Person:Elizabeth Rector (4)

Elizabeth Rector
m. 11 Sep 1841
  1. James W Rector1844 - 1909
  2. Elizabeth Rector1846 -
  3. John Henry Rector1848 - 1935
  4. Nancy Jane Rector1850 - 1926
  5. Mary Alice Rector1852 - 1856
  6. Mary Jemima Rector1857 - 1940
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Rector
Gender Female
Birth? 1846 Warren County, Kentucky
Death? Y

Elizabeth lived in Warren County, Kentucky. She later moved to BartonCounty, Missouri. She later moved to Vernon County, Missouri.

In 1850 Elizabeth was living with her parents in 2nd District, WarrenCounty, Kentucky. (Source: 1850 Census - Warren County, Kentucky)

Elizabeth and her parents moved to Barton County, Missouri in 1855.

In 1860 Elizabeth was living with her parents in Newton Township, BartonCounty, Missouri. (Source: 1860 Census - Newton Township, BartonCounty, Missouri; Page 17; #F53)

During the Civil War, Elizabeth was forced to moved with her family toArkansas, because of the chaotic lawlessness in which this part of thecounty was plunged. At the close of the Civil War, Elizabeth returnedwith her family, rebuilt the buildings and fences, and began life anew.

In 1880 Elizabeth was living with her family in Milford Township, BartonCounty, Missouri. (Source: 1880 Census - Milford Township, BartonCounty, Missouri; #F185)