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Eurydice I of Macedon
Facts and Events
Name Eurydice I of Macedon
Gender Female

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    Eurydice (Greek: – from ευρύς eurys, "wide" and δίκη dike, "right, custom, usage, law; justice", literally "wide justice") was an ancient Macedonian queen, wife of king Amyntas III of Macedon.

    She was the daughter of Sirras of Lyncestis, Upper Macedonia. Eurydice had four children: Alexander II, Perdiccas III, Philip II, all of whom would be crowned kings, a daughter Eurynoe, and through her son Philip, she was the paternal grandmother of Alexander the Great.<ref></ref>

    Literary, inscriptional and archaeological evidence indicates that she played an important public role in Macedonian life and acted aggressively in the political arena.

    Eurydice’s political activities mark a turning point in Macedonian history. She is the first known royal woman who actively took political action and successfully exerted political influence.

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