Person:Eliezer Slocum (1)

Eliezer Slocum
d.bef 30 Jul 1727
m. 1635
  1. Johanna Slocum1642 - 1727/28
  2. Capt. John Slocum1645 - bef 1702
  3. Hon. Giles Slocum1647 - 1683
  4. Rev. Ebenezer Slocum1650 - 1715
  5. Nathaniel Slocum1652 - bef 1703
  6. Rev. Peleg Slocum1654 - bef 1732/33
  7. Samuel Slocumest 1657 - 1700
  8. Mary Slocum1660 - 1689
  9. Eliezer Slocum1664 - bef 1727
  1. Meribah Slocum1689 -
  2. Mary Slocum1691 -
  3. Eliezer Slocum1693/94 - 1738
  4. John Slocum1696/97 - BEF 1727
  5. Benjamin Slocum1699 - 1726
  6. Joanna Slocum1702 -
  7. Ebenezer SlocumABT 1705 -
Facts and Events
Name Eliezer Slocum
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 25 Dec 1664 Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Property? 1682 Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United Stateswilled land from father
Residence[1] abt 1684 Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States
Death[1] bef 30 Jul 1727
Probate[1] 30 Jul 1727 will proved

Will of Eliezer Slocum

Proved 30 July 1727. See A short history of the Slocums, page 57-60. Author Charles Elihu Slocum copied the will, which is still preserved in the Taunton (Bristol County) probate office.

"I Eliezer Slocum of Dartmouth in the County of Bristol In His Majesties Province of the Massachusetts Bay In N[ew] England Yeoman, Being of perfect mind and sound memory, Thanks be given unto God, Calling to mind the Mortality of my Body and Knowing that it is apointed for all men once to die, do make and Ordain this my last will and Testament, That is to say Principally and first of all, I give and Commend my Soul into the Hands of God that gave it,—And my Body I recommend to the Earth to be Decently Buried at the discretion of my Executors. And as Touching such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me in this life, I give, Demise, and Dispose of the same in the Following Manner and form--

Imprimis. I will that all my Debts and Funerall Charges be paid and Discharged, By my two sons Eliezer Slocum and Ebenezer Slocum whome I also Constitute and appoint Joynt Executrs to this my last will and Testament.

Item—I give and bequeath Elephell my Beloved Wife; the sum of twenty pounds [symbol] annum of Good and Lawful money of N[ew] England, to be paid Yearly and Every year By my Executrs During her Naturall life—

Item—I give and bequeath to Elephell my Beloved Wife an Indian Girl named Dorcas During the time she hath to Serve by Indenture—she fulfilling all articles on my Behalf—

Item—I give and Bequeath to Elephell my Beloved Wife, The great low room of my Dwelling house with the two bedrooms belonging together with the Chamber over it and the Bedrooms belonging thereto, and the Garrett—and also what part of the N[e]w Addition she shall Choose and one half of the Cellar, During her Naturall life.

Item—I will that my Executors procure and supply Elephell my wife with firewood sufficient During her Naturall life, And whatsoever Provisions and Corn shall be left after my Decease, I give to Elephell my Wife for her Support, and also the Hay for Support of the Cattle. The above Gifts and Bequests is all and what I intend for Elephell my Wife instead of her Thirds or Dowry.

Item—I give and Bequeath to Eliezer Slocum—my well Beloved Son—and to His heirs and Assigns for Ever—all that Northerly part of my Homestead ffarme both upland and Meadow where is (now) Dwelling house Stands Containing by Estimation—One hundred Acres Divided and sett out from the rest of my Homestead ffarme together with the Houses Barns and Orchard thereon standing, Beginning at a Stake one Hundred and thirty Rods from the Northwest Comer of my Homestead and in Allens line, thence East fourteen Degrees North one Hundred and forty nine Rods a white Oak Marked and on the Same Course to the Creek in the Saltmarsh, thence Bounded by the Creek and Cove till it Comes to the North Easterly Corner of the Said Homestead, Northerly Bounded by the land of Peleg Slocum—West on Phillip Allens Land.

Item—I give and Bequeath to my said son Eliezer Slocum—His Heirs and Assigns for Ever—My Sedge ftlatt called the horsfflatt Lying to the eastward of Allens Pond and near the little Harbour.

Item—I give and Bequeath to my Said Son Eliezer Slocum his Heirs and Assigns for Ever Two Acres of Saltmarsh Joyning to the Creek near unto where wee Cart over.

