Person:Emily Dietrich (1)

m. 14 Sep 1895
  1. Ida Christina Dietrich1896 - 1968
  2. John Adolf Dietrich1899 - 1964
  3. Clara Catherine Dietrich1901 - 1977
  4. Catherine Emilie Dietrich1902 - 1989
  5. August Caspar Dietrich1904 - 1988
  6. Henry Herman Dietrich1908 - 1981
  7. Anita Dietrich1909 - 1968
  8. Ewald John Reinhold Dietrich1912 - 1998
  9. Emily Eliza Dietrich1912 - 1998
  10. Gustav Edgar Dietrich1916 - 1917
m. 16 Apr 1932
Facts and Events
Name Emily Eliza Dietrich
Gender Female
Birth[1] 18 Mar 1912 Turtle Lake (Township), Barron, Wisconsin, United States
Graduation? 1929 Clayton High School
Marriage 16 Apr 1932 Mendota, Dakota, Minnesota, United Statesto Paul Ferdinand Zemke
Medical? Stroke, No Cancer, No Addictions, No Alzheimer's, No Mental illness, Diabetes
Residence? Barron County, Wisconsin, United States
Death? 20 Jan 1998 Prairie Farm, Barron, Wisconsin, United States
Burial? 1998 Silver Creek Cemetery (Mount Hope), Turtle Lake, Barron County, Wisconsin, United States
Other? LutheranEthnicity/Relig.
Other? Minnesota Business CollegeEducation - Secondary
Other? Quilting, CookingINTERESTS

Spoke in Saxon dialect at home. Books were in High German. Church andcatechism were in German. Paul and Emily went to church on Sundays sothey could see each other on the second floor (was slanted back thentoo!) at Silver Creek Lutheran Church.

When Emily went to high school, she lived in town in Clayton. She livedat a boarding house where all the teachers lived. Emily earned her room& board by cleaning and kitchen duties.

Had two stillborn daughters: Joyce Elaine - November 25, 1932 and daughter November 18, 1935 ( died due to asphyxia Wronelomia)

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