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Francis Willis
Facts and Events
Name Francis Willis
Gender Male
Birth? c1660 Kent, England

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Quick Summary

Francis Willis IV, son of Henry Willis, and nephew of Francis Willis III inherited the Gloucester County estate of his uncle Francis known as "White Hall". Francis is said to have married a Lewis, but documentation for this is limited. The couple had two sons,lish the town of Fredericksburg, Virginia.


FRANCIS WILLIS (ca.1666-1719)

Born ca. 1666, England; died 1719, Gloucester Co., VA; son of Henry Willis (1630 - bef 1689). Married: ca. 1686??, Sarah Lewis??


  • 1. Francis Willis, born ca. 1689, Gloucester Co., VA; died 1769, Gloucester Co., VA.;Married: 1) Lady Anne Rich; 2) Elizabeth Smith Harrison
  • 2. Henry (Harry) Willis, born 1691, Gloucester Co., VA; died 1740, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Co., VA Married: 1) Anne Alexander Smith; 2) Mildred Howell Lewis Brown; 3) Mildred Warner Washington Gregory

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Gloucester County Willis Male lines
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