Person:Edward Williams (103)

Edward Williams
b.Abt 1750
Facts and Events
Name Edward Williams
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1750
Residence[1] 1779 Kentucky, Virginia, United Statescame to Kentucky
Death? Bourbon, Kentucky, United States
Other[1] Abt 1801 Bourbon, Kentucky, United Statesgives deposition
  1. 1.0 1.1 Ardery, Julia Hoge Spencer. Kentucky records: early wills and marriages, copied from court house records by regents, historians and the state historian; old bible records and tombstone inscriptions; records from Barren, Bath, Bourbon, Clark, Daviess, Fayette, Harrison, Jessamine, Lincoln, Madison, Mason, Montgomery, Nelson, Nicholas, Ohio, Scott, and Shelby counties. (Lexington, Kentucky: Keystone Printery, Inc., c1932)


    James Dupuy vs. Samuel Henderson and Others, Box 120

    Peter Small deposeth regarding traces
    - Question: "In 1780 were you not informed that the trace called Harrod's trace was the oldest trace?"
    - Answer: "In the year 1780 after returning from Clarke's Campaign, a number of us started from Boon's Station to Lower Blue Licks to make salt and directed by Col. Boone to go to Harrod's Lick Trace, which we did, and with difficulty found it, returned home by McMillan's Trace which we found much the plainest at that time.
    - James Dupue, Dec. 18, 1782 - Entered 1000 acres on a Treasury Warrant then in Fayette, now Bourbon, orator states that Samuel Henderson, assign. of Abraham Mitchell on Dec. 27, 1779, offered a certificate for 400 acres and a preemption of 1000 acres from the Commrs. who sat in Western country to adjust the titles, etc.
    - Deposition of Edward Bradley taken at house of Andrew Friend, Sept. 8, 1801, states he was well acquainted with John Pleake and Stalver [sic] in yr. 1782, used to hunt with him.
    - Deposition of John McGuire, aged 35 yrs., Sept. 8, 1801.
    - Deposition of Samuel Boone, Jr., aged 45 yrs., states he has been in this county since 1799. Dated Sept. 8, 1801.
    - Deposition of John Pleakand Stalver, Jr.- In the year 1779-80, he marked a honey locust tree at the spring, and in spring of 1782, he, in company with James Kill and Edmond Thompkins, came to the spring and in the fall he made entry for James Dupuy for 1000 acres. Dated May 4, 1801.
    - Ambrose Coffee makes deposition regarding his acquaintance with John Pleakand Stalver, known him since 1778, and believes in his integrity.
    - Deposition of Nicholas Anderson - Same as above, known him for 23 years.
    - Edward Williams states he has known him since 1779 and known him to be a punctual man of unblemished character, lived in his neighborhood, etc.
    - John Hayser - Same as above, known him since 1779.
    - Jesse Coper - Same as above, known him since 1776.