Person:Elizabeth Dauphin (1)

Elizabeth Dauphin
m. 22 Apr 1686
  1. Elizabeth Dauphin1687 - 1758
m. 22 Nov 1703
  1. Rene Joseph Rodrigue1704 - 1731
  2. Marie Rodrigue1706 -
  3. Genevieve Rodrigue1708 - 1730
  4. Jean Rodrigue1709 - 1710
  5. Jean Baptiste Rodrigue1711 - 1783
  6. Louis Rodrigue1714 - 1780
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Elizabeth Dauphin
Gender Female
Birth? 19 Jan 1687 Beauport, Québec, Quebec, Canada
Marriage 22 Nov 1703 Beauport, Quebec, Canadato Rene Rodrigue
Death? 19 Aug 1758 Beauport, Québec, Quebec, Canada


1703 (22 Nov) Beauport.

Volume 7, p. 25.
1703 (22 Nov) Beauport.

  • II. RODRIGUE, Rene, b 1678, s 22 Mar 1715 [Jean I.
  • DAUPHIN, Elisabeth, b 1687 (elle espeuse, 11 nov 1715, Ignace De l'Epinay, a Beauport [Rene II.
  • Rene-Joseph, b 29 Aug 1704, m 29 Apr 1731, a Marguerite pepin.
  • Marie, b 16 May 1706, m 19 Nov 1731, a Noel Giroux.
  • Genevieve, b 19 jan 1708, m 28 Aug 1724, a jacques Glinel, s 12 Feb 1730.
  • Jean, b 29 Dec 1709, s 22 Aug 1710.
  • Jean, b 27 Aug 1711, 1-m 7 May 1731, a Dorothee Fougere, 2-m 12 Nov 1759, a Marie Boulet, a St-Joseph, Beauce.
  • Louis, b 12 Apr et s 22 Jul 1714, a Lorette.
Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes depuis la Fondation de la Colonie Jusqu'a Nos Jours, Cyprien Tanguay, Volume 7, p. 25-26. [3]
Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes depuis la Fondation de la Colonie Jusqu'a Nos Jours, Cyprien Tanguay, Volume 7, p. 25-26. [3]

Rene Rodrigue and Élisabeth Dauphin

Source: Rodrigue Families Association [1]

René Rodrigue was born on 28 July 1678 in village St-Michel in Beauport, and was baptized in Beauport the next day. Ancestor of the most numerous branch of the Rodrigue lineage descended from João Rodrigues, he married in Beauport on 22 November 1703 with Élisabeth Dauphin, daughter of René Dauphin and Suzanne Gignard. They had 6 children: René-Joseph, Marie, Geneviève, Jean (who died at the age of nine months), Jean (the second bearer of the name), and Louis.

Among the descendants of René and Élisabeth bearing the Rodrigue surname, the majority, descended from Jean (married to Dorothée Fougère in 1731 in Beauport, and then to Marie Boulet in 1759 in St-Joseph-de-Beauce), settled in Beauce (a region south of Québec); from there, they migrated to the Eastern Townships, Montréal, and New England (above all, Maine and New Hampshire). One of Jean's sons, Jean-Baptiste, born in Beauport in 1736, migrated to Louisiana where he enrolled in the militia towards 1760. He married there twice, and had more than 20 children; his descendants are still many in Louisiana and in other states of the U.S. (I personnally was in contact by e-mail with Rodrigue from Florida and California who are among his descendants).

The youngest son of René, Louis, settled in the Lanoraie region (northeast of Montréal); he married there in 1740 with Ursule Trottet dit St-Jean, and in 1769 with Agathe Chapdelaine dit Larivière, widow of Joseph Charpentier dit Sansfaçon.

Norbert Rodrigue, former president of the Confederation of National Trade Unions of Quebec, the Quebec singer and songwriter Jacques Michel (Rodrigue), and the cajun artist George Rodrigue (of Blue Dog fame), are all descended from René Rodrigue.

René died on 22 March 1715 in Beauport (where he was buried the next day); his widow Élisabeth remarried in 1715 to Ignace Lépinay. [2]

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