEst 1620 - 1692
  2. John BrooksAbt 1623 - 1691
  3. Martha BrooksAbt 1626 - 1665
  4. Mary Brooks1628 - 1671/72
  5. Sarah Brooks1632 - 1686
  6. Timothy Brooks1634 - 1711
  7. Joseph Brooks1641 - Bef 1682
  8. Isaac Brooks1643 - 1688
  • HThomas Fox1619 - 1658
  • WHannah BrooksEst 1620 - 1692
m. 13 Dec 1647
  1. Hannah Fox1648 - 1712
  2. Thomas Fox1649/50 -
  3. Samuel Fox1651 - 1727
  4. John FoxAbt 1653 - 1730
  5. David Fox1656 -
  6. Isaac Fox1657 - 1735
m. Abt 1661
  1. Timothy Lester1662 -
  2. Joseph Lester1664 - 1725
  3. Benjamin Lester1666 - Bef 1727
  • HIsaac WilleyBef 1615 - Est 1685
  • WHannah BrooksEst 1620 - 1692
m. 24 Apr 1672
Facts and Events
Name[1] Hannah Brooks
Married Name Hannah Fox
Married Name Hannah Lester
Married Name Hannah Willey
Gender Female
Birth[1] Est 1620
Marriage 13 Dec 1647 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Thomas Fox
Marriage Abt 1661 New London, New London, Connecticut, United Statesto Andrew Lester
Marriage 24 Apr 1672 New London, New London, Connecticut, United States (probably)to Isaac Willey
Death[1] 1692 New London, New London, Connecticut, United States (probably)

Currently theory (nearly proven):

1. Her parents were shown as Thomas Brooks and Grace Wheeler in "History of New London" and Savage's Dictionary. Her father is changed to Henry Brooks in "The Compendium of Genealogy" and "The Lesters". The latter is correct.

2. She married 1st October 13, 1647 (Concord) Thomas Fox, born 1619, who died 1658 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

3. She married 2nd 1661 (New London, CT?) Andrew Lester.

4. She married 3rd (New London, CT 1670) Isaac Willey. Or did she? She is called "Lester" in her father's 1683 will. Also others think Isaac married "Ann Lester" daughter of Andrew Lester by wife Barbara. See Family of Isaac Wiley and Ann Lester.

In her father's (Henry Brooks') will, dated 18 July 1682, the following statement is the only reference made to her: "I give and bequeath to my daughter Lestor five shillings, and no more, because she hath received her portion already, as will appear by a receipt under her hand."

Hannah likely received her marriage portion when she married Thomas Fox. Torrey's statement in "New England Marriages Prior to 1700" that she married Isaac Willey prior to 1673 cannot be right. She was either the widow of Andrew Lester or still his wife, as the will specifies, unless, as Ms. Eddy suggests, her aged father, residing in a different colony, erred in the writing (or dictating) of the will.

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    "In equating the Hannah or Ann Fox who married Andrew Lester with the Hanath Brookes who married Thomas Fox at Concord, there is but one slight difficulty. Henry Brooks apparently did not know that his daughter had married a third time when he made his will in 1682, or at age 91 he was forgetful of her third marriage."

    "Hannah (Brooks), also called Anna, b. ca. 1620, d. 1692 (Caulkins); m. (1) 13 Dec. 1647; (2) ca. 1661 Andrew Lester; (3) 24 April 1672, Isaac Willey."

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