Person:Elizabeth Semple (10)

Elizabeth Baylor Semple
m. 17 Jan 1761
  1. Major John Walker Semple, Sr.1761 - 1820
  2. Elizabeth Baylor Semple1763 - 1798
  3. James Semple1765 - 1806
  4. Rev. Robert Baylor Semple, Sr.1769 - 1831
  • HJosiah Ryland1767 - 1850
  • WElizabeth Baylor Semple1763 - 1798
  1. William Semple Ryland1798 - 1861
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Baylor Semple
Gender Female
Birth? 19 Dec 1763 King and Queen, Virginia, United States
Death? 02 Jan 1798 King William, Virginia, United StatesRoseville

Elizabeth Baylor Semple

Rev. Robert Baylor Semple, Sr. had a sister, Elizabeth Baylor Semple, who was married to a Josiah Ryland of "Farmington" in King and Queen County. Elizabeth Baylor Semple was his first wife, and they were married only briefly, as she died the day after giving birth to their only child, William Semple Ryland. William Semple Ryland settled at "Roseville" in neighboring King William County. Joseph Ryland, one of Josiah Ryland's sons by a subsequent wife and William Semple Ryland's half brothers, married a Priscilla Courtney Bagby. They lived at "Marlborough" which was a tract parcelled off of "Farmington."
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    Page 36, 37 – NOTE. – In this connection a brief account of her husband’s, John Walker Semple’s family, is appropriate.
    John and James Semple, who emigrated to the Colony of Virginia from Scotland in 1752, were sons of the Rev. James Semple, minister of the Parish of Dreghorn. John and James were born there, John on October 17, 1727, and James on May 18th, 1730. Their father came of the family of Blackburn, Renfrewshire, and was lineally descended from the Semples of Elistoun, Lochwinwoch. Upon their arrival in Virginia, John settled at “Rose-Mount” farm, about three miles northeast of the village of Walkerton, Virginia, in King and Queen county. James went to New Kent county. John became a lawyer and married, January 17, 1761, Elizabeth Walker, by whom he had four children, viz., (1) John Walker Semple, (2) Elizabeth Baylor Semple, (3) James Semple, (4) Robert Baylor Semple. He died February, 1770, and his wife survived him twenty years. She died in May, 1790. They were buried at “Rose-Mount” farm, as was also their son, Robert Baylor Semple, who was a very distinguished Baptist preacher.
    James Semple , the brother of John, who, as stated above, settled in New Kent county, became a clergyman of the Church of England. He married Rebecca Allen, who bore him four children, one of whom, Judge James Semple, married Ann Countess Tyler, sister of President John Tyler.
    John Walker Semple, eldest child of John Semple and Elizabeth Walker, his wife, was born November 18, 1761. He was twice married, first to Frances Lowry, daughter of Colonel Thomas Lowry and sister of Mrs. Robert Baylor Semple, his brother’s wife, no issue; and second to Lucy Robertson, daughter of Donald Robertson, by whom he had nine children. He was a member of the Virginia General Assembly; removed in May, 1797, to Kentucky, and practiced his profession as a physician many years, but later in life devoted himself to farming. From 1804 to 1808 he was a member of the Kentucky Legislature. He died at Seventy Six, Kentucky in Clinton county, November 13th, 1820.

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