Person:Freerk van der Lei (1)

m. 19 mei 1887
  1. Freerk van der Lei1889 - 1964
  • HFreerk van der Lei1889 - 1964
  • WLydia Kok1891 - 1940
m. 25 jan 1910
Facts and Events
Name Freerk van der Lei
Gender Male
Birth? 28 nov 1889 Berlikum, Menaldumadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Marriage 25 jan 1910 Douglas City, Douglas, South Dakota, United Statesto Lydia Kok
Death? 28 sep 1964 Douglas City, Douglas, South Dakota, United States
  1.   Geboorte, in Menaldumadeel, Friesland, Netherlands. Burgerlijke Stand, Akte A 272, 28 nov 1889, Primary quality.
  2.   His father Bauke and step-mother Wytske Boomsma had already passes to
    emigrate to the USA, as Bauke van der Lei May 1, 1902, suddenly died.
    Freerk emigrated in April 1903 with his step-mother Wytske Boomsma from
    Nijega, a village in the southwest of the Dutch northern province Friesland,
    to Douglas County in the southeastern part of South Dakota, USA, where a colo-
    ny of Dutch farmers had settled and had founded the place New Holland. They
    left Rotterdam 18 April 1903 with the S.S. Noordam and arived 28 April 1903 in
    NewYork, Ellis Island, and they went on to M. Keuning, husband of Wytske's
    sister Frouwkje Boomsma, who lived in Armour, Douglas County, SD.
    His stepmother Wytske Boomsma soon remarried in South Dakota to Frederich
    (Fred) Lefers, who had a large -farming- family, so Fred was raised and worked
    on farms.
    The 20 years aged Fred married in January 1910 to the 18 years aged Lydia Kok,
    who lived on a farm southeast of New Holland. After they were married, they
    lived on this farm. Lydia's mother lived in a little house on the farm too.
    Fred and Lydia got eight children.
    Lydia dies in December 1940 at the age of 49 years.
    Fred lived on the farm until he moved to New Holland in 1958.