Person:Elizabeth McDonald (40)

Elizabeth McDonald
b.est. 1730-1740
d.bef. October 1817 Bath County, Virginia
m. 1779
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth McDonald
Gender Female
Birth? est. 1730-1740
Marriage 1779 Virginiato Andrew Sittlington
Death? bef. October 1817 Bath County, Virginia

Will of Elizabeth (McDonald) Sitlington

Pg. 159 - Will of Elizabeth Sitlington, dated Aug. 15, 1817
Wit: Adam Dickinson, George Francisco, William Farrar and Elisha Williams
Probated October 1817 Court
Exec: trusty friends William Sitlington and George Francisco
Beq: to John McDonneld, son of brother Samuel, dec., lands on Mill Creek known as Fulton Sp[ring
to Samuel McDonneld, son of Samuel, Negro man Ned
to Andrew Sitlington McDonneld, son of Samuel, Negro man Harry who will be free if in five years he pays $250, and Negro boy Adam
to Thomas McDonneld, son of Samuel, Negro woman Polly, wifh her youngest child Marshall
to William McDonneld $1000
To Hugh McDonneld Negro boy Lish
to Ellenor, wife of Samuel, $200
to Rebecca, daughter of Samuel, Negro girl Polly, chiod of Emy
to Ellenor, daughter of Samuel, Negro girl Roday
to Polly, daughter of Samuel, Negro girl Hannah
to William Roberts of Ohio who married Elizabeth McDonneld, Negro man Jonathan; he is also to take under his care and protection two Negro girls, Milla and Hetty, until they are of age and then they are to be free; also $500
to John McDonneld, son of brother John, dec., Negro girl Fanny; his $300 bond to her and Negro girl Sally
to Samuel McDonneld, son of John, two Negro boys Jack and Ben until they are 25 at which time they are to be freed
to William McDonneld, son of John, Negro buy Bill until he is 25 when he is to freed
to nieces Elizabeth Gillaspie and Polly Gillaspie, daughters of John who lives in Ohio, bonds of ____ Woolf who purchased land from her
to ____ Black ("Christian name I do not know") who married niece Jane McDonneld, daughter of John, Negro boy Sesar until he is 25, then he is to be freed
to Andrew Sitlington Crawford Negro boy Ames who lives wieh him
to William Sitlington, if he pays her estate $450 in two years, Negro boy Andrew
Negro man Tom, now hired to Edward Hughart of Kentucky, is to go, after completing his term, to William McDonneld who lives in Indiana, who is to free him
by the terms of her husband's will, Succa, Harry, the older Israel, Susana, Lucy, James, Ann, Milla, Moses, Rachel and little Ned are all free
to sister Jane Walker, of the State of South Carolina, "if she be living", $500, or to her daughter Martha Williams
to sister Mary Brown of the State of Kentucky $500
to sister Rebecca, wife of John Sexton $333.33 in three installments, but no money is to go to John Sexton or anyone representing him "not wanting any part thereof to be applied to his use"
to Margaret McDonneld widow of John, $300
to brother William $300
to niced Jane Clark $150
to Polly Crawford, daughter of Nathan Crawford $150
to Margaret D. Crawford, daughter of Nathan $100
to Elizabeth S. Crawford, daughter of Nathan $100
to niece Elizabeth McDanneld, daughter of brother Samuel $100
to Polly Slone $100
to Hugh McDonneld, son of brother Hugh, my clock
executors "do not meddle" with the following household furniture which is to remain in the house: corner cupboard, chest of drawers, folding leaf table, one small round table
to William Sitlington my desk
to Ellenor McDonneld, daughter of brother Samuel $100
to Patsy, daughter of brother Hugh $100
$1,000 endowment to Windy Cove Congregation, whtih interest to be used: "It is my mose sincere wish and desire that the Congregation be enabled to support and keep a minister of the Gospel of the Presbyterian persuasion" and she knows they cannot afford it
to worthy friends Jacob Warwick and Charles Cameron, $400 each
to John Sitlington his bond due me for two horses
to Andrew Sitlington, on paying Jane Slown $300, Negro woman Emma and her three children Tom, Sam and Julin
to Jane Slown this $300
to William Sitlington Negro woman Nancy and her four children, John Randolph, Charlotta and youngest not named
to slave Jonathan (going to William Roberts of Ohio) a bay hourse to carry him and the two girls to Ohio, $30 for expenses and a "sufficient pass"
to Negro Boys Bill, Jack and Ben $15 each for expenses "over the Ohio" and they are to be furnished with a good pass
her executors are to pay her slaves engaged in securing her crops
Any balance to be divided among those left money
Wearing apparel to Elizabeth Roberts, wife of William
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 84-86].

