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Eliza Harries
Facts and Events
Name Eliza Harries
Gender Female
Birth? 1841 Rosemarket, Pembroke, Wales
Christening? 8 May 1841 Rosemarket, Pembrokeshire, WalesSt Ismael's
Marriage 31 AUG 1861 Rosemarket, Pembroke, Walesto John Williams
Death? 1921

Here I have Eliza's mother listed as Mary as this currently appears to be correct, however other researchers have listed her parents differently;

  • Her grandparents Issac and Rebecca have been listed as Eliza's parents. This is most likely because in the 1851 census when she is 10 years old she is living with them and listed as their daughter.
  • She has also been listed with parents John Follant and Mary Harris, whose daughter Eliza was baptised in the same church on the following day. (Without seeing the originals, maybe the entry from the previous day was altered to include the father but remember the spelling of the mothers surname changes from Harries to Harris).

Her surname was known in my branch of the family via Agnes, as Harris not Harries. By that time they were in Australia, having arrived from England so it may have been a pronounciation difference. Also worth noting is that all the verbal information at that time was only Agnes's mothers maiden name and not even her first name.

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