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  1. Edward Milstead1656 - 1732/33
m. ABT 1694
  1. Edward Milstead1695 - 1776
  2. Catherine Milstead1700 - 1772
  3. Thomas Milstead1701 - 1737
  4. Ann MilsteadEst 1706 to 1722 -
  5. Elizabeth MilsteadEst 1706 to 1722 -
  6. John MilsteadBef 1718 - 1792
  7. Joseph Milstead1718 - Bef 1803
Facts and Events
Name Edward Milstead
Alt Name Edward Millstead
Gender Male
Birth? 1656 Bathersden or Kent, England
Marriage ABT 1694 Charles County, Marylandto Elizabeth Ward
Death? 14 JAN 1732/33 Durham Parish, Charles County, Maryland

Will of Edward Milstead

The Will of Edward Millstead Sr. December the 14th day 1733.
In the name of God Amen. I Edward Millstead Sen. of Charles County in the province of Maryland ??? being sick of body but of sound and ??? memory thanks to God ??? do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say first and ??? I commit and commend my soul and spirit into the hands of Almighty God hoping through his mercy and the merits of my dear Savior's blood which he hath shed for me and all others who through faith and belief in His name do obtain ??? and ??? ,,, my body I commit unto the earth and to Christian and ??? burial to the discretion of my well beloved wife Mary if she survives me or my eldest son if he die before and touching the disposal of my temporal estate which God hath blessed me with all my will is to dispose thereof as followeth:
Item: I give unto my son Edward Millstead my wearing apparel also an orphan boy Jno Ettil??? and one pair of hand millstones and one pair of iron ??? at my decease
Item: I give unto my wife Mary Millstead the one third of my cattle and of hoggs and of the ??? during her life and after her depose to fall to Jno (??) Millstead and William Millstead also appoint my well beloved wife Mary Millstead the whole executor of this my last will & testament
Item: I give unto James Mordock one cow and calf at my decease
Item: I give and bequeath the residue of my personal estate which is not here mentioned to be equally divided in three parts between William Millstead and John Millstead and John ???
Item: I give unto Benjamin Shacklit one feather bed & one cow and calfe & ??? which is now in his possession
All my children that are not here mentioned I give unto them one shilling
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of Christopher Carney, Anne Ast??tt,
On the back of the foregoing will was endorsed the ???? Charles County on the 17th day of January 1733 came Christopher Carney and Ann Hott & made oath on the Holy Evangelists that they saw Edward Milstead sign seal the within writing and heard him publish and declare the ??? to be his Last Will and Testament and that at the time of his so doing he was of sound and ??? memory to the best of their judgments. Sworn before ??? ???


128. Edward E. Millsted, born 1656 in Bathersden or Kent England; died 14 January 1732/33 in Durham Parish, Charles County, Maryland. He married 129. Elizabeth "Eliza" Ward Abt. 1694 in Charles County, Maryland.

129. Elizabeth "Eliza" Ward, died Abt. 1718. She was the daughter of 258. John Ward and 259. Damarius Unknown.

Notes for Edward E. Millsted:

Edward Milstead of Bethersden, Kent laborer was found gulty of larceny in 1671 after burgling 2 neighbors houses, and stealing 2 nutmegs, a pound of gingerbread and 3 shillings in money, and was sentenced to transportation to either Barbados or Virginia for 7 years. The records for this are at the Public Record Office in London (ref"# ASSI 35/112/5) He seems to have been transported in 1674 according to the "Complete Book of Emigrants 1661-1669" by Peter Wilson

July 1674,Edward M. of Bathersden reprived on condition of transportation; bound for Barbados or Jamaica reprived first noted 1674. He cartie from Kent, England. Page 137 Vol III and Vol IV "Bonded Passengers to America" by Peter Coldhamm Juy 1674 indentured servant to William Chandler, Charles County, Maryland. Freed in 1680. In 1684 leased tract "Bow Plain" from Giles Blizzard. In 1701 known as a planter, "Chandlers Hope". He made shoes during the 5 year indenture, (Immigration Book 1217.4 page 137) William Chandler presented "Edward Milstead age 19" to the court in Charles County in 1674.

