Person:Gladys Beal (1)

Gladys Beal
b.Sept 1889 , Iowa
m. 16 Jun 1887
  1. Gladys Beal1889 - 1890
  2. Elsie Fredericka Beal1890 - 1983
  3. Ralph Leroy Beal1891 - 1991
  4. Jesse L. Beal1894 - 1971
  5. Frederick K. Beal1896 - 1984
  6. Edith M. Beal1899 - 1959
  7. Harold Francis Beal1902 - 1975
Facts and Events
Name Gladys Beal
Gender Female
Birth? Sept 1889 , Iowa
Death? 17 Nov 1890 Hudson, Black Hawk, Iowa

Gladys died of Diptheria in childhood. She is buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Waterloo, Iowa. The deed to that cemetery lot is in Stanley Beal's lock box.

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  1.   Per Stanley Beal 8 Feb 2009 email:

    I think I may have told you I think the Deed to the Cemetery lot in The Elmood Cemetery in Waterloo is in my Safety Deposit Box here. I took Dad's over when he departed in 1991 and I think I have seen that item in there. He was the oldest male in the family so I assume that is how it was given to him to keep. Our Grandmother Mary used to tell how Gladys was a tease when Aunt Elsie was born and would grab the soap etc. when she was bathing baby Elsie. She was apparently a fun, little girl. I remember the dread Diphtheria was when we were small yet. My brother born April 2, 1927 was another victim of similar lack of knowledge yet before Medical Science was aware of the danger of high nitrate water for infants. My Dad was born at Hudson, IA. too.