Person:Edward Hall (46)

  • F.  Hall (add)
m. bef. 1755
  1. William Hall1755 - bef 1779
  2. Edward Hall1757 - 1838
  3. Thomas Hall1759 - 1836
  4. Susannah "Susan" Hallest 1762 - aft 1842
  5. Elizabeth Hallabt 1764 -
  6. Micajah Hallabt 1771 - bef 1840
m. 9 June 1786
  1. Garrett Hall1792 - 1880
  2. Thomas Hallabt 1793 -
  3. Jesse Hallabt 1794 -
  4. Elizabeth Hall1796 -
  5. Martin Hall1798 -
  6. Bryant Hallabt 1802 - 1880
  7. James Hallabt 1804 - aft 1880
Facts and Events
Name[1][10][13] Edward Hall
Gender Male
Other? 1754/5 FACT: French and Indian War Begins
Birth[3][10][13] 25 Dec 1757 Prince William, Virginia, United States
Military[2][10] 1779 Fort Boonesborough in Virginia (now Madison County, Kentucky)arrives in Mar/Apr and enlists as a Private in the Virginia Militia under Capt. John Holder.
Other? 1779 FACT: Bryant's Station Is established in Kentucky County, Virginia.
Other? 15 Apr 1779 Fort Boonesborough in Virginia (now Madison, Kentucky)signs Compact for the making of a Crop of Corn (The Association of Settlers of Boonesborough) along with brothers William and Thomas Hall.
Other[10] abt Aug 1779 Fort Boonesborough in Virginia (now Madison, Kentucky)granted furlough to bring his father's family to Kentucky County
Property[14] 22 Dec 1779 Kentucky, Virginia, United Statesissued Preemption Warrant for 400 ac abt 4 mi from the head of Hingston's Fork (now Bourbon County) ; he later signs this warrant over to Higgason Grubbs who claims the land
Other? 1780 FACT: Portion of Kentucky County, Virginia becomes Fayette County, Virginia.
Military? 6 Sep 1780 - 21 Oct 1780 Virginia, United StatesDAR Patriot A049561 Edward Hall ; on payroll of Capt David Goss, under command of Col John Bowman
Military? 18 Jul 1782 - 31 Aug 1782 Virginia, United Statesis guarding Ashton's Station as certified by Benjamin Logan. They arrived after the Military
Other? 15 Aug 1782 FACT: Seige of Bryant's Station occurs.
Other? 19 Aug 1782 FACT: Battle of Blue Licks occurs.
Military? 11 Oct 1782 - 11 Nov 1782 Fayette County, Virginiaon payroll of Lt. John South, guarding the frontier of Fayette County
Other? 1785 FACT: Boone's Creek Baptist Church is founded.
Marriage 9 June 1786 Fayette, Kentucky, United Statesby Parson Andrew Trimble
to Milly Unknown
Residence? 10 Jun 1786 Fort Boonesborough in Virginia (now Madison, Kentucky)Citation needed
Residence[7] 1787 Fayette, Virginia, United Statesnamed on 1787 Tax List
Residence[4] 1788 Fayette, Virginia, United Statesnamed on 1788 Tax List
Other? 1792 FACT: Kentucky is admitted as the 15th state of the union.
Other? 1793 FACT: Portions of Bourbon and Fayette Counties become Clark County.
Other? 14 Dec 1798 FACT: Portion of Shelby County becomes Henry County.
Other? 1803 FACT: Fire at Fayette County Clerk's Home Office Destroys Most County Records.
Other? 27 Jan 1808 FACT: Portions of Clark and Madison counties become Estill county.
Census[1] 1810 Clark, Kentucky, United States
Census[8] 1820 Clark, Kentucky, United States
Census? 1830 Clark, Kentucky, United StatesCitation needed
Other[9] 22 Sep 1830 Henry, Kentucky, United StatesPOSSIBLE MATCH - named in Deed to purchase 10 ac from Wharton and Mary Ransdell
Military[10] 4 Oct 1832 Clark, Kentucky, United Statesapplies for a military pension
Military[10] 3 Apr 1834 Clark, Kentucky, United Statesgives deposition for military pension
Military[11] 1835 Clark, Kentucky, United Statesnamed on 1835 KY Pension Roll
Will[6] 23 Jan 1835 Estill, Kentucky, United States
Death[3][10] 30 Jul 1838 Estill, Kentucky, United Statesage 80 - [per pension app]
Property[5] 20 Aug 1838 Estill, Kentucky, United StatesPOSSIBLE MATCH - named in Indenture to sell 203ac to Wm. G. and Lucretia Berry for $600
Burial[13] pos Hall Cemetery, Estill, Kentucky, United States[proof pending]


