Person:George Gastineau (3)

George Gastineau
  • HGeorge Gastineau1774 - 1860-1870
m. 1795-1796?
  1. Anna Gastineauabt 1797 -
  2. James Gastineau1801 - 1880
  3. William Flint Gastineau1803 - 1897
  4. Jane Gastineau1804 - 1848
  • HGeorge Gastineau1774 - 1860-1870
  • WMary Roperabt 1795 - 1878
m. 5 Jan 1811
  1. Nancy Gastineau1816 - 1850
  2. Charles Gastineau1819 - 1909
  3. Henry Gastineau1826 - 1898
  4. Rachel Gastineau1829 - 1904
  5. Martha Ann Gastineau1832 - 1914
  6. Elizabeth Gastineau1839 - 1917
Facts and Events
Name George Gastineau
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1774? Washington County(?), Virginia?
Marriage 1795-1796? Virginiato
Other? 1807 Pulaski County, KentuckyMigration
Census[2] 1810 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Marriage 5 Jan 1811 Pulaski County, Kentucky(his 2nd wife)
to Mary Roper
Property[12] 9 Jul 1811 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Census[3] 1820 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Census[4] 1830 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Census[5] 1840 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Census[6] 1850 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Death? 1860-1870 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Census[7] 1860 Pulaski County, Kentucky
Alt Death? 4 Jan 1876 Pulaski County, Kentucky

George brought his 1st wife (name uncertain) & children from southwest Virginia (county unknown) in 1807. The earliest deed on record for him, for a farm in Pulaski County, is dated 29 July 1811; he & his 1st wife are buried on that farm, the exact location no longer known, and the markers presumably disappeared. An early news clipping, now lost, supposedly says he died at age 98 -- but he is not found on the 1870 census.

Regarding the name of George's 1st wife: Many secondary sources (and unsourced GEDCOMs) repeat the old story that her name was "Sally Carraway" (or "Gannaway") and that she was from Lynhaven Parish, Princess Anne County, Virginia. However, it was demonstrated many years ago that Sally married "George Gasking" -- not "Gastineau" -- on 9 June 1791. That family and the couple's children are well accounted for in Princess Anne County, and they have no connection and no discernible similarity to the family of George Gastineau. (Nor has "Gastineau" ever been found rendered as "Gasking," though there are many other creative misspellings.)


Pulaski County Tax Lists:[10]

Listed 1808, 1810-1815, & 1818-1829.


Land purchase by George Gastineau:[12]
This indenture made this twenty ninth day of July in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven between Jesse Richardson and Martha his wife of the County of Pulaski and the State of Kentucky of the one part, and George Gastineau of the County and State aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Jesse Richardson for and in consideration of the sum of nine hundred Dollars to him paid in hand, the right whereof he doth acknowledge, hath granted bargained and sold and by these presents doth hereby grant bargain and sell unto the said George Gastineau, his heirs &tc. forever a certain tract or parcel of land lying and geing in the County aforesaid, on the waters of Flat Lick Creek, containing four hundred and thirteen acres be the same more or less, by survey, and bounded as follows, to wit: Beginning on a white oak 'A', running a due north course 314 poles to a white oak in a marsh 'B', thence East 212 poles to a hickory and Walnut 'C', thence north 8° West 132 poles to two poast [sic] Oaks, Bushes 'D', thence South 17° W 60 poles to two post Oaks that grows out of one root 'E', thence South 102 poles to a double white oak 'F', thence South 84 West 217 poles to the Beginning, to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with all and signular its appurtinances unto the said George Gastineau his heirs &tc. forever against the claim of the said Jesse Richardson and Martha his wife their heirs &tc. and against the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whatever. In Testimony whereof the said Jesse Richardson and his wife have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year above mentioned and written.

Signed sealed and :Delv'd.                                                            Jesse Richardson [seal]

in presence of                                                            Martha Richardson [seal]

[no names listed]

Kentucky Pulaski County Let[?]

                  I hereby certify that this Indenture of bargain and sale from Jesse Richardson and Martha his wife to George Gastineau was produced to me as clerk to the County Court hold in and for the County aforesaid on the 29th day of July 1811 which was acknowledged by the said Jesse Richardson a party thereto to be his act and deed and same hath been duly recorded in my office.
                                                            Attest: Will For C. [?]

Land grants:

1833 Feb 27: Received 50 A. on Rockcastle River (Bk R-2, p. 119)[11]
1833 Feb 28: Received 25 A. on Buck Creek (Bk R-2, p. 118)[11]
1849 Jun 18: "On June 18, 1849, Green McAlister deeded to John Cundiff, Willie Eastham, and George Gastineau a plot of ground one and one-half miles from Somerset on the Crab Orchard Road. On this lot was built the Caney Fork Christian Church. This building was destroyed by a storm."[9]
1854 Mar 27: Received 11 A. on Buck Creek (Bk 42, p. 224)[11]
1859 Nov 13: Received 11 A. on Flat Lick Creek (Bk 58, p. 475)[11]


Pulaski County, Kentucky, 1810 census:[12]

Gastinue, George
under 10 - 2
26-45 - 1
10-16 - 1
26-45 - 1
Others (exc. Indians & slaves) - 1

Pulaski County, Kentucky, 1820 census:[3]

Gastineau, George
under 10 - 1
16-18 - 1
16-26 - 1
over 45 - 1
under 10 - 1
10-16 - 1
16-26 - 1
under 14 - 2
under 14 - 2
14-26 - 1

Pulaski County, Kentucky, 1830 census:[4]

Gastineu, George
under 5 - 1
5-10 - 1
50-60 - 1
under 5 - 1
10-15 - 1
30-40 - 1

Pulaski County, Kentucky, 1840 census:[5]

Gastinew, George (agriculture - 2)
10-15 - 1
60-70 - 1
under 5 - 1
5-10 - 1
10-15 - 1
40-50 - 1

Pulaski County, Kentucky, 1850 census:[6]

Gastinew, George 73 yrs b. Virginia Farmer (real estate = $600)
      Polly wife 55 yrs b. North Carolina
      Elizabeth dau 12 yrs b. Kentucky

Pulaski County, Kentucky, 1860 census:[7]

Gastinue, George 84 yrs b. Virginia Farmer (real estate = $1,000)
      Mary wife 65 yrs b. Kentucky


A number of sources based on hearsay (sketches in the Goodspeed county histories, etc) claim that George died at the age of 98. There is also a tradition in some branches of the family that he died 4 Jan 1876, at the age of 102, but this seems extremely unlikely.

Note the following, however: Not only does George not appear anywhere in the 1870 census, his widow, Mary (Roper), is living with her daughter, Martha, in Greene County, Indiana, in that year. She almost certainly traveled there from Kentucky to be with her family, after her husband's death. Therefore, George must have died after the 1860 census and before the 1870 census, almost certainly on the family farm in Pulaski County. No probate file or administration application has been found.

Also, almost no copies of the Somerset newspapers have survived from that period and no obituary has been located, nor has any other documentary source turned up in the family.

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