Person:Guillaume Trahan (2)

m. ABT 1600
  1. Guillaume TrahanABT 1601 - 1684
  2. Anne Trahan1605 -
  3. Nicolas TrahanABT 1607 -
  4. Francois TrahanABT 1609 -
  5. Renee Trahan1612 -
  6. Lucrece Trahan1614 -
m. 13 Jul 1627
  1. Jeanne TrahanABT 1629 - ABT 1699
  2. TrahanABT 1631 -
m. ABT 1666
  1. Guillaume TrahanABT 1667 - 1755
  2. Jean Charles TrahanABT 1668 - BEF 1729
  3. Joseph Alexandre TrahanABT 1670 - 1751
  4. Marie TrahanABT 1672 - AFT 1752
  5. TrahanABT 1673 - AFT 1677
  6. Jeanne Trahanabt 1674 -
  7. Madeleine TrahanABT 1678 - 1742
Facts and Events
Name Guillaume Trahan
Alt Name Trahant
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1601 Montreuil-Bellay, Anjou, Maine-et-Loire, France
Alt Birth? Abt 1601 Montreuil-Bellay, Maine-Et-Loire, Pays DE La Loire, France
Alt Birth[6] C1611 France
Alt Birth? 13 JUL 1626 Bourgueil, Anjou, France
Marriage 13 Jul 1627 Chinon, Indre-et-Loire, Franceto Francoise Corbineau
Immigration[5] 1 APR 1636 "saint Jehan" Leaves From La Rochelle
Marriage ABT 1666 Port Royal, , , Acadiato Madeleine Brun
Census[3] 1671 Port Royal, Acadie
Occupation[3] 1671 Port Royal, AcadieMareschal
Census 1671 Port Royal, Acadiawith Madeleine Brun
Alt Death[4] 1682 Port Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada
Death[2] 1684 Port Royal, , , Acadia

!IMMIGRATION: ACADIAN GENEALOGY EXCHANGE; ; vol. 25, no. 4 (Oct 1996); p. 100; own copy. A plaque commemorating the departure of Guillaume TRAHAN & Francoise CORBINEAU and their daughter Jeanne is pictured, dated 14 Jul 1996. [Where is it?]

!BIRTH-MARRIAGES-CHILDREN: Genevieve Massignon, "Les Trahan d'Acadie," in CAHIER DE LA SOCIETY HISTORIQUE ACADIENNE; no. 4 (1964); p. 16. Guillaume TRAHAN, born around 1611, probably at Montreuil-Bellay (at present in Maine-et-Loire), France. He married 1st around 1630 to Francoise CHARBONNEAU, daughter Jeanne born around 1631. He embarked for Acadia on the "Saint-Jehan" in 1636. Married 2nd to Madeleine BRUN around 1666; six children.

!MARRIAGE: "Progenitors--Those Most Misunderstood," ACADIAN GENEALOGY EXCHANGE; ; vol. XXIII, no. 4 (Oct 1994); P. 118; own copy; these facts have been verified by the Centre d'Etudes acadiennes as accurate. "Guillaume's first marriage on July 13, 1627 at St. Etienne de Chinon, was to Francoise CORBINEAU, not CHARBONNEAU."

!IMMIGRATION: In the fifteenth ledger of 'La Societe Historiqie [sic] Acadienne, Moncton, N. B., Genevieve Massignon, published in 1964, a remarkable study of the origin of Guillaume TRAHAN, from Indre on the Loire, France,...of the parish of Montreuil Belley, Maine on the Loire." An article titled "The Trahans of Acadia" in Genealogy and Family History, vol. 2, no. 1 (Spring 1969) [Sutro CS80F7] cites a reference to a ship called "Role du Saint-Jehan, a vessel which left La Rochelle in 1636 to bring over to Acadia a certain number of emigrants, originating specifically from Bourgueil, among whom appear 'Guillaume Trahan, toolsmith, his wife, two children and a valet.' It further states that he set sail on April 1, 1636. In deposition on genealogy of his grandson Pierre in 1767 at Belle-Isle-en-Mer, he stated himself "to be issue of Guillaume TRAHANT, his grandfather having come from France after the Treaty of Breda on 31 July 1661" [sic] (See article "The Acadians of B-I-en-M", in New Orleans Genesis, vol. 32, no. 128 (Oct. 1993). This same article says Guillaume "married Magdeleine LEBRUN at Port Royal," had 5 children with her there, and that both died there.

!MARRIAGE: Donald J. Hebert, SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA RECORDS; 1750-1800; vol. 1-A, rev. ed., Rayne, LA, Hebert Publications, 1996; p. 767; own copy; contains church and civil records. Guillaume TRAHAN, son of Nicolas & Renee DESLOGES, married on 13 Jul 1627 to Francoise CORBINEAU of the parish of St-Etienne. (Courtesy: J. M. GERME at Archives Paroissiales de Chinon, Touraine, France.)

