Person:Gerard Spencer (2)

Ensign Gerard Spencer
m. 10 Nov 1600
  1. Lieutenant William Spencer1601 - 1640
  2. Elizabeth Spencer1602 - Abt 1645
  3. John Spencer1603/04 - Bef 1645/46
  4. Henry Spencer1605 - 1607
  5. Sergeant Thomas Spencer1607 - 1687
  6. Richard Spencer1608 - 1614
  7. Unknown SpencerBef 1609/10 - 1609/10
  8. Michael Spencer1611 - Bef 1653
  9. Ensign Gerard Spencer1614 - Bef 1685
  • HEnsign Gerard Spencer1614 - Bef 1685
  • WUnknown UnknownBef 1618 - Est 1675
m. Bef 1638
  1. John SpencerEst 1638 - 1682
  2. Mehitabel SpencerEst 1640 - 1691
  3. Marah SpencerEst 1642 - Bef 1714
  4. Hannah SpencerEst 1644 - Bef 1691
  5. Sarah SpencerEst 1646 - Aft 1707
  6. Samuel SpencerEst 1650 - 1705
  7. Thomas SpencerAbt 1650 - 1699/00
  8. Ruth Spencer1650 - 1744
  9. Timothy SpencerEst 1652 - Bef 1704
  10. William Spencer1656 - 1731
  11. Nathaniel SpencerEst 1658 - Bef 1722
  12. Rebecca SpencerEst 1660 - Aft 1710
  • HEnsign Gerard Spencer1614 - Bef 1685
  • WRebecca Porter1630 - 1682/83
m. Aft 21 Sep 1677
Facts and Events
Name[1] Ensign Gerard Spencer
Alt Name[5] Jared Spencer
Alt Name Jarrad Spencer
Gender Male
Christening[1][2][5] 25 Apr 1614 Stotfold, Bedfordshire, EnglandSt Mary's Parish
Emigration[5] 1634
Residence[5] 1634 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Residence[5] 1636 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage Bef 1638 to Unknown Unknown
Other[5] 9 Mar 1636/37 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesAdmitted freeman of Massachusetts Bay.
Occupation[5] 1638/39 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesFerryman
Residence[5] 1660 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Residence[5] 1662 Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States
Marriage Aft 21 Sep 1677 After death of her first husband.
to Rebecca Porter
Will[1][4][5] 17 Sep 1683 Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States
Death[4][5] Bef 29 Jun 1685 Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United StatesBefore date of inventory.
Estate Inventory[4][5] 29 Jun 1685 £124-12-00 of Estate not disposed of by Will. Taken by Joseph Arnot & Alexander Rollo
Probate[1][4][5] 3 Sep 1685 Will proved.

Gerard and his siblings were raised in Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England. Gerard is alleged in some sources to have come to New England in 1630 under John Winthrop. However, he does not appear on any passenger list, and that information may well refer to his brother WIlliam, who does appear on early lists in Cambridge by 1632.[6] Gerard does appear in Cambridge in 1634: "in the prime of September 1634, Lots granted one west side River - Gerrad Spencer 4 ackrs." He was a Freeman on 9 March, 1637.

He moved to Lynn, MA with his brother Michael in 1638 and ran the ferry there. The ferry ran from Needham's Landing in Lynn to Biards Landing in Saugas. In 1661 he was one of the 28 purchasers of the town of Haddam. He was commissioned as an Ensign for the town of Haddam on September 14, 1675. A pewter flagon and Urim Basin are in the glass case in the rear of the church sancturary at Haddam. He was Rep. Gen. in CT., 1674 and served in King Phillips War. The townspeople of Haddam, CT presented him for "an Ensigne for their Trayn Band."

Colonial Records of Connecticut, Volume 2, published 1852, states on p. 182 that "Ensigne Jarrad Spencer is propownded for a freeman." This entry was made at a Court session held at Hartford, June 26, 1672. This session was presided over by Governor John Winthrop, and a footnote indicates that this session was hastily called in response to a letter from the King of England that he had declared war against the States General. The King's letter advised the Colonies to make "speedy and effectual provision for their defence against the Dutch."

