Person:Florence George (1)

Facts and Events
Name Florence Adelaide George
Gender Female
Birth[1] 4 Oct 1893 Bunker Hill, Macoupin, Illinois, United States
Marriage 24 Jun 1922 St. Louis (independent city), Missouri, United Statesto Frederick Dumont Graydon
Death[1] 18 Dec 1947 St. Louis City, Missouri, United States
Burial? Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri

Florence George is a descendant of Mayflower Pilgrim Thomas Rogers. D.A.R. #110,100 Florence was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, very proud of it, and as such, had traced her family back to the Revolutionary War in the American Colonies. The papers she had documented two lines of her family back to the Revolutionary War.

Florence George Graydon gave her first born son, George Roy Graydon to her sister-in-law, Irma Burgess. As an adult, George would explain his adoption was because he was often sick and his family couldn't take care of him. George would say a family doctor forced the issue between the Graydons and the Burgesses, saying shuffling George between two homes, one during the week and another for the weekend was not good for him. Fred would say he had been opposed to the adoption, but wasn't around much, so he went along with Florence's decision. According to the Graydons, Florence was by nature not very nurturing, had trouble caring for her young son, George, who was often sick; and it was her idea to give her son up for adoption. She may have felt that George would have an opportunity for a better life with the Burgesses. The George family had the story that Florence was often sick and Fred Graydon wasn't around much. The Burgesses managed to take George; and there was not much criticism at the time. Most of the family felt George was very lucky to be adopted by the Burgesses, since Frank Burgess had a good job and money and the Graydons were always poor. George and Leonard could relate stories that their mother often degraded their father, Fred, to them. At times, Leonard and his father were barely on speaking terms, as Leonard believed the stories he was told.

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