Person:George Stewart (60)

George Stewart
b.27 Sep 1853 Ireland
  1. Maria Stewart1833 - 1910
  2. Theresa Stewart1840 - 1920
  3. Robert Stewart1840 - 1903
  4. Charles Stewart1841 - 1929
  5. James Stewart1844 - 1915
  6. Elizabeth (Eliza) Stewart1845 - 1926
  7. Jane Stewart1849 - 1922
  8. Thomas Stewart1850 - 1927
  9. George Stewart1853 - 1944
m. 18 Jan 1881
  1. Georganna Stewart1883 - 1951
  2. Robert JAMES Stewart1889 - 1976
  3. Christina Stewart1890 - 1931
  4. ELLA Victoria Stewart1892 - 1986
Facts and Events
Name George Stewart
Gender Male
Birth? 27 Sep 1853 Ireland
Marriage 18 Jan 1881 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canadato ELLA Maria Woodruff
Death? 16 Jun 1944 Magnetawan, Parry Sound, Ontario, CanadaN. Sparks St
Burial? 18 Jun 1944 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, CanadaChapman Cemetery


Name and Relationships

Name: George Stewart. Source is 1901 Canada census and George's 1881 marriage registration.

Parents: Edward and Nancy Stewart. Source is George's 1881 marriage registration. His death registration listed only his father's name as Edward Stewart.

Spouse: Ella Maria Woodruff. Source is his 1881 marriage registration.

Children: Georganna, Robert James, Christina and Ella Victoria. Source is 1901 Census of Canada.

Siblings: Maria Stewart, Theresa Stewart, Robert Stewart, Charles Stewart, James Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart, Jane Stewart, Thomas Stewart. Both George and Thomas listed the same parents on either their marriage or death registrations.

George Stewart was Elmer Irwin's maternal grandfather.

Residential History

1853 - Born in Ireland

1873 - Immigrated to Canada

1879 - Lot 22 Con 9 and Lot 22 Con 10, Chapman Township

1920 - Moved to a small house on Sparks Street, Magnetawan, Parry Sound District.

Personal History

1853 - Birth: George Stewart was born on September 27, 1853 in Ireland. WHERE EXACTLY? Source for his birth year is his grave marker in Chapman Cemetery. In the 1901 Census of Canada, he is listed as being "about 48" with no birth date listed. This appears to indicate that he did not know his exact birth date. His death registration listed his birth date as Sept 27, 1853.

1873 - Immigration: George Stewart 20, immigrated to Canada in 1873. Source is 1901 Census of Canada. His death certificate says that he resided in the Province of Ontario for 71 years, confirming that he immigrated in 1873. The 1921 Census of Canada also lists his year of immigration as 1873.

WHEN DID HE ACTUALLY START HOMESTEADING? There should be some records. His brother Thomas Stewart lived nearby in Croft Township.

1879 - Deed to Land: A 1879 map of Chapman Township shows land occupied by Geo. Stewart (incorrectly spelled Steward) as Lot 22, Concession 9 and Lot 22 Concession 10. NOTE: Lot 23 Concession 10 is also listed as ? Stewart (incorrectly spelled Steward).

1881 - Marriage: On January 18, 1881, George 26, farmer, married Ella Maria Woodruff 19, in Chapman Valley, District of Parry Sound. The marriage registration listed his parents as Edward and Nancy Stewart. Her parents were listed as Lorin and Desdamonia Woodruff. Witnesses were Mrs. Henry Woodruff and Ellie Potter. Source is George and Ella's 1881 marriage registration.

1881 CENSUS? Not listed in any of the 70 pages of the 1881 census. Where is he?

1883 - Birth of Child: George's first child, Georganna Stewart, was born on February 9, 1883 in Chapman Township, District of Parry Sound. Source is her 1883 birth registration.

1889 - Birth of Child: George's second child, James Stewart, was born on January 26, 1989 in Chapman Township, Ontario. Source is James' 1889 birth registration.

1890 - Birth of Child: George's third child, Christina Stewart, was born on September 28, 1890 in Chapman Township, Ontario. Source is her 1890 birth registration.

1891 - Census: In April, 1891, George 37, farmer, was living on the farm in Chapman Township with his wife Ella 29 (incorrectly listed as 21) and their children Georganna (incorrectly spelled George. A) 8, Robert James 2 and Christina (incorrectly spelled Christinia) 7 months. Source is 1891 Census of Canada.

1892 - Birth of Child: George's fourth child, ELLA Victoria Stewart, was born on November 28, 1892 in Chapman Township, Parry Sound, Ontario. Source is her 1892 birth registration.

1901 - Census: In June, 1901, George, about 48, farmer, was living on the farm in Chapman Valley with his wife Ella Maria 39, and children Georganna (incorrectly spelled George. Anna) 18, Robert J. 12, Christina (incorrectly spelled Christiene) 10, and Ella V. 8. George was listed as being unable to read and write. Source is 1901 Census of Canada.

1911 - Census: In June, 1911, George, 57, farmer, was living on the farm at Lot 22, Con 10, Chapman Township, Parry Sound District, with his wife Ella 49, and their children still at home: James 22, Christina 20 and Ella 18. Source is 1911 Census of Canada.

1920 - Retirement: In 1920, Ella 58 and George 66, retired from the farm and moved to a small house on N. Sparks St, Magnetawan. Source is George's 1944 death registration where it listed him residing in Magnetawan for 23 years. (to calculate when he moved there: 90 yrs old when he died minus 23 residing in Magnetawan = 67 yrs old. Born in 1853 + 67 years = 1920)

1921 - Census: On June 1, 1921, George 66, retired, was living on N. Sparks St (incorrectly written as Spark St in document) in Magnetawan with his wife Ellie 59. The census listed him as being born in Ireland and she as being born in Ontario. He was listed as being unable to read or write. His year of immigration was listed as 1973. Her father and mother was both listed as being born in Ontario. Source is 1921 Census of Canada, Village of Magnetawan, Chapman Township, Parry Sound District, Ontario.

1931 - Wedding Anniversary: On January 18, 1931, George 76 and Ellie 69, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Source is a picture of that event in Looking Back p 164.

1941 - Wedding Anniversary: On January 18, 1941, George 86 and Ellie 79, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Source is a picture of that event.

1944 - Death and Burial: On June 16, 1944, George Stewart 90, died of bronchopneumonia due to chronic cystitis and prostatic hypertrophy at his home on N. Sparks St, Magnetawan. In the death registration, his birth date was listed as September 27, 1853. The informant was Ella Maria Stewart. The death registration listed his father as Edward Stewart. His mother's name was not listed. He was listed as having resided in Ontario for 71 years. He was buried on June 18, 1944 in Chapman Cemetery. Source is George's 1944 death registration #040389. Ontario, Canada, Deaths and Deaths Overseas, 1869-1947.

Grave Marker: In loving memory of GEORGE STEWART 1853-1944 His wife ELLA M WOODRUFF 1861-1848. Chapman Cemetery, Chapman, Parry Sound District, Ontario.


Story about a wooden box that he carried from Ireland to Magnetawan. One of his great, great grandsons has that wooden box. It bears the name Geo. Stewart on the side. Source is personal knowledge of George Stewart Irwin.

Story about the barn timbers being cut up by the government mene