Person:Emil Conn (1)

Emil C. Conn
b.12 Mar 1908
d.21 Jan 1990 Bath County, Kentucky
Facts and Events
Name Emil C. Conn
Gender Male
Birth? 12 Mar 1908
Marriage to Myrtle M. Warner
Death? 21 Jan 1990 Bath County, Kentucky
Burial? Jan 1990 Polksville Cemetery, Polksville, Bath County, Kentucky
Reference Number? 6045
Soc Sec No? 402-18-4663

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From: Melissa Hughes [1] Sent: Monday, May 09, 2005 11:40 AM To: Subject: Emil Conn

Hello I have been trying to fine my family . I think that my grandpa may have been Emil Conn father.I may be wrong but this is what I know.That my grandpa name is George Samuel Conn.Now Iknow he has been mairred 2 times the frist time was to i belive is Roes I may not be right on the name.But i know that grandpa had 4 boys and 1 girl from his frist wife .And if i right Emil was in the Navy. I dont know for shur but I have old letter .To my grandpa from Emil at is hard to read be it talk about a ship.My grandma is wife number 2.Now my grandma was younger then my grandpa is always told me Emil was around her age my grandma was born around 1906.They came over to Ohio.and when thay did grandpa went by the name of Samuel George Coon.Why I not clear on, All I know is what I was told.Ihave a old family piture of grandpa hole family with his mom,dad,brother,sister-in-law,grandpa frist wife,his kids and grandpa.All I want to do for years is to fine someone! in my family.If any of this ring a bell to you E-mail me at Thank you for your time. If its not then I SORRY