Item—I give and bequeath to my well Beloved son Ebenezer Slocum his Heirs and Assigns for Ever all that Southerly part of my Homestead ffarme, on which my Dwelling house Stands, together with the Said Dwelling house—Outhouses Orchard and Barne sett of and Divided from the rest of my Homestead, Beginning at a Stake In the middle Bound In Allens line between my Homestead and the Homestead of Phillip Allen Specified by Benja Crane (the Surveyor) In his retume Running thirty Rods from that stake Southward, thence East ffifty ffive Degrees North to a heap of stones lying a little to the West of the Northwest Corner of the Orchard wall—Thence along In the Range of said wall East twelve Degrees North to the Northwest Corner thereof, Thence South thirty seven Degrees and halfe East to the edge of the Pond and from thence East Eight Degrees South aCross the Pond to a great pine Tree on the East Side of the Pond and on the same Course into the sea or Salt water. Thence Bounded Round by the water East and Southerly, Westerly Bounded by James Allens Homestead.

Item—I give and bequeath to my said Son Ebenezer Slocum His Heirs and Assigns for Ever all my Meadows Beach—Saltmarsh and Sedge lying at the point of the neck, and Joyning to the mouth of Pascamasett river [Pascamanset or Slocum's River] and is sett of as ffolloweth, Beginning at a Stake on the Beach about two Rods from the point of upland, Thence North ffifty Seven Degrees West twelve Rods Thence Bounded Round by upland of Said Neck Untill it comes to the Northwest point thereof Thence West Into the Cove and also one quarter of an Acre for a watering place to be from the Stake in the Beach aforementioned up into a fflag Pond near adjoining to be laid as Convenient as may be for water—and otherways Bounded Round by the saltwater or sea.

Item—I give and bequeath to my well beloved sons Eliezer and Kbenezer Slocum their heirs and assigns for ever all that middle part of my Homestead farme (excepting two acres which I have before given to my son Eliezer Slocum) the rest contains by estimation One hundred and Eight acres or thereabouts together with all the Salt marsh Sedge and Beach Joyning thereto, to be Equally Divided betwixt them, the whole Tract is butted and Bounded as followeth Beginning at that Stake called one Hundred and thirty Rods Running Down to a Stake with Stones about it in the Middle Bounds In Aliens line Thence Thirty Rods Southward Thence East fifty five Degrees North to a Heap of Stones Lying a little to the West of the Northwest corner of the Orchard wall, Thence along in the range of said wall East Twelve Degrees North to the Northeast Corner thereof Thence South Thirty seven Degrees and half, East to the Edge of the pond, and from thence East Eight Degrees South a Cross the Pond to a great pine Tree on the East side of the Pond, and on the same Cours into the Sea or saltwater, Thence Bounded by the Sea or Saltwater Easterly and from the Saltwater to a Stake Standing about two Rods from the Hill, Thence North fifty seven Degrees twelve Rods Thence Bounded Round by upland of said Neck Until it conies to the North West point Thereof Thence West into the Cove and so bounded by the Cove to the Creek and so along to that line we" Comes from the White Oak Tree and thence to the said White Oak tree and from thence One hundred forty nine Rods to the first mentioned Stake Called One Hundred and Thirty Rods. The above mentioned Sedge, Saltmarsh and Beach is not Counted part of the One Hundred and Ten Acres but given with and besides the One hundred and Ten Acres.

Item—I give and bequeath to my said well beloved sons Eliezer and Ebenezer Slocum their Heirs and Assigns for ever two acres of Cedar swamp Commonly Called Deerfield Swamp and also one quarter of an acre of Undivided Cedar swamp to be equally Divided Between them.

Item—I give and bequeath to Ebenezer Slocum my Beloved son one pair of Oxen and one pair of three years and vantage old Steers, and also Eight Cows and two Heifers of two year old and also Twelve pounds of good and Lawfull money of New England To Him and His Heirs forever—

Item—I will that all the rest and Residue of my stock, Both Horskine, Cattle, Cows, sheep & Hoggs or of what Kine soever Be Equally Divided between my two sons Eliezer and Ebenezer Slocum their Heirs and Assigns.

Item—If it so happen That my son Ebenezer Slocum Should Die without Lawfull Issue I will Then That all the Estate and Inheritance I have given and bequeathed unto him shall then be possessed and enjoyed By my Son Eliezer Slocum His Heirs and Assigns for Ever.

