Person:Elizabeth Potts (32)

m. 1751
  1. Elizabeth POTTS1753 - 1819
  2. Hannah POTTS1755 - 1778
  3. Sarah POTTS1756 -
m. 17 FEB 1774
  1. Mary KENNEDY1775 - 1826
  2. Thomas KENNEDY1777 -
  3. George Washington KENNEDY1778 - 1843
  4. Elizabeth KENNEDY1780 - 1850
  5. Robert KENNEDY1782 - 1875
  6. Andrew KENNEDY, Jr.1782 - 1823
  7. Susannah KENNEDY1785 - 1826
  8. Eleanor KENNEDY1788 -
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth POTTS
Gender Female
Birth? 14 SEP 1753 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Marriage 17 FEB 1774 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAto Andrew Kennedy, Sr.
Death? 18 OCT 1819 Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Elizabeth is probably associated with Bristol Township which was incorporated into the City of Philadelphia following the passage of the Act of Consolidation of 1854

Abstracts of Philadelphia Co. Wills, 1815-1819 page 90 - Kennedy, Elizabeth. Now of Northern Liberties. July 28, 1818. October 25, 1820. To my children: Mary, George, Elizabeth, Susan, Robert, Andrew and Eleanor. Son, Robert, to have charge of son, George's share, and that of daughter, Mary, until her son, John Tilly, is of age. Execs: Son, Robert Kennedy, son-in-law, Michael Leib. Witnesses: William Mettler, Samuel Mettler.

Will as found in JSB manuscript pg 289 [original in possession of author]:

Philadelphia City and County, ss:

         By the Tenor of these Presents, I, Samuel Bryan, Esquire, Register of the Probate of Wills, and Granting of Letters of Administration in and for the City and County of Philadelphia, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,

DO MAKE KNOWN unto all Men, that on the day of the Date hereof, at Philadelphia, before me was proved, and approved, the last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Kennedy, deceased, (a true Copy whereof is to the Presents annexed) having whilst she lived, and at the time of her death, Divers Goods, Chattels, Rights, and Credits within the said Commonwealth, by Reason whereof the Approbation and Insinuation of the said last Will and Testament, and the committing the administration of all and singular the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits of the said Deceased, and also the auditing of the Accounts, Calculations and Reckonings of the said Administration of all and singular the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits of the said deceased, any way concerning her last Will and Testament, was committed to Robert Kennedy and Michael Leib, the Executors, in the said Testament named, they having first been duly sworn well and truly to administer the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits of the said deceased, and make a true and perfect inventory thereof, and exhibit the same in the Register's Office, at Philadelphia, on or before the twenty-fifth day of November next, and to render a true and just Account, Calculation and Reckoning of the said Administration, on or before the twenty-fifth day of October, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty, or when thereunto lawfully required.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal of Office, at Philadelphia, the twenty-fifth day of October in the Year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and nineteen. Sam Bryan, Register.

In the name of God, Amen, I, Elizabeth Kennedy, now of the Northern Liberties, aware of the uncertainty of human life, and desirous of arranging my worldly concerns while in my power to do so, do make and declare this my last Will and Testament.

I bequeath unto my children Mary, George, Elizabeth, Susan, Robert, Andrew and Eleanor an equal share in the stock of the United States belonging to me, the said stock to be divided into seven equal parts, the part which will fall to my son George I hereby vest in trust to my son Robert, he to receive the interest thereon and pay it over, as he receives it, to George for his use during his natural life, and at his death to be equally divided among my surviving children or their heirs. The part which will fall to my daughter Mary I hereby also vest in trust to my son Robert, he to receive the interest thereon and to pay it over as he receives it to Mary for her use, until her son John Tilley shall arrive at legal age, and then the principal shall be paid over to her by the trustee. I further bequeath to my daughter Mary my silver sugar dish, my bed linen and those articles of wearing apparel not herein otherwise disposed of, and my sideboard. To my daughter Elizabeth I further bequeath my silver slop bowl and black velvet cloak.

To my son Robert I further bequeath my white dimity window curtains and ivory handle knives and forks and desk and bookcase, and the portrait of Washington and an entry and stairs carpet.

To my son Andrew I further bequeath a looking glass now in his possession, a feather bed, a dozen silver teaspoons and silver sugar tongs, and the portrait of Jefferson, and a mahogany card table.