Pg. 173 - Inventory - Elisabeth Sitlington
Submitted Oct. 20, 1817 by Hazel Williams, Joseph Mays, John Dickinson and James Bratton
Negro woman Nancy and 4 children, boy Moses, woman Polly and 1 child, girl Rody, girl Hannah, man Ned, man Harry, woman Ann and 3 children, boy Anis, boy Adam, girl Polly, girls Sally and Fanny, men Jonathan, Bill Ceasar, Ben, Jack, and Tom, girls Milley and Hette; hogs 84, horses 11, cattle 60, sheep 39, 7 hay stacks, fields of corn, all hay in the barn, wheat in the sheef, rye, oats, tools, 2 pair sheep shears, wagon and gears, farm implements, kitchen utensils, bacon and beef, household furniture, tin and pewterware, 8 beds and furniture, household linens, 5 silver teaspoons, cupboard furniture, brass clock, 3 woolen wheels, 7 flax wheels, 1 lot of books.
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 87].

Pg. 176 - Sale of estate of Elizabeth Sitlington, Oct. 20 and 21, 1817
Submitted by W. Sitlington and George Francisco
Buyers: Joseph Mayse, George Shaw, Mathew Wallace, William McClung, John Blankenship, Elias Hook, John Brinkley, Andrew Sitlington, Butler Stonestreer, Clem Swearingin, Ludwell Richards, Hazel Williams, George Francisco, Hugh, Patsy, Elenor, William, Thomas adn John McDannald, Adam and Andrew Porter, John Williams, James and John Hughart, John and Elishaa Williams, Robert and John McClung, Hezekiah Daggs, Francis Douglas, George Lear, VAn Swearingin, James Bratton, Thomas Eddington, Isaac Fox, John D. Ewin, John Dickinson, John Brown Jr., Thomas T. Rhea, Jacob Surver, Henry Surber, Robert McEvoy, James Ervin, William Miller, Jacob Warwick, Andrew S. Warwick, John B. Lewis, James Frazer, Robert Gay, William Douglas, William Gillaspie, Joseph Payne, Adam Dickinson, Joseph Bell, Samuel Joseph, Andrew McCausland, James McKnight, Robert Thompson.
Bonds and other valuable papers of Elizabeth Sitlington
Submitted Feb. 8, 1818 by W. Sitlington and George FRancisco
James Irwin, John Lewis, Francis Crutchfield, I. Montgomery, Samuel Downey, Jacob Dill, Robert Gay, John Slown, James Kelso, Joseph Haynes, Alexander Crawford, _____ Huston, Andrew Irwin, James Musson, Samuel Brown, William Douglas, John McDannald, A. McCausland, Van Swearingin, John McCausland, Jane Slown, Joseph Bell, Jane Graham, William Gillespie, William McClung, John Sompson, Samuel Cummins, James Elliott, E. Williams, Ben Fawcett, A. Barrett, John Sitlington, William Sitlington, John Wolf, William Bradley, John Beale, Adam Dickinson, John Harnest, Charles Fawcett, John Dickinson, James Elliott, Edward Hughart, Robert Barrett, James Hughart.
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 88].