Person:Edward McDermed (1)

Edward McDermed
  • F.  Edward McDermed (add)
  1. Silas McDermed1790-1800 - Bef 1845
  2. Sarah McDermed
  3. Cornelius McDermedAbt 1805 - 1852
  4. Edward McDermedAbt 1806 -
  5. Mary Ann McDermedAbt 1815 -
  6. Catherine McDermed
m. 11 Dec 1831
  1. Lydia Ellen McDermedAbt 1833 -
  2. Sarah Ann McDermedAbt 1834 -
  3. Mary Jane McDermedAbt 1837 -
m. 23 Mar 1848
  1. Lewis McDermedAbt 1848 -
  2. Ardelia McDermedABT 1854 -
Facts and Events
Name Edward McDermed
Gender Male
Birth[7][8][6] Abt 1806 Ohio, United States
Marriage 11 Dec 1831 Johnson, Indiana, United Statesto Permelia Reese
Census[2] 1840 Johnson, Indiana, United States
Other[1] Aug 1845 Johnson, Indiana, United Statesnamed as heir of father; also appointed guardian of brother Silas's children
Property[3] 11 Sep 1845 Shelby, Indiana, United Statessold property
Marriage 23 Mar 1848 Marion, Indiana, United Statesto Lucinda Morgan
Other[4] May 1849 Boone, Indiana, United States
Census[6] 10 Sep 1850 Marion, Indiana, United States
Census[7] 16 Nov 1850 Vermilion, Illinois, United States
Other[5] Feb 1851 Marion, Indiana, United Statesnamed as guardian of heirs of Joseph Reese
Census[8] 1860 Vermilion, Illinois, United States
  1. Probate Order Books, in Holmes, Maurice; Indiana. Probate Court (Johnson County); and Indiana. Circuit Court (Johnson County). Court records of Johnson County, Indiana, 1823-1853. (1982), Record Book B; FHL #977.2515 P2c, Secondary quality.

    p. 470 – On their petition Edward McDermed appted guardian of Silas and William McDermed, minor heirs of Silas McDermed decd with Samuel Lambertson and David Allen as his securities. 1 Aug 1845
    p. 478 – Edward McDermed, guardian of Silas and William McDermed, minor heirs of Silas McDermed decd petitioned court to sell his ward’s real estate. Silas decd was heir of Edward McDermed elder now also decd. Heirs of Edward McDermed dec. were Sarah Carson, Cornelius McDermed, Mary Ann Suttles and Catherine McDermed as his children and Edward McDermed, Martha Jane Gott and Silas and William as his grandchildren. 12 Aug 1845.
    p. 511 – Edward McDermed reported to the court that he had sold his ward’s (Silas and William McDermed, minor heirs of Silas McDermed decd) interest in real estate to Cornelius McDermed. 13 Nov 1845.

  2. Johnson, Indiana, in United States. 1840 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Primary quality.

    Edward McDermed, 1 male 10-15 [brother's son???], 1 male 30-40 [Edward]; 1 female under 5 [Mary Jane], 2 females 5-10 [Lydia, Sarah], 1 female 20-30 [Permelia]

  3. Shelby County (Indiana). Recorder. Deed records, 1822-1886, and partitions, 1876-1891. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1984), Vol L, p. 251; FHL #1403622, Primary quality.

    Edward McDermed of Johnson County, IN
    for $231 paid by William A. Rees of Shelby county, IN
    sell to William A. Rees land in Shelby County
    NW1/4 of SW1/4 , Sec 19, T12N, R6E
    containing 39 acres and 72/100s
    signed 11 September 1845, Edward McDermed, Permelia X her mark McDermed his consort
    Witness Jacob D. Roe, Enoch M. Tucker JP
    Recorded 13 November 1845

  4. Probate Order Book, in Indiana. Circuit Court (Boone County), and Boone County (Indiana). Clerk of the Circuit Court. Probate records 1830-1925. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1983), Volume C, pp. 248-49, 273; FHL #320127, Primary quality.

