Person:Frank Gastineau (1)

Dr. Frank Michael Gastineau
m. 5 Feb 1894
  1. Dr. Frank Michael Gastineau1894 - 1957
  2. Frederick Emanuel Gastineau1896 - 1993
  3. Paul Louis Gastineau1898 - 1975
  4. Adelaide Claire Gastineau1903 - 1990
  5. Joseph Plummer Gastineau1905 - 1924
  • HDr. Frank Michael Gastineau1894 - 1957
  • WEthel Hughes1896 - 1970
m. 28 Dec 1922
Facts and Events
Name Dr. Frank Michael Gastineau
Gender Male
Birth? 29 Oct 1894 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
Military[2] 4 Jun 1917 Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana"Medical student"
Census[3] 1920 Norfolk, Virginia
Marriage 28 Dec 1922 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana(4 children)
to Ethel Hughes
Census[4] 1930 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
Residence[5] 1932 209 East 33rd St, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
Census[7] 1940 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
Military[6] 1941 5344 N. Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
Death? 7 Nov 1957 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
Burial[1] Crown Hill Cem, Indianapolis, Marion County, IndianaFrank M. Gastineau / 1894-1957 / Physician
Paul on the left, Frank on the right

NOTE: The photo on this page is believed to have been taken about 1920, as Frank (on the right) appears in the uniform (with lieutenant's bars) of either the U.S. Navy or the Public Health Service. (There is no evidence that he ever actually served in the Navy, but it's not known what the temporary requirements might have been for a young doctor doing his internship at a U.S. Naval Hospital.)

Norfolk, Virginia, 1920 census:[3]

Bowdins, Ellen E. Head 65 yrs Wid. b. Virginia (parents, b. Massachusetts & South Carolina) "None"
      [several family members]
      [+ 8 roomers, including 4 young physicians all at the same hospital]
Gastineau, Frank M. Roomer 25 yrs Single b. Indiana (parents, b. Indiana) Physician (U.S. Naval Hosp.)

Marion County, Indiana, 1930 census:[4]

Gastineau, Frank M. Head 36 yrs (marr. 28 yrs) b. Indiana (parents, b. Kentucky[?!] & Indiana) Doctor (medical)
      Ethel Wife 34 yrs (2 chil, 2 liv) b. Indiana (parents, b. Ohio & Indiana)
      David Son 5-10/12 yrs b. Indiana (parents, b. Indiana)
      Thomas Son 3-2/12 yrs b. Indiana (parents, b. Indiana)

Marion County, Indiana, 1940 census:[7]

Gastineau, Frank D. Head 46 yrs (6 yrs college) b. Indiana (1935: Same house) Physician (Private Practice)
      Ethel A. Wife 44 yrs (2 yrs college) b. Indiana (1935: Same house)
      David C. Son 15 yrs b. Indiana (1935: Same house)
      Thomas F. Son 13 yrs b. Indiana (1935: Same house)
      Susana Dau 9 yrs b. Indiana (1935: Same house)
Endicott, Donna Maid 24 yrs (4 yrs H.S.) b. Indiana (1935: Same house) Maid (Private Home)
  1. Crown Hill Cemetery.
  2. United States. Selective Service System. World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918. (Washington, D.C.: National Archives Microfilm Publication M1509, 1987-1988), Indianapolis, Indiana, 5 Jun 1917.

    Name: Frank M. Gastineau
    Address: 215 N. Tacoma, Indianapolis, Ind.
    Birth: Oct. 29, 1894 Indianapolis, Ind.
    Occupation: Medical student, Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind.
    No dependents; single.
    Medium height, medium build, blue eyes, brown hair.

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  6. United States. World War II Draft Registration Cards, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, 1942, 27 Apr 1942.

    Name: Frank Michael Gastineau
    Address: 5344 North Penna. St, Indianapolis, Ind.
    Telephone: Broadway 1431
    Age: 47 years
    Date of Birth: Oct. 29, 1894 Indianapolis, Ind.
    Contact: Ethel Gasdtineau, 5344 North Penna. St, Indianapolis, Ind.
    Employer: Doctor
    Place of Employment: 23 E. Ohio St, Indianapolis, Ind.
    Description: 5'8", 167 lbs, blue eyes, brown hair, ruddy complexion.

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  8.   Indianapolis (Indiana) Star, 17 Nov 1911.

    Remembers Friends in Will.

    The will of Mrs. Margaret Sigler was today admitted to probate in the Circuit Court. Mrs. Sigler, the widow of a former county treasurer, left $5,000 to Miss Mattie Halpin, who for several years had acted as her companion. She left $100 to Frank Gastineau, the 10-year-old [sic] son of a neighbor. She specified thats the money be deposited in a savings bank until the boy reaches the age of 21, The estate consists largedly of the family residence in the heart of the city, which is valued at $15,000.

  9.   Rushville (Indiana) Republican, p. 1, 8 Apr 1930.


    Rush County Physicians Hold Monthly Session and Hear Talks on Skin Diseases.

    Indianapolis Man Is Main Speaker.

    The Rush County Medical association held its regular dinner meeting at the Hotel Wamsley in West Third street Monday evening. At six-thirty o'clock a delicious three-course chicken dinner to fourteen members of the association and [line of type completely missing].

    Following the dinner Dr. Frank Gastineau of Indianapolis spoke on dermatology. Dr. Gastineau, who has a skin clinic at the City hospital, spoke on the fifteen skin diseases that makes up the largest part of the diseases affecting the skin. He discussed in detail epidermophytosis which has become very prominent over the entire United States. It was originally a tropical disease.