Person:Elizabeth Price (64)

m. bef 1762
  1. Sarah Ann Price1762 - 1844
  2. Hannah Price1763 -
  3. Elizabeth Price1764 - 1838
  4. Esther Price1766 - 1793
  5. Zachariah Price1768 -
  6. Azubah Price1770 - aft 1829
  7. Francis Price1772 - 1785
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Price
Gender Female
Birth[1] 17 Nov 1764 Frankford, Sussex, New Jersey, United States
Property[3][5] 1804 Sussex, New Jersey, United States
Death? 5 July 1838 Sussex, New Jersey, United States

Elizabeth Price was born 12 Nov 1764. Sussex County, New Jersey, the daughter of Francis Price and Esther Dunn Price[1]. She is listed in her fathers will as Elizabeth Bowman, and her son, Francis Stoll is also listed[2]. In the Estate of Francis Price, a division of land is given for four heirs, Sarah Hamilton, Azubah Goble, Elizabeth Bowman and Ester Gustins sonsWill of Francis Price[3][5].

She m. Abraham Stoll son of John Stoll and Jane Ten Eyck (TenEyke, etc.). Abraham Stoll d. intestate (Sussex County 509) 1791. Elizabeth m. (2) Gershom Bowman b. 17 Sept 1747 (Andrew and Ann Case Bowman bible) son of John Bowman. The Will of Elizabeth's father gave 3/16 of the real estate to Elizabeth, 1/32 to Francis Stoll, 1/32 to John and Abraham Stoll, which included the "farm where John Boss now lives" assigned to them in the division, and residuary interests in the land given to the widow, John Lesh, and Jerusha DeWitt as life estates[3][5]. In a deed (L:280) with the same date as the division (23 June 1804), James and Sarah Hamilton, Gershom and Elizabeth Bowman, and Nathan and Azuba Goble sold their residuary interests to Francis Gustin, Thomas Gustin Jr., and John Gustin Jr. This gave the Gustins 15/16 of their residuary interest, which was later conveyed to their father John Gustin (O:303, R:753). In 1811 John Gustin bought the remaining residuary interests: 1/32 from Francis Stoll on 4 Jan 1811 (V:572), 1/64 from Abraham Stoll on 15 June 1811 (W:696), and 1/64 from John A. Stoll of Tioga County, New York on 26 Oct 1811 (X:409)[4] and also see website: Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice. On 18 Mar 1813, Gershom and Elizabeth Bowman sold 98.25 acres on which they were living, and which was Elizabeth's part of the division tract to Abraham Dunning (L2:227). This was in eastern Frankford township near the Wantage township line. Elizabeth d. 5 July 1838 (Andrew and Ann Case Bowman bible) and Gershom d. 17 Oct 1839 (Andrew and Ann Case Bowman bible). A transcript of the Andrew and Ann Case Bowman Bible can be seen here: Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

Andrew Price Bowman was the fifth generation of his Bowman family within this country and was reared in his native county of New Jersey. In the spring of 1828 and perhaps longer his name appears as a constable in Inferior Court of Common Pleas records of Sussex County. Andrew married there on 5 July 1828, Ann Margaret Case, born 4 Feb 1805, Sussex County, the daughter of Stephen Case and Sarah Sausman of Sussex County. Andrew was a farmer and they resided in Frankford township, Sussex County until 1838 when they removed with five children to Rowley Hill in eastern Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, purchasing a farm of William Shuart in 1848, where they had resided since their removal from New Jersey see Bowman family at website: Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice.

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