1691; Francis Hanby bound his son, John Hanby, which he had by Elizabeth Harleton, to Edward Millstead

Jan. 29, 1695/6 - Maryland Prerogative Court. Edward Millstead, husband of Elizabeth Ward, dau. of John and Damaris Ward, brought suit against Damaris, the executrix of John's estate. The complete record of this very long case is set forth under John Ward Sr. The following portion is set forth to prove that John Ward's dau. Elizabeth m Edward Millstead: "Memorandum that upon the ____day of ___1696(blanks are in the court record) came Edward Millstead an Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of John Ward of Charles Co., deceased" by William Dent their attorney, libellants (plaintiffs) and William Sargent and Damris his wife defendants by Charles Carroll their attorney. The plaintiffs alleged that John Ward in his lifetime was possessed of a very plentiful personal estate to the full value of 200,000 ls tobacco and that on Sep 4, 1686 he made his last will and testament wherein he appointed Damaris his wife executrix, and that his will provided that after his debts and some small legacies therein mentioned were paid, the rest of is estate was for the use of the said wife Damaris for her life and after her death the whole estate be divided equally amongst his 5 children (John has more than 5 children, but only 5 are named in the will provision that is being litigated) John, Thomas and James his sons and Katherine and Elizabeth his daughters. The complaint goes on to allege that Damaris together with her subsequent husbands Charles Shephard and William Sergant, failed to file an inventory or administration account for John's estate, and have converted to her and their use and failed to protect property of the estate in violation of John's will and the lasw, to the detriment of the 5 children. The court found in favor of Elizabeth and Edward.

Source: Maryland Prerogative Court, Testamentary Proceedings, Vol. 17, pp. 114-119

10 Jan 1705 ; "Good Luck if it Hits" surveyed for Edward Milstead, containing 190 acres in Charles Co. (SOM DD5/465;PL2/281)

1707; Edward Millstead possessed 100 acres called "Nonsuch" in Nanjemy Hundred, Charles Co. (CCRR)

Nov 1710; Margaret Smith, age 19 bound to Edward Milstead (CCLR M#2.200)

Sept 1724; from John Manning and wife Mary of Charles co. to Edward Milstead; 50 acres called "Ward's Addition"

Notes for Elizabeth "Eliza" Ward: 29 January 1695; ; Edward Millstead, husband of Elizabeth WArd, d/o John and Damrius Ward, vs William Sargent and Damarius his wife, alleging mismangement of the esate of John Ward (Test Proc. 17-114)

More About Edward Millsted and Elizabeth Ward: Marriage: Abt. 1694, Charles County, Maryland

Children of Edward Millsted and Elizabeth Ward are: 64 i. Edward Milstead, born 1695 in Charles County, Maryland; died Aft. 1784 in Charles County, Maryland; married (1) Catherine Barker Abt. 1720; married (2) Elizabeth Unknown Aft. 1750 in Charles County, Marylan ii. Thomas Milstead, born 1701 in Charles County, Maryland105; died 1737 in Prince Georges County , Maryland; married Johanna Edgar Bef. 173

Notes for Thomas Milstead: 1728 purchased land from William Godfrey, Charles County, Maryland 264 acres "Winters Imployment" 1732 sold land to Henry Ward "Sanders Neglect" 140 Acres 1732 purchased land from Moses Bell and wife. "Mountain" 1732 sold land to William Milstead 1733 sold land to William Milstead 1734 patented land " Milstead's Range" 10 Acres 1734 patented land "Sanders Neglect" 140 acres

When Thomas died he had no children. Daughter Elizabeth was born after he died. Joanna married Henry Acton almost immediately after Thomas died.

From "The Early Ward Families of Southern Maryland" Volume 1 by Ralph D. Smith page 79 June 1732 - Charles County Deed. Thomas Milstead of Charles County, Maryland planter, deeds to Henry Ward of Prince Georges County, planter for 2000 pounds of tobacco, all that parcel of land called "Sanders Neglect", lying in Charles County between Daniel's Branch and Gileses Branch and nigh the land of William Sanders, lately deceased, bounded by a parcel of land called "Marchant Taylers Hall" now in the possession of William Milstead, containing and now laid out for about 140 acres. Source Charles County, Maryland Court and Land Records , Liber M #2, page 299.

01 October 1729; "Bachelors Park" surveyed for Thomas Milstead for 150 acres in Charles Co., (SOM PL7/326:ILB/99)

10 Aug 1732; from Moses Bell, planter to Thomas Milstead of Charles co., tract called "Mountain" (CCLR M#2.312)

15 Jun 1734; Thomas Miltead ptented 150 acres called "MIlstead's Range" and 140 acres "Saunders Neglect" located in Charles Co. (SOM EI1/312;E 15/55;E12/141;E15/50)

WILL OF THOMAS MILSTEED, planter, Prince Georges County., written 06 september 1737; probate 31 Dec 1737

To wife_____, extx 1/3 personal estate

To unborn child and hrs., 300 acres "Bachelors Park" Milstead Range", " Winter Imployment" and personalty; sd child dying withut issue "Bachelors's Park" and Milsteed Range" to Edward Milsteed, Sr. and William Milsteed and "Winter Imployment" to bro. John and Hrs.

