Person:Frederick Frakes (1)

Frederick Jackson Frakes
m. 1 Dec 1861
  1. Mary Alice Frakes1862 -
  2. William Sherman Frakes1866 - 1867
  3. Martha Elizabeth Frakes1868 - 1920
  4. Frederick Jackson Frakes1870 - 1932
  5. George Franklin Frakes1872 - 1873
  6. Joseph Herschel Frakes1874 -
  7. John Harris Frakes1876 - 1954
  8. Ernest Daniel Frakes1879 - 1956
  9. Elizabeth Belle Frakes1881 - 1910
  10. Charles Frakes1884 - 1884
  11. Margaret Frakes1885 - 1945
  12. Warden Guy Frakes1887 - 1965
  13. Fanny Lilly Frakes1890 - 1914
m. 30 Nov 1892
  1. Otie Pearl Frakes1894 - 1989
  2. Nina Virginia Frakes1896 - 1983
  3. Forrest Frakes1897 - abt 1904
  4. Charles Ernest Frakes1900 - 1990
Facts and Events
Name[7] Frederick Jackson Frakes
Gender Male
Birth[7] 17 Jul 1870 Perry County?, Indiana
Other 28 Nov 1892 Spencer County?, IndianaMarried Bond
with Laurina Bell Harrison
Marriage 30 Nov 1892 Spencer County, IndianaMarried by Rev. W.H. Davidson
to Laurina Bell Harrison
Occupation? 1903 Evansville, Vanderbergh County, IndianaApparently worked as a streetcar conductor, based on content of his letters to his wife and children (who were visiting family in Gentryville during the summer).
Death[7] 30 Jun 1932 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
Burial[1] 2 Jul 1932 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

Evansville, Vanderbergh County, Indiana, 1900 census:S2

Frakes, Fred J. Head 29 yrs (b. Jul 1870) (marr 8 yrs) b. Indiana (parents, b. Indiana) Motor Man
      Laura Wife 29 yrs (b. Jul 1870) (4 children, 4 living) b. Indiana (parents, b. Kentucky)
      Otie P. Dau 6 yrs (b. Jan 1894) b. Indiana (parents, b. Indiana)
      Nina Dau 4 yrs (b. Jan 1896) b. Indiana (parents, b. Indiana)
      Forest Son 2 yrs (b. Dec 1897) b. Indiana (parents, b. Indiana)
      Ernest Son 3/12 yr (b. Feb 1900) b. Indiana (parents, b. Indiana)

Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, 1910 census:S5

Frakes, Fred Head 39 yrs (marr. 17 yrs) b. Indiana (parents, b. Indiana) Fireman (Starch works)
      Laura Wife 39 yrs (4 child, 3 liv) b. Indiana (parents, b. Kentucky)
      Otie Dau 16 yrs b. Indiana (parents, b. Indiana) Operator (telephone)
      Earnest Son 10 yrs b. Indiana (parents, b. Indiana)
      Nina Dau 14 yrs b. Indiana (parents, b. Indiana)

Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, 1920 census:S3

Frakes, Fred J. Head 49 yrs b. Indiana (parents, b. Indiana) Stationary Fireman (Heat and Lighting)
      Laura B. wife 49 yrs b. Indiana (parents, b. kentucky)

According to his granddaughter, he apparently became something of a fundamentalist fanatic later in life and cut off contact with his "sinful" siblings.


Letters written to his wife and children in the summer of 1903, while they were visiting family at the Burkhart farm, in Warrick County, Indiana, and he was still at work (as a streetcar motorman) in Indianapolis:S6

Addressed to: Mrs. Laura Frakes / Degonia Springs / Ind.

Indianapolis, Ind. July the 21 - 03

Dear Sweethearts

this is tuesday morning and nine o'clock. I haven't been up very long just ate a little lunch & sit down to write you. I walked home last night so you see I woke up sooner this morn. I think the Postman will bring me a letter from you this morning.

How is Mamma Otie Nina & Cap, any how? I know you are having a splendid time. I wonder where you are at now. I guess you are at Grandpa Frakes though. How is Gentryville? there I made a big "h" & it should have been a small one.

when are you going out to jims. I have worked every day so far since you left. oh yes a conductor on West Ind line was caught between the car & the wall in the tunnel sunday & was mashed. Dr. say there is no chance for his recovery.

I haven't saw Alice's folks. except warden he said Raleigh was working on that R.R. bridge making $1.75 Per day. Alice has no boarders yet.

who is in the sewing Machine business at Boonville any one? that is very bad about Mrs. Rockett I believe I will see if I can't get ["that" -- struck through] his place at Boonville.

I have give out the notion trying to get on the Lafayette & Labanon Interurban line if I would try any it would be the Martinville line. for I see in the paper where they are going to run it on to Evansville. I think by this time next year one can go from here down there on Electric Cars. I will wait a while & see if the P. man brings me a letter. yes he brought me a leter I was so glad to get it too. now it is time for me to go. I am glad you are all O.K. this leaves me & Chas. well, have a good time down there.

XXXX Kisses from Papa.

Addressed to: Mrs. Laura Frakes / Degonia Springs / Ind.

Indianapolis Ind. August 1 - 03 Mrs. Laura FrakesGentryville

Dear Laura & Children

I just now received your letter & I was glad to get it. how are you all. I am feeling all right this morn but yesterday I was nearly sick but I worked anyhow. I haven't lost any time since you left. I don't think I will. then I will take a week off when you come home. I am not going to Chicago to night. when you get home sick & want to come home let me know & I will send you the money. Charles said the other day he wished Laura was here to get breakfast. he takes all his meals here. I get bread & buy jelly & pie for lunch. well how I would like to see you all this moring & get some kisses before I go to work. my time is up now & I will have to go. you will not get get [sic] this letter before monday. please ans soon. a kiss to all.

from Papa

Addressed to: Mrs. Laura Frakes / Degonia Springs / Ind.

Indianapolis Aug. the 5 - 03

My dear sweethearts

this morning I will write to you it seems so long since I got a letter from ou and still longer since I have seen you I should say. how I want to see you I can't tell how bad. every thing is all right here at home the chickens are growing so fast we will eat fried chicken when you come home. maybe Chas. & I will get back what we have lost in flesh. he said he had fell off & so have I.

I looked for a letter yesterday but it didn't come. maybe I'll get it this morn. it is now half past ten I will wait a little & see.

no the post man didn't bring me a letter & now it is almost time for me to go. please write me at once for I want to hear from you. but I would rather see you. well I will have to close & go.

Kisses to all, from Papa

Addressed to: Mrs. Laura Frakes / Degonia Springs / Ind.

Indianapolis Ind.Aug 7 - 03

Mrs. Laura Frakes Degonia Springs Ind.

Dear swethearts

this is friday morning I have a little time before I have to go to work & I thought I would write you a few lines as I did npt write much yesterday. we will send the money tomorrow & you will get it monday morning by first mail. I said in the letter I wrote yesterday that I would be off thursday aug. the 12th but it is wednesday aug. the 12th. I will be off until the 23rd so you come by wednesday any how for I want you to be here every day I am off I haven't lost a day since you left you can come tuesday if you want to. but come by wednesday.

please write me by return mail what day you will come.

Kisses from Papa love to all

  1. Grave marker, Crown Hill Cemetery (Indianapolis, Indiana).

    [double stone]
    Father | Mother
    Fred J. | Laura B.
    1870-1932 | 1870-1939

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