To my daughter Susan I further bequeath my plated urns, a silver pint mug, a pair of fancy prints, a girandole, a pair of chandeliers, a tea table, set of china and my sopha.

To my daughter Eleanor I further bequeath my high post bedstead and curtains belonging thereto, half a dozen silver tablespoons and silver soup ladle, a plated teapot and caddy, silver cream pot and four silver teaspoons and a looking glass.

It is my Will and I hereby nominate and appoint my son Robert and my son-in-law Michael Leib Executors of this my last will and testament. Witness my hand and seal this twenty-eighth day of July, 1818. Elizabeth Kennedy. (Seal) Witnesses: William Mettler.

          	      Samuel Mettler. 

Philadelphia, October 25th, 1819. Then personally appeared William Mettler and Samuel Mettler, the witnesses to the adjoining will, and on their solemn oaths according to Law did depose & say that they did see and hear Elizabeth Kennedy the Testatrix in said Will and Testament named, sign, seal, and publish and declare the same as and for her last Will and Testament and that at the doing thereof the same was of sound mind, memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge and belief. Coram: Saml. Bryan, Register.

(Endorsement on back): Paid $2.50 for Letters Testamentary, Copy of Will &c. and Short Certificate. Copy of the original Will and Testament of Elizabeth Kennedy, deceased, & Letter Testamentary thereto annexed. To Robert Kennedy & Michael Leib, the Executors.

Transcription of letter pictured below: single sheet of paper folded-wax seal-address side reads: Mr. Robert Kennedy Philadelphia Fav of JP Schott

My Dear Brother Your fatal tho’ affectionate letter came to hand in due time, but what, what words can express my agonies at the information it contain’d, to hear that our Dear Mother is no more and I deprive’d the satisfaction of seeing or conversing with her, (you say she used to call me her poor Ellen, & can it be possible that I shall never in this world hear her voice again, or hear her calling on her poor Ellen. Alass it is but too true that I shall not, my dear Mother is forever torn from my sight, she has gone to join our dear Father in Heaven, where no doubt they are both enjoying Happiness unspeakable, it would have been a great consolation to me could I had seen her, but it is wrong to repine, thy will O Lord and not mine be done, there is no doubt but she has experienced a blessed Immortality - - - I am much satisfied My Dear Brother that the remains of Our dear Mother were deposit’d in the same grave with our ever to me regretted Father and that every attention and sacred respect were shewn to the remains of our much respected and ever to be lament’d Mother. It is my particular request that a lock of my Mother’s hair should be sent me, and wish to be inform’d her exact age, at the time of her decease, and likewise wish to know the time our father died & his age, I have forgotten the exact time, and wish to know particularly, as I wish to record them in the bible. You all my dear Brothers & Sisters (except sister Long & myself) had the consolation of seeing the last struggle & hearing the last sigh of our departed Mother, could she have seen Sister Long and myself I know it would have been a very great satisfaction to her, but that was denied both her and us, it is our Duty to be resign’d to every affliction that may cross our path, however painfull it may be to us, but to hold in gratfull and respectfull remembrance a dear & depart’d Friend, to think they are enjoying that happiness which we cannot obtain here, to imagine them sitting down by the right hand of our Heavenly Father, is to the surviving relations a very great consolation – that we My dear Brother may be ????? also, is my fervent prayer. When I reflect & think what must have been her sufferings, deprive’d of sight, suffering sickness & pain in various forms it distresses me exceedingly, my Husband participates with us all, in this our great and heavy loss, and had it not been for his affectionate & tender attentions, I do not know what I should have done in this my very afflicting trial. Sister Longs letter which I expected by return of Mr. Pearson I have not receiv’d. This will be handed you by my Husband who is going down for the express purpose of meeting with a settlement from Dr. Leib and yourself respecting my Mothers Estate, it is my Dear Brother my very particular request that no obstacles may arise, to prevent a final settlement taking place as the distance is very great, and very expensive traveling. My husband will tell you what I have omitted, it is my wish that all of you will write me often, please give my best love to my Brothers & Sisters & relations, Ann & yourself will except of my warmest wishes for your Happiness, I remain Dear Brother your ever affectionate Sister, Ellen Schott December 1, 1819 Mercer County

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