Person:Eleanor Hall (5)

Eleanor "Nellie" Hall
m. abt Jul 1786
  1. Isaac HallAFT 1778 -
  2. Alexander Stuart Hallabt 1785/90 -
  3. Edward Stuart Hall1788 - 1870
  4. Eleanor "Nellie" Hallabt 1790 -
m. 31 Mar 1817
  1. John A. Douglasest 1818-1825 -
  2. Eleanor "Ellen" Stuart Douglas1821 - 1910
  3. Sarah Hall 'Sallie' Douglas1826 - 1860
  4. Martha C. Douglas1830 - 1900
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Eleanor "Nellie" Hall
Married Name[1][3] Eleanor Hall Douglas
Gender Female
Birth? abt 1790 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Marriage 31 Mar 1817 Virginiato John A Douglas

Parents of Eleanor (Hall) Douglas

Both White (1902)1 and McCue (1912)4 have been proven incorrect in stating respectively that Eleanor was the child of:

Waddell (1902)2 identified Eleanor's parents as Alexander Hall and Mary Patterson Stuart, which is supported by the surviving letters3 of Eleanor, herself, in which she identified her mother as "Mary".

Additional Resources

  • Southern Women and Their Families in the 19th Century 3 - Eleanor Hall Douglas Papers, 1798–1845 - included here are letters between Eleanor “Nellie” Hall and John A. Douglas during their courtship and after their marriage and from Eleanor to her mother, Mary Hall. ...
    • [Identifies Eleanor's mother as "Mary".]
  1. 1.0 1.1 Family Recorded, in White, Emma Siggins. Genealogy of the descendants of John Walker of Wigton, Scotland: with records of a few allied families, also war records and some fragmentary notes pertaining to the history of Virginia, 1600-1902. (Kansas City, Missouri: Tiernan-Dart Printing Co., 1902), Secondary quality.

    p 35 -
    ... h. Eleanor Hall (dau. of Eleanor and Edward), m. Mr. Douglas ; had dau. : Ellen Stuart Douglas, who m. Mr. McCue and resides in Fishersville, Va., Augusta Co.
    [Identifies her as daughter of Edward and Eleanor (Stuart) Hall.]
    [ Analysis: INCORRECT - White is one generation off. Edward Hall and Eleanor Stuart are Eleanor's grandparents, being the proven parents of her father, Alexander Hall.]

  2. Family Recorded, in Waddell, Joseph A. (Joseph Addison). Annals of Augusta County, Virginia: with reminiscences illustrative of the vicissitudes of its pioneer settlers biographical sketches of citizens locally prominent, and of those who have founded families in the southern and western states : a diary of the war, 1861-'5, and a chapter on reconstruction by Joseph Addison Waddell. (Staunton, Virginia: C.R. Caldwell, 1902), Secondary quality.

    [page number needed]
    ... 5. Alexander Hall, born May 24, 1759, inherited his father's homestead. Married his cousin, Mary Patterson Stuart, daughter of Major Alexander Stuart and sister of judge Archibald Stuart. Among his children were Mrs. Eleanor Douglass, Alexander S. Hall, Dr. Isaac Hall, Jr., and others.
    [Identifies her as daughter of Alexander Hall, son of Edward Hall and Eleanor Stuart.]
    [Analysis: Best Match and currently on page. Eleanor identifies her mother as "Mary" in her letters, which agrees with the known wife of Alexander Hall.]

  3. 3.0 3.1 Southern Women and Their Families in the 19th Century Papers and Diaries Series H, Holdings of the Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library, Duke University, Part 3: North Carolina and Virginia.

    Eleanor Hall Douglas Papers, 1798–1845
    Augusta County, Georgia
    The collection opens with a 1798 letter from J. Hall of Warrenton, Virginia, to his brother in Staunton, Virginia, announcing the birth of a son and the purchase of a new tobacco plantation, asking for information about the family and commenting on the need for military preparation to counter the threat of war with France. In 1825 a lengthy letter from T. Johnson of Philadelphia to a member of the Hall family in 1825, fulfills his “promise to transmit you a short detail of the most important doctoring and improvements which I have learned during this session” (Reel 21, Frame 0564) by detailing various medical conditions and some remedies for them. Also included here are letters between Eleanor “Nellie” Hall and John A. Douglas during their courtship and after their marriage and from Eleanor to her mother, Mary Hall.

    0527 Section A, 1798–1845.
    Major Topics: Births; tobacco plantation; agricultural commodities; prices; disruption of commerce caused by U.S.-France naval war, 1798; War of 1812; courtship and marriage of Eleanor “Nellie” Hall and John A. Douglas; garment making; hunting; religious instruction; farming; quilting; descriptions of various medical problems, such as fevers, digestive ailments, and infectious diseases, and remedies for them, including sketches of surgical instruments recently invented by Jean Civeale of France for lithotrity, the crushing of urinary stones; spinning; weaving; rheumatism; Douglas family children; prices of land.

    Principal Correspondents: J. Hall; Eleanor “Nellie” Hall Douglas; Mary Hall; E. Stuart; John A. Douglas; Sarah Hall; T. Johnson; Edward S. Hall; Elizabeth Douglas; M. McFarland; Sally Hall Young; James W. Douglas.
    [cos1776 note: I have not reviewed the papers yet. Description is provided here for reference. Also listed in David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University]

  4.   Family Recorded, in McCue, John Nolley. The McCues of Old Dominion: supplemented with brief charts of the Steele, Arbuckle and Cunningham families. (Mexico, Mo.: Missouri Ptg. & Pub. Co., 1912), Secondary quality.

    p 26 -
    ... Eleanor Douglass, b 19, Jan. 1821, d 13, Jan. 1910, dau of John Douglass and Eleanor Hall, the latter being the dau of Archibald Stuart and Janet Brown. ...
    [Identifies her as a daughter of Archibald Stuart and Janet Brown.]
    [ Analysis: INCORRECT - McCue is two generations off. Archibald Stuart (b 1697) and Janet Brown (b abt 1703) are the great-grandparents of Eleanor (Hall) Douglas.]