To bro. William and hrs. "Mountain"

To 3 bros. Edward, William, John, certain personalty and entire personal estate if afsd. child dies without hrs.

Test: Henry Ward, Sr. James Ashbrook, John Row

Note: Widow determined to have her share of the estate.

Notes for Johanna Edgar: Johanna was listed in the will of her brother John Edgar, Prince Georges County; probated November 2, 1736, recorded "270 Acres of The Adventure"

Edgar, Johanna,Prince George's Co.,—– —– —–; 3rd March, 1730-31. To son John, ex., daus. Johanna Barnes, Margerett, Sarah Eilbeck and Elizabeth Wade, personalty. To child. afsd., residue of estate equally. Test: John Stoddert, Alex. Adair, Stephen Gordon. 20, 156

More About Thomas Milstead and Johanna Edgar: Marriage: Bef. 1736

iii. Catherine Milstead, born 1700 in Charles County, Maryland; died 1772 in Charles County, Maryland; married (1) Walter Winter 1717; born Abt. 1672; died 1734 in Charles County, Maryland; married (2) Richard Price Abt. 1735; died February 1754. Notes for Catherine Milstead: MARYLAND CALENDAR OF WILLS 18 Oct 1771 29 Aug, 1772

PRICE, Catherine, Charles County, Maryland

To William Winter son of William Grandsons John Bruce, Ignatius, son of John Winter, Walter son of William Winter Grandaus: Ann Winter, dau of William winter, Elizabeth Bruce Winter dau. of John Winter. To Elizabeth Milstead To Walter Winter son of John Exs. sons William Winter and John Winter Wit: Sophia Gray, Lydia Gray, John Elgin

Notes for Walter Winter:

Prerogative Court Abstracts 1728-1734 Page 84 Walter Winter 17.710 CH L571.19.7 Apr 3 1734 Appraisers: Mathew Stone, Richard Harrison, Sr., Creditors: Richard Hodgson, Charles Musgrove Next of kin: Edward Millstead, Thomas Millstead Administractors: Catherine Winter, William Winter, John Winter

1731-1737 page 65 Walter Winter 12.411 A CH £571.19.7 £50.17.10 Aug 24 1734 Sureties: Thomas Mathews, George Brett Received from: John Carver, James Johnson, Moses Bell, Thomas Ford, Edward Shacklet, George Jones, Richard Harrison, James Peele, John Webb, Joseph Bannister, William Willson, Gabriel Bobo, William Parsons, John Hooper, William Cooper, William Collier, Reuben Elder, John Terrill, William Davis, Joeph Doyne, Richard Price, Richard Grey, John Cornish, Baptist Borman, John Goodwin, Burton & Thompson,Francis Meeks, Richard Speake, Courts Keech. Payments to: Dr. Brown, Charles Musgrave, Richard Hodgson, James Maddox, James Semmes, Alexander Adair, Hugh West, Samuel Hanson, George Graham, James Glascock.

page 115 Walter Winter 14.92 A CH £0.6.3 Nov 24 1735 Received from: James Grey, David Stone Payments to: Samuel Hanson Administrators: Richard Price and his wife Catherine Price, John Winter, William Winter.

Land Patented in Charles Co. by Walter Winter

Deep Valley 200 ac 10 Oct 1708 (DD5/493:PL2/340) Nonsuch 62 ac 10 Oct 1708 (DD5/493:PL2/341) Winters Imployment 264 ac 13 Au 1713 (DD5/798;RY1/28) Gray's Neglect 76 ac 12 Nov 1728 (PL7/399;ILBB/90) Serjeant's Mount 74 ac 19 Oct 1728 (PL7/114;ILB/90) Fray's Fancy 56 ac 27 Nov 1730 (PL8/22;ILB/424)

More About Walter Winter and Catherine Milstead: Marriage: 1717

iv. John Milstead, born Bef. 1718 in Charles County, Maryland; died 12 January 1792 in King George, Virginia; married Charity Unknown 1765. Notes for John Milstead: John was listed in his brother Thomas' will September 6, 1737. The will lists nephew Matthew, also Samuel Milstead as Samuels son.

