Place:Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Augusta, Virginia, United States

NameTinkling Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Alt namesTinkling Spring Church Cemetery
Coordinates38.085°N 78.983056°W
Located inAugusta, Virginia, United States     (1740 - )
Also located inFishersville, Augusta, Virginia, United States     (1740 - )
Tinkling Spring, Augusta, Virginia, United States     (1740 - )

Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery is located in Fishersville, Augusta, Virginia, USA.

Address: 30 Tinkling Spring Drive, Fishersville, Virginia 22939.

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About Tinkling Spring Church and Cemetery

Tinkling Spring Church was the first Presbyterian Church in Shenandoah Valley in 1740. The first meeting house was a log cabin measuring twenty-four by fifty feet.

A monument that stands outside of Tinkling Spring church reads:

"Sacred to the Memory of the Immigrants to this valley who turned the wilderness into habitations."

It lists the names of the original members who were assessed twelve shillings each to build the first meeting house. Administratively, the membership was divided into three Quarters headed by John Christian, William Wright, and John Finley. Christian's quarter included families named Black, Cowin, Wilson, Long, Bell, Alexander, Stewart, Patton, Hall, Robison, Cristian, Davison, McCollock, Caldwell, Armstrong, Rutledge, Henderson, Conegham, Thomson, Scott, Gamel, Ramsey, Preston, Maxwell, McDonal, Russell, Lewis, Hutchison, McClanahan, Brackenridge, and McCollock. Wright's quarter included families named Smith Hutchison, Palmer, Thomson, Moday, Frazer, Johnston, Logan, Henderson, Scileran, Black, Cear, McCune, Fergeson, and Wright. Finley's quarter included families named McClure, Turk, Gay, Finley, McCollock, Gelaspey, Edmiston, Campbell, Stewart, Peterson, Cear, Tays, Steel, and White.

Tinkling Spring Cemetery Inscriptions

Tinkling Spring Cemetery Inscriptions


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