Person:Elizabeth Upton (1)

  1. Elizabeth Upton1570 - 1629
m. Abt 1500
  1. Sir Geoffery StrodeAbt 1581 - 1624/25
  2. George StrodeAbt 1583 - 1663
  3. Mary StrodeAbt 1586 - 1640
  4. Thomasine Strode1587 -
  5. Sir William Strode1589 - 1666
  6. Thomasine Strode1593 -
m. Abt 1600
Facts and Events
Name[1] Elizabeth Upton
Gender Female
Marriage Abt 1500 Worminster, Somerset, England"of Worminster near Wells, Somersetshire"
to William Strode
Alt Birth? Bef 1566 Warminster, Wiltshire, England
Birth? 1570 Worminster, Somerset, England
Alt Marriage 1580 Worminster, Somerset, Englandto William Strode
Marriage Abt 1600 Somerset, Englandto Edward Bisse
Death? 7 Jan 1629 Milton Clevedon, Somerset, England
Alt Death? 7 Jan 1630 Milton Clevedon, Somerset, England
Burial? 7 Jan 1629/30 Milton Clevedon, Somerset, England

In 1580 Elizabeth Upton married William Strode. She was a maiden still in her teens who lived in the nearby village of Worminster. She was descended from four generations of Uptons who had lived in Cornwall and Dorset as well as Somerset, all in southwestern England. Her grandmother Elizabeth Leversedge, the wife of John Upton, was the descendant of five generations of the Leversedge family dating to 1330 in Somerset and Wiltshire. One of them, Edmund Leversedge, was the husband of Eleanor Wynslade whose various family branches traced back to Somerset to 1100.

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