Person:George Petty (3)

George Petty
m. ABT 1744
  1. Ambrose Petty1734 - ABT 1790
  2. James PettyABT 1750 - BEF 1837
  3. Absolum Petty1750 - 1790
  4. Joshua Petty1751 - 1816
  5. Rachael Petty1754 - 1823
  6. Catherine PettyABT 1763 - 1830
  7. Martha PettyABT 1765 -
  8. Thomas Petty1765 - 1843
  9. George Petty1767 - 1840
  10. Polly PettyABT 1768 - 1836
  11. Gabriel Petty1773 - AFT 1847
  12. Sarah Petty1779 - BEF 1803
m. 14 Apr 1790
  1. Rachel Petty1791 - 1872
  2. Nancy Petty1793 - Aft 1850
  3. John Hewing Petty1795 - 1863
  4. Elijah Petty1797 - 1826
  5. Sarah Petty1800 - Aft 1838
  6. Catherine Petty1803 - 1877
  7. Eliza Ann Petty1805 - 1865
  8. Jane Petty1808 - Aft 1838
  9. Priannah Petty1811 -
  10. Elizabeth Petty1815 -
  11. Harriet Petty1819 - 1823
  12. George PettyAbt 1821 -
  13. Frances Pettyabt 1823 -
Facts and Events
Name George Petty
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 26 Mar 1767 Bute, North Carolina, United States
Marriage 14 Apr 1790 Union, South Carolina, United Statesto Lydia Harrington
Burial? Feb 1840 Dover, Stewart, Tennessee
Ancestral File Number BVLS-9T
Death[1][2] 25 Feb 1840 Dover, Stewart, Tennessee

Stewart County Bios [1]: "Petty, George: One of four magistrates who organized the county in 1804. Built the first log house in the new town of Dover near the river bank. The road to his house became known as Petty Street."

A History of Stewart County Tennessee by Iris Hopkins McClain, provides the following information from old records:

  • p. 9: in 1804, "Geo. Petty given permission to keep a tavern at his house & also a ferry across Cumberland."
  • p. 27: Geo. Petty keep a tavern "at his home on the Cumberland River".

Current-day Petty Street in Dover dead ends at the Cumberland River. At the end of Petty Street is the Dover Hotel where Gen. Buckner of CSA surrendered to Gen. Grant of the Union Army following the Battle of Fort Donelson. According to the genealogist at the Dover Public Library, there used to be two hotels on this street long ago, but one burned down in a fire. So the Dover Hotel is at least approximately the site of George Petty's tavern, even if perhaps not exactly so.

Will of George Petty, dated 8 Jan 1838, proven March Term, 1840, mentions wife Lydia, son John H Petty, boarder Nancy Stokes, grand daughter Eliza Ann Colson, daughters Nancy Polk, Sally Mallory, Catharine Petty, Eliza Lashley, Jane McGowan, and Prianna Bruton. He also gifted "heirs begotten and to be begotten on the bodies of my daughters Rachael Boyd and Betsy Colson and that immediately after my decease Guardians be appointed agreeably to the laws of this State, who shall receive from my Executor the portions of the Children of my said daughter Rachael and Betsy and I further desire that neither John A. M. Boyd , his wife Rachael or Benjamin K. Colson or his wife Betsy be the Guardians". [Since both daughters were explicitly prohibited from being Guardians, they were alive, and for whatever reason, he is bypassing these particular two daughters in favor of their children.]

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    George Petty was born March 26th 1767.
    George Petty departed this life the 25 of February 1840.