Item—I give and bequeath to Benjamin Slocum my Grand child and son of Benjamin Slocum Deceased One Hundred Pounds of good and Lawful money of New England to be paid by my Executors when when he is Come of Age.

Item—I give and bequeath to my said Grand Child Benjamin Slocum His Heirs and Assigns for ever all my Sedge flatts Lying in Allens Pond near the going over, and also a small piece of Meadow which Lyeth at the Land that was Josiah Allens Homestead near the spring Creek—

And whereas Meribah Slocum the Widow of my son Benjamin Slocum Deceasd being with Child, and if the same should prove a male Child I then give and bequeath to the Same Male Child (as yett not Born) one Tract of Land Lying near to John Kirbys with a Dwelling house and Orchard thereon and also one Tract of Land Lying in Aarons Country so Calld and also one Tract of Land Lying on the otherside and Joyning to Coacksett river, and also two acres of meadow lying near the Gunning Island Commonly Called the Miery flatt and also two Acres of Cedar Swamp Commonly Called Quanpoge Swamp all which Said upland meadows and Swamps I give and bequeath to him and His Heirs for Ever, He the said Male Child paying unto his Brother Benjamin the Sum of Two hundred and fifty Pounds of good and Lawfull Money of New England when his said Brother Benjamin Shall be of Age— But if the Child which is not yet born should prove a Female Child All the Inheritance as lands Meadows and swamps which I have here given to it being a male Child shall be given to Benjamin Slocum aforesaid His Heirs and Assigns for ever, to be by him ffreely possessed and Injoyd He the said Benjamin paying to his Sister ffifty pounds of good and Lawfull money of N[e]w England when she arrives or Comes to Eighteen years of age.

Item—I give and Bequeath Two Hundred pounds of Good and Lawfull money of N[ew] England for the Bringing up of my son Benjamins two Children to be paid by my Executr Twenty pounds pr. year for Ten years which will make up Two hundred pounds and I will that the said money be paid into the hands of the Guardians to be by them paid for the Childrens Support as they shall see meet or Needfull But if they both should Die before the money be all paid the remainder thereof shall be Equally Divided between my Executors—If so be that eather of the two Children of my son Benjamin Should die without Lawful Issue, Then I will that the Deceased his inheritance which I have here given him shall be given to his Surviving Brother to be by him possessed and injoyed his heirs and Assigns for ever But if they Both should die and leaving no Lawfull issue Then I will that all the Lands and meadows whatsoever which I have here given and bequeathed unto both my two Grand Children and also the money if any there be shall then Returne to my two Sons Eliezer and Ebenezer Slocum and Equally to be Divided betwixt them, Their Heirs and Assigns for Ever, my will and Meaning is that the Twenty Pounds a year be paid into the hands of Holder Slocum Ebenezer Slocum whome their father appointed in his will to be their Guardians and to be paid by them as before Exprest.

Item—I will that all Necessary and Convenient ways be allowed to and By, Each and Every one of my sons their heirs and Assigns forever, good and Sufficient Drift ways to pass and Repass to each their Lands and Meadows &c as Need shall Require—Together with all the Rights and privileges I have in the Town.

Item—I give and Bequeathe to my Beloved Daughter Meribah Rickettson the wife of Wm Rickettson fifty pounds of good and Lawfull money of New England to be paid by my Executor Six Years after my Decease

Item—I give and Bequeathe to my Beloved Daughter Johannah Wheedon the wife of Danl Wheedon fifty pounds of Good and Lawfull money of New England to be paid by my Executrs Six years after my Decease

Item—I will That all the Money that I shall leave in the House at my Decease Shall pay Debts so farr as it Can. All the Rest and Residue of my Estate of what Kind soever I give and Bequeathe to my Executrs to be equally Divided between them. And I Do hereby Disallow all and every other former Testaments wills Legacies and bequests and executors by me in any wise before named Willed and bequeathed Ratifieing and Confirming this and no other to be my last will and Testament

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Affixed my scale this Eleventh Day of the first month Called March and in the thirteenth year of his Majesties King George his Reign 1726-7 Annoqu Dom.


Eliezer E Slocum—[seal]


Signed Scaled Published Pronounced and Declared by the said Eliezer Slocum as his last will and Testament in presence of us the subscribers

Phillip Allen
Jas Allen
Wm Hart Jr."
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