Person:Edward Johnson (4)

Captain Edward Johnson
m. 8 May 1587
  1. Catherine Johnson1588 - 1610
  2. John Johnson1590 - Bet 1593 & 1616
  3. William Johnson1592 - 1603
  4. Matthew Johnson1593 -
  5. George Johnson1594 -
  6. George Johnson1595 -
  7. Captain Edward Johnson1598 - 1672
  8. Elizabeth Johnson1601 - 1601
  9. Thomas Johnson1602 - Bet 1602 & 1612
  10. Bartholomew Johnson1603 - Bet 1603 & 1613
  11. Daniel Johnson1603 - Bet 1603 & 1613
  12. William JohnsonBet 1605 & 1607 - 1658
  • HCaptain Edward Johnson1598 - 1672
  • WSusan MunnterEst 1598 - 1689/90
m. Bef 1621
  1. Edward Johnson1620/21 - 1692
  2. William JohnsonEst 1622 - 1622/23
  3. George Johnson1625 - 1681
  4. Susan Johnson1627 -
  5. Maj. William Johnson1628/29 - 1704
  6. Martha Johnson1631 -
  7. Lieutenant Matthew Johnson1633 - 1696
  8. John Johnson1635 - Est 1720
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Captain Edward Johnson
Gender Male
Christening[1] 16 Sep 1598 Canterbury, Kent, EnglandSt George's
Marriage Bef 1621 Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child.
to Susan Munnter
Emigration[1][2] Est 1637
Will[2] 15 May 1671
Death[1][2][3] 23 Apr 1672 Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Reference Number? Q1292706?
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    "4. Capt. Edward Johnson (William, John, William), joiner, of Canterbury, England, and Woburn, Mass., was baptized at St. George's Church, Canterbury, 16 Sept. 1598, was admitted freeman by birth in 1623, emigrated to New England with his wife and seven children about 1637, and settled at Woburn, Mass., where he was a very prominent citizen, holding many important public offices and commanding the local military company. He is famous as the author of the 'Wonderworking Providence of Sion's Savior in New England.' He died at Woburn 23 Apr. 1672.

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    "Edward (Johnson), Woburn, the famous capt. and auth. of the curious Hist. call. 'Wonder Working Providences of Sion's Saviour in N. E.' came, no doubt, in the fleet with Winthrop 1630, req. adm. 19 Oct. in that yr. and took the o. 18 May foll. [wrong E. J.; that was E. J. of Wessagusset and York] He was of Hernehill, a parish near Canterbury, wh. accounts in some degr. for the strenuous opposit. akin to the ludicr. that he always show. to the ch. of Eng. After liv. some time at Charlestown, or Salem, or other planta. to satisfy hims. he went home to bring his w. Susan, seven ch. and three serv. in 1636 or 7, and was sett. at C. 1637, bec. one of the found. of the ch. at W. rep. 1643-71, exc. the yr. 1648, and was speaker 1655, was town clk. almost 30 yrs. and did other val. serv. d. 23 Apr. 1672. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 276. With his gr. devot. to the cause of relig. for wh. he aband. nat. ld. and good est. it is strange we kn. not to wh. of the chhs. here he join. bef. the gather. of his own at W. and ordin. of his min. in Nov. 1642, about all of wh. he is so very partic. in his Hist. that none can doubt his sincerity of puritan. His will, of 15 May 1671, writ. with his own hd. names w. Susan, to wh. he gives rents of his lds. in Old Eng. and mansion and lds. here in W.; his eldest s. Edward, and his s. the gr.s. Edward, to wh. one quarter of the farm in the parish of Hernehill; s. George, and his s. the gr.s. George, to have dwel. ho. and orchard at Waterham, in the same parish; to s. William, and Matthew, and Matthew's eldest s. and William, and Edward, s. of William, pt. of the farm at Hernehill, to s. John, and his s. the gr.s. John, a small tenem. in the same parish; also disting. these William, s. of John; Catharine, d. of Edward; Catharine, d. of George; Esther, d. of William; Rebecca, d. of Matthew; Bethia, d. of John; James, Susanna, and Hannah, ch. of s.-in-law James Prentice, whose w. was his d. Susanna; and John, s. of John Amee, or Eames, and his eldest d. whose name, I think, was Martha. I suppose George and John went to fatherland."

  3. Johnson, Edward F. Woburn Records of Births, Deaths, and Marriages . (Woburn, Massachusetts: Andrews, Cutler & Co., 1890-1919)

    "Johnson. … Capt. Edward, s. of _____, [died] April 23, 1672."