    May term 1849
    James S. Hamilton admr Deb. non vs
    William Reese, Cornelius McDermot & Martha his wife, Jonathan Goff & Matilda his wife, Alfred McKinzie & wife, Robert C. Dunn & Jane his wife, Granville Reese, Joseph Reese, Cristena Reese, Benjamin Reese, Lydia E. McDermot, Sarah A. McDermot & Mary J his wife, Mary Jane Reese
    Petition on final settlement to ascertain advancements to defts
    Comes now the said James S. Hamilton administrator deboris non of said Estate, and the defendants to wit . . . Lydia E. McDermot, Sara A. McDermot, and Mary J. McDermot heirs at law of Edward McDermot who intermarried with Permelia who is deceased who was daughter of Joseph Reese deceased, being each three times loudly called, answered not but herein make default . . . And it appearing to the court now here from the proofs and allegations that said defendants are heirs at law of said Joseph Reese deceased and it also further appearing to the court from the evidence adduced upon the examination of witnesses that . . . said Cornelius McDermot, Edward McDermot, Jonathan Goff, Alfred McKinsey and Robert C. Dunn had each received by way of advancement in the lifetime of said decd the sum of one hundred and seventeen dollars ($117.00)

    p. 273, Augt 14th, 2nd day, August Term 1849
    In the Matter of the Estate of Joseph Reese decd
    on final settlement
    Comes now Jas S. Hamilton admr Deb. non of the Estate of said Dec'd and files receipts from the following heirs of said decd for their Distributive Share's in said Estate To wit
    One Receipt from Edward McDermed Guan. of Minor heirs to sd Estate for $54.12

  5. Probate Court Order Book, in Indiana. Circuit Court (Marion County). Circuit Court Order book, 1822-1909. (s.n.], 1967), Vol 9, p. 325; FHL #0520297, Primary quality.

    Feb 1851
    Guardianship of the heirs of Joseph Reece
    This day comes Edward McDermed guardian of the above heirs and files his account current herein with accompanying vouchers, by which account it is shown amongst other things, that said guardian has received of moneys, rents and profits of real estate, and interest on moneys, the amount in all of $66:11 cents and said guardian claims credit for the payment of costs and expenses to the among to $6.28 cents—carrying a balance against him of $59.83 cents—which account in the words and figures following (insert it) and the court having examined said account and vouchers therewith filed and being fully advised in the premises, it is ordered and adjudged that said account and vouchers be and they hereby are approved of, allowed, and confirmed, and taken and held as the full and final settlement of said guardianship to the amount of said credits; and on motion of said guardian the matter of said guardianship is continued

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    McDermed, Edward, 45, m, Tailor, RE = $100, b. OH
    , Lucinda, 42, f, b. VA
    , Abraham H. D., m, 19, farmer, b. IL, attended school
    Dawson, Jno, m. 16, farmer, b. IL, attended school
    , Aaron, 14, m, b. IN, attended school
    , Wm M., 13, m, b. IN, attended school

    HH 130, Fam 130
    McDermed, Lydia, 18, f, b. IN, attend school
    , Sarah A., 16, f, b. IN, attend school
    , Mary J., 13, f, b. IN, attend school
    , Lewis M., 2, m, b. IN
    Avery, Elias, 20, m, farmer, b. IN,
    , Catherine, 21, f, b. KY
    , Mary, [A?nes], 57, f, b. IN

  7. 7.0 7.1 Vermilion, Illinois, in United States. 1850 U.S. Census Population Schedule, HH 98, Primary quality.

    McDermott, Edw. 44, Tailor, no RE, b. OH
    , Lucinda, 42, b. VA
    , Sara A., 16, b. IN
    , Lydia, 17, b. IN
    , Mary J., 13, b. IN
    , Lewis, 2, b. IN

    HH 99
    Dawson, Hardin, 19, farmer, b. IL
    , John, 17, farmer, b. IN
    , Aaron, 15, b. IN
    , William, 14, b. IN

  8. 8.0 8.1 Danville, Vermilion, Illinois, in United States. 1860 U.S. Census Population Schedule, HH 27, Fam 25.

    McDermid, Edward, 53, male, RE 300, PE 200, b. OH
    , Lucincda, 52, female, b. VA
    , Lydia, E., 27, female, Seamstress, b. IN
    , Ardelia, 6, female, b. IL, attends school