28 Sep 1777; John Mistead made his mark as wit to a deed from Mary Covert (CCLR 1775-1782.218)

10 Jan 1778; Charity (mark) Milstead and Violetter Woodyard NOK Joseph Covert, dec'd (CC Probate 1777-1780.101)

27 Jan 1786; from John Milstead of Charles Co., planter to friend Zephaniah Franklin; 50 acres part of "Widow Righted"; ( no ack by wife) (CCLR 1782-1786.215)

26 Jul 1791; Deed of gift from John Milstead, Sr. to nephew William Milstead of Charles Co., 10 Negroes; Susannah, Hannah, Daniel, Leonard, Hennery, Walter, David, Sarah, Silia and Elizabeth; part of which are now in possession of sd. William Milstead; use of sd. Negroes reserved for my natural life (CCLR K#4.290)

Notes for Charity Unknown: Widow of Robert Covert. Dates are questionable: If she was born in 1691 she was 29 years older than her husband and she would have been 86 when she married.

More About John Milstead and Charity Unknown: Marriage: 1765

v. Joseph Milstead, born Bef. 1718 in Charles County, Maryland; died 18 July 1803 in Amherst County, Virginia; married Rebecca Unknown Bet. 1751 - 1782. Notes for Joseph Milstead: Witnesses to Josephs will were Daniel Shrader and Joseph Milstead, Jr. The children mentioned in the will were Joseph Jr., William, Aaron, Zealous, Elizabeth Veal, Benedictor Davis, Patty Veal, Milly Brown, Tinfy Veal.,

More About Joseph Milstead and Rebecca Unknown: Marriage: Bet. 1751 - 1782

vi. Jane Milstead, born Abt. 1705 in Charles County, Maryland; married Thomas Ford; born Abt. 1704; died 16 December 1776. vii. Ann Milstead, married (1) James Gow; died Bef. 1748; married (2) Thomas Davis. Notes for James Gow: Will of James Gow, Charles County, Maryland Planter written 05 January 1747; probate 16 May 1748

To son James Gow, tracts called "Tower Hill" and "Godfrey's Chase" if he should die without heirs then to dau. Anne, "Tower Hill" and 10 acres of "Godfrey's Chase" to daughter Mary, remainder of Godfrey's Chase".

To son James, negro boy Daniel and other

To dau. Anne, Negro Juno and other

To 2nd dau, Mary, Negro named Warrey and Negro Ben and other

Exs. Edward Millstead and my dau. Ann Gow (CC version) Wit: Daniel Bourne, Simon French

James Gow, Charles Co., L202.3.1; 14 Feb 1748; nok Catheron Price, John Milstied; adm/exs; Edward Milstead, Ann Gow (1 37:419)

James Gow; acct. Chalres Co., L202.; 04 Jan 1752; mentions Teretia Millstead; rep. Ann Davis (accountant) James Gow (age 15), Mary Gow (age 9); exs. Edward Millstead, Thomas Davis and his wife Ann Davies (AA32.40)

James Gow; acct. Charles Co., L169.0.11; 18 Nov 1752; distr. to Anne Davis (accountant, at age) James Gow (age 16); exs. Edward Millstead, Thomas Davis and his wife Anne Davis (late Anne Gow) (AA33.308)

viii. Elizabeth Milstead, married (1) Thomas Goley; died 1746 in Charles County, Maryland; married (2) Richard Nalley Bef. 1746. Notes for Thomas Goley: Prerogative Court Abstracts 1738-1744

Thomas Golley 28.154 CH L113.6.10 May 13 1743 July 18 1743

Appraisers: Thomas Jackson, James Mankin Mentions: Henry Haislip, Susannah Haislip Mentions: John George, Joseph Milstead Administrix: Elisabeth Goley

Prerogative Court Abstracts 1744-1750

Thomas Golley 23.70 A CH :113.6.10 L26.19.3 Sep 6, 1746

Sureties: Sam. Burgess, Henry Haislip Received from: Peter Rigg, John Bulls, John Vunent, Stephen Manku, James Lesnard, George Flanagin, Daniel Wright, Florence Fitzpatrick, Thomas Raley, John Glass, James Carroll, John Gambrill, Capt. Johnson, John Gragg, Sarah Millsted. Payments to: Thomas Jackson, James Gray, Dr. Mungo Juschel, Jonathan Harris, Henry Key, John Crocketr, Richard Tarvin, Danial Dulany,, Esq. Walter Hanson, Thomas Polton. Representatives: accountants, 2 children: Thomas and Sarah Goley Administrix: Elizabeth Nalley, wife of Richard Nalley

Marriage Notes for Elizabeth Milstead and Thomas Goley: Proof of this marriage is: William Milstead: Charles Co., L4.0.0; L6.3.9; May 1 1744 Representatives: (Siblings) Joseph Milstead, Elisabeth Goley; acct. admn. John Blancel (also John Blanchet)