At page 260-61 of the Colonial Records of Connecticut, Volume 2, Ens. Gerrard Spencer is listed as a deputy at a "Generall Court by Speciall Order of the Gouernor," which met on July 9, 1675. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Indian War which broke out in Plymouth Colony and the danger it presented to the eastern towns in Connecticut. ("The Court being mett, they were acquainted wth the occasion of theire meeting, which was the present trouble of the Indians now risen against the English, spoyleing and destroying of them by fire and sword . . .")[7]

The Estate of Ensign Jarrad Spencer

"Vol IV, 1677 to 1687 Probate Records

Spencer, Jarrad, Ensign, Haddam. Invt. £124-112-00 of Estate not disposed of by Will. Taken June 29, 1685 by Joseph Arnot & Alexander Rollo. Will dated 17 September 1683.

The last Will of Ensign Jarrad Spencer of Haddam: I give unto my son William the Land which I bought of Steven Luxford's Estate. How I come by it the Court Record will show. I give unto my son William 1-3 part of 48 acres lying by that wch was commonly called Welles his Brook. I give to my son Nathaniel my now Dwelling house with the Lott that was the Houselott, with an Addition lying by the side of it, granted by the Committe. I give unto my daughter Rebeckah that Houselott I bought of Thomas Smith. Likewise I give unto my daugthter Rebeckah 1-3 part of the Lott by Welles his Brook. I give unto my son Thomas 40 acres on Matchamodus Side. I give unto my son Thomas his son, Jarrad Spencer by name, my Rapier. I give unto my son Timothy Spencer the remainder of that 6 score acre lott wherof his 2 brothers had their shares. The other 6 score thereof I dispose of as followeth: To Grace Spencer, the daughter of my son John Spencer, 40 acres; to Alice Brooks, the daughter of my daughter Brooks, 40 acres; to Grace Spencer, the daughter of my son Samuel Spencer, I give the other 40 acres. I give unto Jarred Cone, the son of my daughter Cone, my Carbine. A pewter Flagon and Urim Basin I give to the Church at Haddam, if there be one within five years. It is my Will that my son John Spencer his Children and my son-in-law Daniel Cone his Children have an equal proportion of my Estate with my other Children. It is my Will that however my Estate falls out for portions to my Children, that my daughter Ruth Clarke's portion shall be £15, which was my Covenant with her father at her marriage, which £15 she hath received some part thereof, as my Books will testify; & to son Joseph Clarke I give him 40 acres of land at Matchemodus. It is the humble request of Jarrad Spencer that the honoured Major John Talcott and Capt. John Allyn would be pleased to oversee this his Will. I appoint my two sons Daniel Brainard and William Spencer Adms. to the Estate.

JARRAD SPENCER Witness: John James, Joseph Arnot.

Court Record, Page 111 - 3 September, 1685: Adms to Daniel Braynard and William Spencer, with the Will annexed."[4]

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    ORIGIN: Stotfold, Bedford.
    MIGRATION: 1634 (based on grant of land at Cambridge on 1 September 1634 [CaTR 10]).
    OCCUPATION: Ferryman. On 13 March 1638/39, "Garret Spencer is granted the ferry at Linn for 2 years, taking 2d. for a single person to the furthest place, & but a 1d. a person for more to the furthest place, & but a 1d. for a single person to the nearest place" [MBCR 1:253].
    CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Lynn church prior to 9 March 1636/7 implied by freemanship.
    FREEMAN: 9 March 1636/7 (as "Garret Spencer," third in a sequence of three Lynn men) [MBCR 1:372]. On 26 June 1672, "Ensign Jarrad Spencer is propounded for a freeman" of Connecticut [CCCR 2:182].
    BIRTH: Baptized, Stotfold, Bedford, 25 April 1614, son of Gerard and Alice (Whitbread) Spencer [TAG 27:84, 164].
    DEATH: By 29 June 1685 (date of inventory).

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