Person:Eliakim Wardwell (2)

Eliakim Wardwell
m. 15 Jun 1777
  1. Eliakim Wardwell1778 - 1853
  2. Gideon Church WardwellABT 1780 - 1818
  3. child WardwellAbt 1780 - 1788
  4. Martha WardwellAbt 1782 - 1818
  5. Simon Wardwell1783 - 1842
  6. Nathaniel WardwellABT 1785 - 1841
  7. child Wardwell1787 - 1788
  8. Elizabeth Gage Wardwell1789 - 1868
  9. Clarissa Dillaway Wardwell1791 - 1864
  10. George WardwellABT 1793 - 1845
  11. Stephen WardwellABT 1793 -
  12. Charles Wardwell1795 - 1876
  13. Ruth Church Wardwell1796 - 1887
  14. Henry Wardwell1800 - 1855
  • HEliakim Wardwell1778 - 1853
  • WLydia Smith1779 - 1852
m. 15 DEC 1804
  1. Simon Wardwell1805 - 1902
  2. Eliza Ann Wardwell1807 - BET 1892 AND 1902
  3. John Smith Wardwell1809 - 1884
  4. Lydia Wardwell1812 - BEF 1892
  5. Albert Wardwell1812 - 1859
  6. Sarah Jane Wardwell1813 - 1881
  7. George Henry Wardwell1816 - 1834
  8. Gideon Church Wardwell1818 - 1893
Facts and Events
Name Eliakim Wardwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] JAN 1778 Andover, Essex, MA
Other 17 NOV 1804 Saco, York, MEMarriage Intention
with Lydia Smith
Marriage 15 DEC 1804 York, York, MEto Lydia Smith
Death[2] 20 MAY 1853 Dorchester, Suffolk, MA
Occupation? Cordwainer in 1850
Burial[3] South Church Cemetery, Andover, MA

Living in Saco, York, ME at 1850 United States Census, with real estate valued at $1200. Granddaughter Eliza is living with them. Listed as shoemaker in 1849 Business Directory for Biddeford & Saco, ME on Middle Street.

Though birth not recorded in the Andover VR, Eliakim was the eldest child of Ruth Church and Simon Wardwell. His death record confirms this.

"This Eliakim, named for his paternal grandfather, was born and raised in Andover, Mass. Along with his younger brothers, he was trained by his father as a cordwainer (shoemaker). After completing his apprenticeship, he left Andover to settle at Saco, Maine. Their first child Simon was born July 4, 1805, (named for his paternal grandfather and uncle) in Saco in the Nye House ("then and after known as Atkinson's Tavern"). It was at the corner of Main and North Streets. Shortly thereafter, Eliakim built a house for his growing family on the south side of Middle Street in Saco (the present-day site of "The Wardwell"). Here seven more children were born. The first of the children to leave home was the eldest, Simon, who returned to Andover in July of 1828. His grandfather, Simon Wardwell, had died the previous year in Andover, so it is presumed that young Simon lived with his paternal uncle, Simon Wardwell II. In the Census of 1850, enumerated at Saco on August 15, Eliakim is listed as age 72, born in Massachusetts, a shoemaker with a Rest Estate value of $1,200. The household included his wife, Lydia, age 71, born in Maine; and daughter Sarah J., 33, born in Maine. Also included in the household was Eliza Wardwell, age 2, born in Massachusett. She was Elikim's granddaughter, the daughter of eldest son Simon, whose wife had died in 1848. (Interestingly enough, little Eliza was also enumerated with Simon's family in Andover.) Shortly after the 1850 Census in Saco, Eliakim and Lydia moved permanently to Andover to life with their widower son, Simon. Lydia (Smith) Wardwell died December 14 in 1852 in Andover. Thereafter, Eliakim either lived with his daughter, Lydia (Wardwell) Clapp, of Dorchester, OR was visiting with her when he died in 1853. After her parents' death, Lydia W. Clapp willed their homestead in Saco to the "Old Ladies' Home of Saco and Biddeford", with the provision that a new home be built on the property to be called "The Wardwell House Construction was completed in 1889, and the home operated continuously thereafter; however, in 1986 it was coverted to a "life-care" home for retired couples and is now known as "The Wardwell". -William Wardwell of Andover, Massachusetts with an Informal Collection of His Descendants through the 8th Generation. Marjorie Wardwell Otten

Andover VR puts date of death as 21 May 1853 and place of death as Andover. Cause of Death: Fitts.

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