Person:Hannah Bane (2)

Hannah Bane
b.abt. 1725 Pennsylvania
m. 29 DEC 1705
  1. Nathan BaneABT 1706 -
  2. Mordecai Bane1708 -
  3. Joseph BaneABT 1710 - AFT 1800
  4. Samuel Bane1712 -
  5. Jane Bane1712-1729 -
  6. Barbara Bane1712-1729 -
  7. James Bane1714 - BEF 1790
  8. Mary Bane1715 - bef 1751
  9. Isaac BaneABT 1717 - BEF 1745/46
  10. Sarah BaneABT 1720 -
  11. Hannah Baneabt 1725 - 1826
m. 8 May 1747
  1. Henry Battin1750 - 1790
Facts and Events
Name Hannah Bane
Gender Female
Birth? abt. 1725 Pennsylvania
Marriage 8 May 1747 Pennsylvaniato Henry Battin
Death[1] 29 January 1826 Draper's Meadow, Augusta County, Virginia
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    Three of Mordecai Bane's sons and two daughters removed to Virginia.
    Those being Joseph to the Great Capon River region of what is now Hampshire County, West Virginia.He later moved to Washington County, Pennsylvania
    Isaac and James removed to the Roanoke River area of Virginia were Isaac died and James later removed to Toms Creek in what was then Augusta County and
    now Montgomery County, Virginia.The daughter Mary married James Edward Burke and they lived in the Roanoke River area where she died.
    The daughter Hannah married Henry Battin and they moved to the Great Capon River region of what is now Hampshire County, Virginia.
    The sons Mordecai, and Samuel I believe both died in Pennsylvannia. And the son Nathan for sure did.
    The first decendants of the Alexander Bane line to move into Virgina were two of the sons of William Bane 1717-1801, those being Abner Bane 1761-1846 and Jesse Bane 1755-1831. They both removed to what is now Berkeley County, West Virginia and later to what is
    now Mineral County West Virginia.