Person:Grace Unknown (249)

Grace Unknown
b.aft 1653
Facts and Events
Name[1] Grace Unknown
Gender Female
Birth[1] aft 1653 Youngest known children (twins) born 13 May 1693.
Marriage bef 1677 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States (probably)Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child.
to Sergeant Uzal Wardwell
Will[1] 19 Oct 1739 Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, United States
Death[3] 9 May 1741 Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, United States
Probate[1] 27 May 1741 Will proved.
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    "The will of Uzal's second wife, Grace Wardwel of Bristol, widow, was dated 19 October 1739 and proved 27 May 1741. She mentioned sons Uzal (eldest), James, Joseph, Benjamin deceased, and William Wardwel; and three daughters Mary Barker, Grace Giddins and Sarah Bosworth; grandson Uzal Wardwel son of my son Benjamin deceased; daughters-in-law [i.e. stepdaughters] Abigail Green, Hannah Crompton, and Mary Lawles. Son-in-law Nathaniel Bosworth was named executor. An interesting point is raised with the difference between the two wills in the naming of one or two daughters as Mary. Grace's will clearly states that she had a daughter Mary who married a Barker, and that she had a daughter-in-law [i.e. stepdaughter] named Mary who had married a Lawles, probably Lawless. However, Uzell's will mentions only one daughter, Mary, married to a Barker. The records of the marriage and birth of children to Mary Barker are easily found, but nothing has been discovered about a marriage or children born to Mary Wardwell and _____ Lawless, and they must have left Bristol. (A Mary Lawless, perhaps a granddaughter, married Stephen Marvel in Swansea 8 August 1782.) Perhaps this Mary had received her portion from her father upon her marriage and removal from home. [Ed. note: Could this Mary be Grace's step-daughter by an earlier marriage?]"
    [Note: the speculation from this source about Mary Lawless overlooks an obvious candidate. See the comment attached to the TAG abstract, previously posted.]

  2.   Bristol, in Arnold, James N. Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636–1850: First series, births, marriages and deaths. A family register for the people. (Narragansett Hist. Publ. Co., 1891).

    Wordall, Old Mrs. Grace, [died] May 9, 1741.

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    She made her will 19 Oct 1733 [sic, see TAG article], and died 9 May 1741 at Bristol.

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    The will of Grace Wardall of Bristol, widow, signed 19 Oct 1739, proved 27 May 1741, names eldest son Uzal Wardall; sons James, Joseph and William; deceased son Benjamin and his eldest son Uzal; daughters-in-law Abigail Green, Hannah Cumpton, and Mary Lawless "[Alice?]"; daughters Mary Barker, Grace Giddins and Sarah Bosworth; son-in-law Nathaniel Bosworth executor.
    [Note: Whether Grace named her step-granddaughter [i.e., not step-daughter] Mary Lawless, alone of all her daughter Alice's children, to receive all of Alice's share, or whether she actually meant Alice [i.e., Alice Gladding, the actual step-daughter ], Mary's mother, and misidentified her out of confusion, is unclear. It is unknown if receipts, or the executors accounting, is available, which could show to whom the money was actually paid, but the abstract does not mention any.]