Person:Elizabeth Woollcott (1)

Elizabeth Brydon Woollcott
b.16 Jan 1903 North Carolina
m. 1896
  1. Elizabeth Brydon Woollcott1903 - 1976
m. 5 Jun 1926
  1. Mary Oliver Stanier1931 - 2012
  2. William Woollcott 'Bill' Stanier1935 - 2005
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Brydon Woollcott
Gender Female
Birth[1] 16 Jan 1903 North Carolina
Marriage 5 Jun 1926 to John Stewart Stanier
Alt Marriage Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio, United Statesto John Stewart Stanier
Death[2] 17 Mar 1976 Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio
Burial? Mayville, Chautauqua, New York, United StatesChautauqua Cemetary

Elizabeth was known to her grandchildren as 'Nana'. Census records (1910) show the 7 year old Elizabeth lived in Raleigh, North Carolina. The name of the street is difficult to make out on the census form. The 1910 census record is interesting as it lists her living in her grandparents household, and the grandparents are Davie H. Young and Flonetina H. Young. The 1910 Young census entry is also interesting as Woolcott is clearly spelled with one "l". The parents of Fred Woolcott are listed as both being born in England. The parents of Flonetina are listed as from Germany (father) and illegible (mother). Fred Woolcott is listed as a merchant, and his father in law Davie H. Young as a clerk. Everyone in the census (except those listed above) and Fred, who was born in Virginia, is listed as coming from North Carolina.

By 1920 (age 16) census records place Elizabeth in Warren, Pennsylvania and her father Fred is listed as a merchant in the retail clothing business. The address is 311 Fifth Ave.

The 1930 census (age 26) lists Elizabeth in Newton Falls, OH, married to John S. Stanier, and with Jack, aged 1. The family is renting what appears to be 316 4th street for a rent of $65 a month. One can confirm from the census form that they also lived with a maid, Gertrude White, age 22. John Stewart Stanier's occupation is listed as metallurgist. It is interesting to note that a Howard Wolcott family lived next door. Virtually everyone on the census form lists "steel mill" as employer. John Stewart Stanier is listed as a veteran of "WW" almost certainly the World War.

The 1940 census (age 37) list Elizabeth and John in Youngstown OH at 1359 N. Heights. The address is 1 block north of Wick park, and 7 blocks south of Crandall park. The kids are age 4 through 11, and the family employs a 16 year old maid, Marian R. Seivert.

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