!MARRIAGE: "Guillaume Trahan," on webpage of Francois ROUX at <> read in June 1999. It gives a picture of the original document [called "l'acte de naissance [sic]"]. Present were Nicolas TRAHAN, father of said TRAHAN; Pierre LEGER [?]; Pierre BAUDRY; Anne LEGER [?] wife of GILLOIRE.

!OCCUPATION: Marshal (Mareschal on 1671 census). "They [sic] were lawyers (syndic) for the inhabitants at Port Royal in 1654." (LANO, op cit.) Described as "Toolsmith" on his daughter's record as godmother (see Gen & Fam Hist, ibid.). "In 1654, among the signatures apposed at the foot of the act of capitulation of Port Royal, is found that of 'M. Guillaume Trouen, syndic of the inhabitants'" (ibid.). "1654--...the first rudimentary council of colonists is established, headed by Guillaume Trahan." (Rushton, The Cajuns, p. 309).

!CENSUS: 1678, Clarence J. d'Entremont, "Recensement de Port-Royal," in MEMOIRES DE LA SOCIETE GENEALOGIQUE CANADIENNE-FRANCAISE; vol. 22, no. 4; p. 232; sent by PERSI in Jun 1999. On Folio 19: Guilleaume [sic] TRAHAN & Madelenne BRUN, listed with three boys and three girls. They have 4 arpents of land, and 6 head of cattle.

MARRIAGES-DEATH: Does not appear on the 1686 census. In 1665 Guillaume married 18-year-old Madeleine BRUN, and had six children by her. Died in 1685 [sic, before 1686], according to letter from S. Trahan WOLFE, 4925 Laurel Drive, Concord, CA 94521, on Jan 1995.

!IMMIGRATION: E-mail from Esther Howard ( on lghc newsgroup in Jun 2006. Originally from St. Germain de Bourgeuile, Indre-et-Loire, France, Guillaume was Marshal of Trachant, (Marechal de Tranchant). He arrived in Acadia in 1636, from Indre-et-Loire, France on the ship "St. Jehan," which left France April 1, 1636, with a wife, Francoise Charbonneau, two daughters and a valet. This ship arrived in Acadia in 1636, The circumstances that brought Guillaume and his family to the new world are not known but the reason might be that in 1634 a sentence had been issued against a group of residents of his town and his name was among the lot, including some of the clergy. They were charged and fined for illegally cutting fire wood from the private forest of Cardinal Richelieu.

  1. Stephen A. White. Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes. (2 vols., Moncton, New Brunswick: Centre d'Études Acadiennes, 1999), p. 1535.

    Born about 1601.

  2. Stephen A. White. Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes. (2 vols., Moncton, New Brunswick: Centre d'Études Acadiennes, 1999), p. 1535.

    Died (Belle-Ile-en-Mer Declaration ) at Port Royal at end of 1684.

  3. 3.0 3.1 Nova Scotia, Canada. Recensements d'Acadie (1671 - 1752), pg. 6.

    Recensement 1671, Port Royal, Acadie
    "Mareschal - GUILLEAUME TRAHAN aagé de soixante ans ou environ sa femme Magdeleine Brun aagée de 25 ans. Leurs enfans trois, Guilleaume Trahan aagé de quattre ans, Jehan Charles aagé de trois ans, Alexandre aagé d'un an, Leurs bestiaux a cornes huict et dix brebis. Leurs terre en labour cinq arpans."

    !CENSUS: 1671, Port Royal, Acadia, age 60 years or thereabouts ["ou environ"] [sic], occupation marshal [or farrier], and his second wife Magdeleine BRUN age 25, with 3 young children under 5. Her parents are listed nearby on census. They have 8 head of cattle and 10 [6?] sheep, with 5 arpents of land under cultivation. Karen Theriot Reader

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    1. 1: Guillaume TRAHAN, born around 1601, married 1st (St-Étienne of Chinon Register) 13 Jul 1627 to Francoise CORBINEAU; two children. He married 2nd (Belle-Ile-en-Mer Declaration) around 1666 to Madeleine BRUN, daughter of Vincent & Renée BREAU; seven children. He died before the end of 1684.
  8.   Arsenault, Bona. Histoire et généalogie des Acadiens. (Quebec: Le Conseil de la Vie française en Amérique, 1965), p. 816.

    (Port Royal). Born in 1611, a "marchal," he arrived in Acadia from France in 1636. They embarked at La Rochelle 1 Apr 1636 for work in New France.) He was originally from Saint-Germain de Bourgeuil, Indre-et-Loire, France, from the parish of Montreuil-Belley, Maine-et-Loire. He married 1st around 1628, 2nd around 1666. He died around 1682.

  9.   Jehn, Janet B, and Bona Arsenault. Corrections & additions to Arsenault's Histoire et généalogie des Acadiens. (Covington, Kentucky: J.B. Jehn, 1988), p. 16.

    An addition to the entry on Guillaume TRAHAN found on Arsenault's p. 816. Gives name of 1st wife as Francoise CORBINEAU, married 13 Jul 1627 at St. Etienne de Chinon to Guillaume TRAHAN (ref. Jean Pierre Pellerin, original document.)