Person:George Razor (1)

George Razor
b.bef. 1734 Germany
m. 6 May 1755
  1. Jacob Rasorabt 1756 - abt 1824
  2. Peter Razor1758 - 1831
  3. Christian Rasor1760 -
  4. Susanna Razorabt 1762 -
  5. Catherine Rasorabt 1764 -
  6. George Rasorabt 1766 - abt 1842
Facts and Events
Name George Razor
Alt Name George Adam Raüser
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1734 Germany
Marriage 6 May 1755 St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniato Margaretha Butlinger

George Adam Raüser (Razor) was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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Information on George Razor

From Germanna History Notes:

George Adam Raüser came to America from Germany on the ship Mary and Sarah, arriving in Philadelphia on 26 Oct 1754. Consulting Rupp's "Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants", one can confirm there was indeed a Georg Adam Käiser. That this is a misreading of Raüser is likely when one considers the similarities in the German script between the letters K and R. The K is written with a "knapsack" on its back which looks like the loop of the R. Incidentally, this same ship which brought Georg Adam Käiser also brought Georg Lud. Nonnenmacher, another Germanna name.
Georg Raüser did not move immediately to the Germanna region but lived for a while in Sussex Co., New Jersey. Twenty years after his arrival in America, he bought land in the Germanna community.
I would consider it extremely likely that the Hans Georg Riser and Georg Adam Riser who came on the same ship with the Gaars to be related to the later Georg Adam Käiser/Räiser of the later ship. If I were wanting to research the origins of the Razor/Racer family, I think I would start with the communities in the area where the Gaars originated. We know hundreds of people left with the Gaars and shipmates had often been neighbors. This also furnishes a motivation for the George Adam Raüser who bought land in Culpeper Co., VA, to have moved to Virginia from New Jersey. He probably had friends or relatives there. Also, if I were searching the German records, I would keep a second eye open for Nonnenmachers.
George Razor was introduced here a few notes ago. He arrived on the ship Mary and Sarah in Philadelphia on October 26, 1754, from Amsterdam via Portsmouth, England. No family was apparently with him and, in fact, he married Margaretha Butlinger 6 May 1755 at St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Philadelphia. Witnesses to the marriage were David Dewnlow, Johan Geo. Huber, Martin Schaht, Margareth Barb. Burchard(in), Margretha Kehrer(in) and Anna Maria Reig(in). He settled in Newton township, Sussex Co., New Jersey.
On 14 May 1774, George bought 100 acres in the Robinson River area of Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.) from Frederick and Sarah Baumgardner. The Razor/Räser family is found in the Hebron Church Register from 1776 to 1788. About 1794, George Razor, Sr., his sons, Peter and Christian, son-in-law George Swindle, several members of the Swindle family and, possibly at the same time, Aaron Clore moved to the Abbeville district of South Carolina. Family legend states that George, Sr. died during the move and was buried along the way. In South Carolina, the family consistently became Rasor whereas the family name in Virginia became Racer.



From Rootsweb Message Board:

George Adam Raüser came to America from Germany in 1754. He lived for a while in New Jersey before moving to Virginia. It has been of interest to me that the ship bringing the Garrs in 1732 also brought a Georg Adam Riser and Hans Georg Riser (as well as a Hans Michael Criger). I have wondered if there was a reason here for the Raüsers to come to Virginia.