Person:Elaine Lane (1)

Elaine Lane
b.22 May 1880 New York
m. 1859
  1. Ophelia Lane1861 - 1866
  2. John F. Lane1867 -
  3. Emma May LaneAbt 1872 -
  4. Irad T Lane1874 -
  5. Elaine Lane1880 -
  6. Richard D. Lane1882 - 1917
  7. Ralph Thompson Lane1883 - 1938
Facts and Events
Name Elaine Lane
Gender Female
Birth? 22 May 1880 New York
Marriage to Julian Hiram Schermerhorn

My Brother, told us of a story about a Aunt Laine who owned a pencil company in New York and that she offered to take Mom (Katherine Lane) and him raise him and pay for everything they wanted,

When I was about ready to graduate from High School my mother recievied a letter asking her to bring me and her out to New York from Aunt Lanie and she would sent me to any college I wanted. I just found who this Aunt Lanie was - She was Elaine Lane who was married to Julian Hiram Schermerhorn who was part owner, Treasure and later became Vice president of Dixon Crucible Company one of the oldest American Companies still in exsisteance, he also became Vice president of the American Graphite Company of Ticonderoga in New York an member of the board of Directors. Mom told us they owned much of RI NY.

I have just started to do research on this section of my Lane family - May 2008