Person:Enoch Ward (2)

Enoch Ward
m. Abt 1690
  1. Sarah WardAbt 1690 -
  2. Enoch WardAbt 1692 - 1750
  3. Edward WardAbt 1694 -
  4. John WardAbt 1696 -
m. Abt 1716
  1. Richard Ward1720 - 1774
  2. Ann Ward1722 -
  3. Martha Ward1725 -
  4. Mary Ward1728 -
  5. Elizabeth Ward1730 -
  6. Sarah Ward1732 - Bef 1800
  7. Abigail Ward1735 -
  8. Susanna Ward1738 - 1830
m. 1741
  1. Enoch WardAbt 1745 -
Facts and Events
Name Enoch Ward
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1692 , Henrico Co., VA
Marriage Abt 1716 to Elizabeth Shackelford
Marriage 1741 Carteret, NCto Mary Shackelford
Death? 13 Feb 1750 , Carteret Co., North Carolina
Burial? 5 Mar 1750 , Carteret Co., North Carolina

! Married # 1 Elizabeth SHACKELFORD abt 1716 see source # 6

         # 2 Mary SHACKELFORD WADE 1745 wife of Robert WADE see source # 5
            ( Mary and Elizabeth were sisters)s/s Mary 5 Jun 1986 SL

notes Birth date Calulated Married Cal, died w/d, and Bur pr !SOURCES OF INFORMATION:

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Enoch's wives were sisters

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  There are duplicate ordinances also in Salt Lake and Ogden Temples

Those listed are from the archve sheet.

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SUBMITTING SHEET: Lemuel H REDD Family Organizatrion 1986; Verna HATCH, 883 North 1200 East, Provo, Utah 84604

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Special Note from My Aunt Luella A. Dalton, Parowon, Utah

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!Will Dated 13 feb. 1750, Will proved Mar. Court, 1750 North Carolina Wills page 892 Comp Am General Vol. 1 page 139

                                   4 page 110

!MORE SPECIAL NOTES : Found on back of pedigree chart " Enoch Ward was also a prominent man in the early affairs of North Carolina, He resided at Beaufort Town, His name first appear on the records of North Carolina in 1719. He was a Justice of the Peace from 1 1722 until the time of his death in 1750.

 He was menber of North Carolina Assembly 1726 with William Hancock

his name appears often with that of William Hancock on North Carolina Documents. He owned much property, one large estate was located on Top- sail Inlet, Also called Shackelford's Banks. His 1 st wife was named Elizabeth, his secound was Mary, who survived him. one of them was a Shackelford of Shackleford, and whose father was John and mother was Ann. FROM A 3rd SOURCE a sheet given to me by Karen Denhalter 25 JAN 1990 1. 975.V29m Vol 2 Dobbs Co., NC Bible Records p. 47.8 Pollock Bible

  "brought from Onslow Co to Lenoir/Wayne Co., NC

2. 975.6/S2gr NC Wills (Grimes) lists Encoh Wards will. Childred # 7 and # 8

  not mentioned

3. 929.27305/Sh 11m, Shackelford Clan Magazine.

  1.   Internet.

    CARTERET COUNTY, NC - WILLS - Enoch Ward, 13 Feb 1750

    The will of Enoch Ward, February 13, 1750 as transcribed by Fran Henderson on August 21, 1999 using a copy secured from the Archives in Raleigh, NC. Attempt has been made to retain spelling, punctuation, and capitalization as in the handwritten and signed copy.

