Person:Emmett McMenamy (1)

Emmett Paschal McMenamy
m. 24 DEC 1909
  1. Cora Lilly McMenamy1910 - 1991
  2. Emmett Paschal McMenamy1911 - 1973
  3. W. Robert McMenamy1914 - 1918
  4. Mary Gladys McMenamy1916 - 2008
  5. Curtis Eugene McMenamy1919 - 1999
  • HEmmett Paschal McMenamy1911 - 1973
  • WAlwilda Smith1917 - 1995
m. 30 Sep 1934
Facts and Events
Name Emmett Paschal McMenamy
Gender Male
Birth? 27 NOV 1911 Princeton, Collin County, Texas
Marriage 30 Sep 1934 Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas, United Statesto Alwilda Smith
Other Son-in-law: Richard Bennett (15)
with Alwilda Smith
Other Son-in-law: Jerry Quinn (1)
with Alwilda Smith
Death[1] 16 FEB 1973 Beeville, Bee County, Texas
Burial? Beeville Memorial Cemetery, Beeville, Bee County, Texas

REFN: 5 Emmett Paschal (Pat) was employed by Mobil Oil Company in 1934 and had retired just prior to his death. He had had a heart attack the end of November 1961 and ultimately had successful open heart surgery but contracted Hepatitis from a blood transfusion, he had received. We had spent a week of deer hunting together in which he had killed a real nice 10-point buck white-tailed deer two weeks before his heart attack. He was an ordained Southern Baptist deacon. He was also a member of the International Order of the Odd Fellows Lodge 95. He was raised in the Odd Fellows Home, Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas, where his mother Lu went to work after the death of his father and her husband. Lucy, in order to keep her children together, was able to take them with her when she went to work in Corsicana. Emmett graduated from Odd Fellows Home High School in 1931. He continued to live at the Home while he attended Trinity University with the understanding, he would continue to "barber". He had learned to cut hair as a trade while he lived there. In fact, I was a teenager before anyone other than Daddy cut my hair, except for very rare occasions. After he left the Odd Fellows Home in 1931, he went intothe Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC). He helped build the roads over the Grand Mesa (largest flat-top mountain in the worl western Colorado. We have pictures of him sitting on some of the large boulders on the mountain. Emmett's wife, Alwilda is buried next to him in Beeville Memorial Park in Beeville, Bee County, Texas. Daddy started to work for what is now Mobil Oil Company in Miranda City, Texas. He and mother were married in Corpus Christi, where I was born. As a child, I remember mother and daddy living in Corpus Christi and later southwest of Corpus near Mobil's J. C. Baldwin Field. When I started to school they were living north of Clarkwood and later in Clarkwood,which is just west of Corpus Christi. Daddy served on the Clarkwood Independent School District Board of Trustees where I went to school through the eighth grade. CISD had an arrangement with the Robstown ISD for us to attend high school in Robstown. At the end of my Junior year, mother and daddy bought a house in Corpus and we moved back to Corpus where I attended Roy Miller High School for my Senior year and graduated from Miller in May 1953. After I went into the Marine Corps, they sold this house and bought another in the south part of Corpus. After Judy and I were married, they moved to Portland, Texas, later to Taft, Pettus, Orange Grove, Three Rivers, Lake Corpus Christi and Beeville, all near Corpus Christi. They were living in Pleasanton (near San Antonio) when he had his heart attack. They subsequently sold the housein Pleasanton and moved back to their home in Beeville.

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