Person:Edward Strode (4)

Edward (of Downside) Strode
m. 1621
  1. William Strode, of Barrington1622 - 1695
  2. Benjamin StrodeAbt 1625 -
  3. Edward (of Downside) Strode1630 - 1703
  4. Joane Stroud1631 - Abt 1678
  5. John (of Odcombe) StrodeAbt 1632 - 1705
  6. Agnes StrodeAbt 1634 - 1648
  7. Elizabeth Strode1635 -
  8. George Strode1636 - Aft 1649
  9. Jane StrodeAbt 1640 - 1677
  10. Joanna Strode1642 - 1677
  11. Johanna StrodeAbt 1645 -
  12. _____ StrodeAbt 1645 - Bef 1649
  13. Essex Strode1646 -
  14. Mary Strode1648 - 1648
  15. Barnard Strode1649 - 1685
  • HEdward (of Downside) Strode1630 - 1703
  • WJoan Gunning1638 - 1679
m. 1658
  1. Samuel Strode
  2. Mercy Strode
  3. Jane Strode
  4. George Strode
  5. Martha Strode
  6. Elizabeth Strode
  7. William Strode1660 - 1662
  8. Edward Strode1661 - Bef 1663
  9. Edward Strode1663 - Bef 1665
  10. Edward William Strode, IVAbt 1664 - 1749
  11. Mary Strode1664 - Bef 1679
  12. John Strode1667 - 1697
Facts and Events
Name Edward (of Downside) Strode
Alt Name[1][2] Edward Strode
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 1629 Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England
Christening? 2 Apr 1629 Shepton Mallet, Somerset, EnglandDownside
Birth? 1630 Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England
Alt Marriage 1657 Bristol, Gloucestershire, Englandto Joan Gunning
Marriage 1658 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England"of Bristol"
to Joan Gunning
Occupation? cleric
Death? 23 Oct 1703 Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England
Alt Death? 28 Oct 1703 Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England
Alt Death? 28 Oct 1703 Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England
Burial? Shepton Mallet, Somerset, EnglandThe Parish Church
Alt Burial? Shepton Mallet, Somerset, EnglandRectory at the Parish Church
Ancestral File Number 99TV-Z3
Reference Number? 2994
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Edward Strode who gave Monmouth one hundred guineas and provided shelter while he was on the run, was granted a pardon, solely through his ability to pay for it (reportedly 40 Pounds). Perry (Octavia J. Perry in A Saga of Strouds and Strodes, Deford and Co., Baltimore, Maryland, 1966, p 45) says: 'Bernard Strode, the fifth son of William and Joan Barnard Strode, was beheaded in the Bloody Assize.' There is American tradition that Barnard was beheaded but full substantiation is lacking. On 10th March 1686 an amnesty or proclamation of pardon was issued for all those involved in the rebellion led by Monmouth.

"Obviously, Edward Strode of Downside was heavily involved in the Monmouth led rebellion of 1685. But he survived the times and remained at Downside, undoubtedly because of his wealth. This is contrary to information in the book by Perry and perpetuated by other Strode descendants. She suggests that he fled to France and/or Holland with his children and sickly wife and eventually to the colonies. Elston does not make this error.

"Photos taken in the Rectory of St. Peter and St. Paul Church in Shepton Mallet in 1986 provide proof to the contrary. There are numerous plaques and busts of the generosity of the Strodes. Two in particular are important in tracing Edward's (1630-1703) family. The first is a plaque in the Rectory stating 'Memory of Joan (Goninge) Strode, wife of edward Strode. Mrs. Joan Strode of Downside, England who had by him 10 children, 5 sons and 5 daughters of which 4 of them lyeth here underneath intered by her to wit: William, Edward, Edward, and Mary. The other six children are now living with their father to wit: Edward, John, Elizabeth, Johanna, Jane and Mercy. She (Joan) died 1st of April 1679 in the 40th year of her age.'

"There is another important plaque in the Shepton-Mallet parish church that says 'Here Relieth Edward Strode of Downside -- he departed this life the 23rd of October 1703 at the age of 73 years.'

"Still another plaque states 'Strode Bread Charity Jan. 23, 1699. Edward Strode by his will established the charity and Elizabeth, his daughter, by her will added to the fund; Rents of Farms at Winsor Hill (Downside), Sun Inn and Cottage, Townsend, Mendip and the annual dividend of L1407.16.11 at Consolidated Bank

Buried on 2 April 1629 at the Rectory of the Parish Church, Shepton Mallet, England

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 DEAT PLAC , Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire, England, (Tombstone)
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