    In the Name of God I Enoch Ward of Carteret County in the Provience of North Carolina Gent: this Thirtenth Day of Febery Anno Domini one Thousand Seven hundred and fifty being very Sick and week but of perfect mind and memory for which I praise God yet Calling to mind the mortality of my Body [marked through "do make"/smeared] Do make and ordain this my Last will and testament first I recomend and Commit my Soul unto the hands of God and my Body I Commit to the Earth hoping throug the merrits of Jesus Christ to obtain pardon for all my Sins and as touching Sutch Worldly Substance and Estate as it hath plesed God for to bless me with in this world I do give and Dispose There of in the following manner That is to Say

    Imprimis My Will is that all my ["and" marked out] Lawful Debts which I Do Owe to al & all manner of person or persons whom So Ever be each and every (?) paid out of my Estate by my Executors in Convenient time after my Death

    Item I Lend unto my well beloved wife Mary Ward my Negros Sharper Dino & Jobe Deuring hur Naturall Life and my Negro boy Jack untell my Son Enoch Shall if he lives Come to the age of Seventeen years and one half of my houshold Stuf and one half of my Stock of hores Cattell Sheepe and hoggs which Shall be Equally Devided betwen my Three Small Children at hur Desceas the [letters lost in fold] __ch I leve for to Suporte and maintain my Small Children and to Give them Larning Moreover I do Lend unto my s'd Wife my hous and and [sic] Lands that are in this neck untell my Son Enoch Shall Come to age of Seventeen years and then but the one half of the hous and the one half of the Lands

    Item I Give unto my Son Enoch the one half of my hous and lands where I now live and halfe of the piney lands belonging to me and my Negro boy Jack when he shall come to the age of seventeen years but to remain
    under the ________ of his Mother or his brother untell he Shall Come to the age of Twenty one Years - - - -

    Item I Give unto my Daugters Ann Martha Mary Elisabeth Sarah Abigall and Susanah the one half of my houshold Stuf and horses Cattell Sheep & hoggs for to be Equally Devided amoungst them and I further give Each of them Thirteen pound Six Shillings & eight Pence procklimation mony to be paid to Each of them Out of my Estate and More over I do Give to my Daughters Mary Elisabeth Sarah Abigail & Seusanah two hundred and fifty acers of Banks to Each of them and thire heires Execu's admininst's and assignes for Ever And I further Give to my Daeghter Ann or her assigns Two Hundred and fifty achers of my Banks land but for ever Debaring [unsure here, word partly lost in fold] hur husband Jo's Sutton from any right title or Intrest therein or there to

    Item I Give unto James Shackellford _____ [maybe Junior] Two hundred and fifty Achers of my Banks land and To his heirs Excut's Adminst's or assigns for Ever, I give my Son Enoch one pare of Silver Buckels for Ever and all the rest of my Estate not hearmentioned I leve to my Son Richard his heires Execu's Adminst's for Ever and

    Lastly I Do Dissanull my Wife Mary from Disposing of any of my Estate but what Shall be for the bennifite and Supporte of my Children and to be by and with the Concent of my Executor here after Named and I Do by these presents [unsure] ordain and appoint my beloved Son Richard Ward and Ed'w Simpson Executors of this my Last will and testament and Establish this and no Other to be _______ [unclear] for my last will and testimony where of I have hearunto set my hand and fixt my Seal the Date above writen

    Sign'd and Sealed
    in presents of
    [signed] Ananias Cavenagh
    [signed] Joshua Simpson
    [signed] John Simpson [signed] E(torn away) Ward

    [On the back]

    North Carolina
    Carteret County
    At a Court of Common pleas begun & Held at Beaufort Town on
    Tuesday the fifth day of March 1750. Present his Majesty Justice (?)

    These may Certifie that Ananias Cavenaugh & Joshua Simpson made Oath that they
    Saw Enoch Ward Sign, Seal, Publish and Declare the Within Instrument of
    Writing to be his Last Will and Testament & that John Simpson, Sen (?) was
    present (?) at the Signing hereof and that Richard Ward and Edward Simpson
    Gent Executors herein appointed Quallifyed themselves as the Law Directs

    Test Geo. Read Clk [of Court]

    The Will of Enoch Ward filed 28th Mar 1751

    Will of Enoch Ward from e-mail correspondence with Faye Reynolds descendent of Ward from daughter Susanna 1/30/04. jvg