Person:George Wardwell (13)

George Wardwell
d.24 MAR 1857 Keene, Cheshire, NH
m. 6 SEP 1808
  1. Lodice Wardwell1809 - 1883
  2. Amos Wardwell1811 - 1889
  3. Harvey Wardwell1813 - 1813
  4. Joel Wardwell1814 - 1814
  5. Augustus Wardwell1816 - 1816
  6. Betsey Wardwell1817 - 1882
  7. George Wardwell1819 - 1857
m. 11 AUG 1843
  1. George Osgood Wardwell1844 - 1924
  2. Amos Frost Wardwell1846 - 1864
  3. Harriett Maria Wardwell1851 -
Facts and Events
Name George Wardwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 27 OCT 1819 Sullivan, Cheshire, NH
Marriage 11 AUG 1843 Sullivan, Cheshire, NHto Harriet Lavina Hubbard
Death[2] 24 MAR 1857 Keene, Cheshire, NH
Occupation? Farmer in 1850
Burial? Four Corners Cemetery, Sullivan, NH

In Sullivan, NH at 1850 census, real estate valued at $3000.

"March 24, 1857, George Wardwell was found dead in his barn. He was living where Mason A. Nims resides. The barn was then opposite the house on the south side of the road. Mr. Wardwell was not a strong man. In early life, he had been severely injured in a forest, by a tree falling upon him which he had just felled. He was physically injured for life. He had the care of a large farm, was of a very nervous temperament, and being overworked and weak, in a state of melancholy, while undoubtedly laboring under some form of mental disturbance, he had hanged himself and life was extinct before the fact was discovered. He was an upright man, square in all his dealings and social relations, and this unfortunate accident, for it should really be so considered, was a lamentable affair." -History of the Town of Sullivan, New Hampshire

  1. Gravestone.
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