Person:George Sumner (4)

m. 7 Nov 1662
  1. Mary Sumner1663/64 - 1717
  2. George Sumner1665/66 - 1733
  3. Samuel Sumner1668 - 1690
  4. William Sumner1671 - 1690
  5. Ebenezer Sumner1673 - 1721
  6. Edward Sumner1676 - Bef 1763
  7. Joseph Sumner1678/79 - 1734/35
  8. Benjamin Sumner1683 - 1771
  • HGeorge Sumner1665/66 - 1733
  • WAnn Tucker1673 - 1752
m. Est 1694
  1. Dea. Samuel Sumner1695 - 1782
  2. George Sumner1697 - 1734
  3. Ann Sumner1699 - 1786
  4. Mary Sumner1702 - 1770
  5. William Sumner1704 - 1769
  6. Susannah Sumner1707 - 1783
  7. Elizabeth Sumner1709 - 1797
  8. Josiah Sumner1712/13 - 1786
  9. Abigail Sumner1718 -
Facts and Events
Name George Sumner
Gender Male
Birth? 9 Feb 1665/66 Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage Est 1694 Per birth of eldest known child
to Ann Tucker
Death? 18 Dec 1733 Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States

From: Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines. vol 1 & 2.. p. 583:

"During the years of widowhood of Mary (Baker) Sumner some family; trouble came to pass for in October, 1718, her son George "had his sister Mrs. Elizabeth Sumner (who seemingly must have been the wife of Benjamin with whom the widow lived in the old home) brought before their minister, the Rev. Petger Thacher, "for scandalizing his owne mother, and represented her as a witch." The minister called in the deacons, witnesses, etc. and found the accused party guilty of a breach of the fifth, sixth, and ninth commandments: and she confessed her fault and craved forgiveness of God and of all whome she had offended" and then George "and ye rest reued satsifaction and so foraue her, and I (the pastor) was to signify to yeChh that satisfaction was giuen and taken. So the slandered name of widow Mary was clared...."

From: Milton Church Records. NEHGR. 1868.

Octo 21, 1718 "«i»Mr. George Sumner had his sister, Mrs. Elizabaeth Sumner before me for scandalizing his owne mother, and represented her as a witch, and I had ye presence of Deacon Tucker sior, and Deacon Tucker Juni, and Deacon J. Wadsworth and Lieutenant Vose to be present and Mr John Badcock and witnesses and we found Mars Elizabaeth Sumner guilty of ye breach of the fifth, six, and ninth commandment, and she confessed her fault and craved foriveness of God and of all whome she had offended, and Mr. G. Sumner and ye rest received satisfaction and so forgaveher, and I was to signify to ye Chh. that satisfaction was given and taken." --------------------------

History of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations«/u» Biographical NY: The American Historical Society, Inc. 1920 pp. 171 - 172:«i» Lieutenant Henry Vose, son of Thomas and Waitstill (Wyatt) Vose, was born at Milton, Norfolk, Mass., April 9, 1663, and died there March 26, 1752. He was a large land owner and prominent citizen. He married Elizabeth Babcock, who was born October 24, 1666, died November 19, 1732, daughter of Robert Babcock, of Milton. (Note: should be Badcock??)«/i»

  1.   Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States. Milton Records, Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1662-1843: alphabetically and chronologically arranged. (Boston)

    Georg, [died] Dec. 18, 1733