Person:Eli Sears (1)

m. 1801
  1. David Crockett Sears1808 - 1870
  2. Wilson Calhoun SEARS1810 - 1852
  3. William SEARS, IAbt 1814 - 1842
  4. Henry Jefferson SEARS1817 - 1897
  5. Eli SEARS1821 - 1858
  6. Sarah Ann SEARS1824 - 1907
m. 3 Jan 1843
  1. C.D. SEARS
  2. Caroline Julia Matilda SEARS1844 -
  3. Henry A. SEARS1846 -
  4. Andrew Walter SEARS1849 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Eli SEARS
Gender Male
Birth? 1821 Wilkinson Co, GA
Marriage 3 Jan 1843 Wilkinson Co, GAto Winnifred DAVIDSON
Occupation? Justice of the Peace
Death? 1858 Wilkinson Co, GA

Eli Sears' last will and testament. In the name of God, amen. I,Eli Sears of the State and County aforesaid, being possessed ofmind and disposing memory, deem it both a privilege and a dutyto despose of my worldly effects which I do as designated by thefollowing items. ITEM 1: It is my desire that my estate shall bekept together upon the plantation on which I now live until mywife shall marry again, or my children shall severally come ofage, or marry, and then be subject to distribution in thefollowing manner: ITEM 2. My wife either marrying or remaining awidow, shall have the use and service of my Negro cook woman,Leanna, during lifetime of her, my said wife. Said Negro womanshall not be subject to debts of my wife, nor any futurehusband, and upon the death of my siad wife, said Negro womanshall be returned to my estate together with her increase and tobe divided among my children. I give to my wife a portion of theremaining property equal to that of each child, the same to behers and to be disposed of by as she may deem proper; saidportion shall not be taken from my estate until she married orthe youngest child becomes of lawful age. ITEM3. My childrenshall draw an equal portion of my remaining estate as theybecome of age, or marry, said portion is to be theirs severallyand to be disposed of by them as they may deed properly. ITEM 4.My land shall be subject to distribution in such manner that thetaking off one part shall not injure the value of the remainingportion if such distribution and division cannot be made then myheirs may cultivate a portion of it as convenient to them to doso which shall rent it to anyone else, but my Executor may rentout as much as he deem proper; the said rent money shall belongto my estate and to be used as hereby given my Executor andExecutrix power and authority to sell my lands when it shallbecome burdensome to my estate by foregoing distribution and theproceeds divided among my heirs. ITEM 5. Nothing in this willshall be construded as to give my wife a portion of any propertyand comes in the possession of my estate by any contract which Ihave made, or by the death of any relative. ITEM 6. It is mydesire that $200 be reserved and held by my Executrix andExecutor herein named to be paid to the Cool Springs Lodge, whenthat body shall build a church for worship and a Masonic lodgeplace when the premised deeded to said lot by Anderson Ingram,$50 to be appropriated by the lodge for the purpose ofpurchasing the Masonic Library and remaining $150 for buildingof said church and lodge, but if the said house should not bebuilt not in the state of erection, within 10 years from thedate, then this amount shall be divided equally among my legalheirs. ITEM 7. I hereby appoint my beloved wife, Winnie Sears,and my much esteemed friend, SAMUEL R. METHVIN, Executrix andExecutor of this my last will and testament, this 17th day ofJune 1857. (signed Eli Sears) Wilkinson Co. Ga Record of Returns1853-58, page 722.

  1. 1850 Wilkinson Co., GA Census.