Notes on Parents of Edward Hall

  • The parents of Edward Hall are UNPROVEN at this time.
  • Clue 1: According to the 1833 Deposition of Proctor and Horn,10 Edward Hall was given a furlough in the Fall of 1779 to return to Virginia and bring his father's family to Kentucky which he did. His father was not named and no further information was given about the family at that time.
  • Clue 2: Some researchers claim that the parents of Edward Hall are William/Willis/Willie Hall and Elizabeth Halbert - needs proof!

Notes on Military Service of Edward Hall

  • see Hall, Edward 1832 Rev War Pension Application W3017 10 - transcript of original text with annotations
  • see Wardell's “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 2 12 - abstract of pension and genealogical information

Notes on Spouses of Edward Hall

  • Spouse 1 = Milly UNKNOWN (pos GARRETT). See her Person Page for details.
    • Source: 1843 Deposition of Milly Hall 10 - Milly Hall testifies that she married Edward Hall on 9 Jun 1786 in Fayette County, Kentucky and that they were the parents of 9 children.

Notes on Death of Edward Hall

Notes on Burial of Edward Hall

  • Place: Hall Cemetery, Estill, Kentucky
    • Source: Find A Grave 13 - No sources or photos provided.

Additional Resources

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    Home in 1810 (City, County, State): Clark, Kentucky
    Free White Persons - Males - Under 10: 2 <--[b 1800-1810: Bryant (1802) & James (1804)]
    Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 15: 2 <--[b 1795-1800: Jesse (1794) & Martin (1798)]
    Free White Persons - Males - 16 thru 25: 2 <--[b 1785-1795: Garret (1792) & Thomas (1793)]
    Free White Persons - Males - 45 and over: 1 <--[b bef 1765: HOH Edward]

    Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 15: 1 <--[b 1795-1800: Elizabeth (1796)]
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    Number of Household Members Over 25: 2
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  4. Recorded, in Fayette County, Kentucky Tax List, 1788, Secondary quality.

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    HALL, Edward
    HALL, John
    HALL, Moses
    HALL, Moses Jr.
    HALL, Thomas
    HALL, William
    [Last accessed 3 Dec 2012]
    [NOTE: this is NOT THE PRIMARY RECORD - it is just a transcript posted to the internet. Primary record should be located, scanned and presented, if possible.]

  5. Property Record, in Estill County, Kentucky Deed Book, F:466, Secondary quality.

    ... This indenture made and entered into this 20th day of August 1838 between Lucetria Berry of the county of Madison and the state of Kentucky of the one part and Edward Hall of the county of Estill ... Sum of six hundred dollars ... A certain parcel of land ... Lying on the waters of Noland Creek adjoining the land of Polly Oldham ... Containing by survey two hundred and three acres ... And the said William G. Berry and Lucretia, his wife; ... To the said Edward Hall and his heirs forever.
    William Berry
    Lucretia Berry
    [cos1776 Note: I am not sure where I got this abstract but it is troubling because it is dated after the supposed death date of Edward Hall. Needs followup and verification.]

  6. Will Transcript of Edward Hall, in Estill County, Kentucky Will Book, D:72, Secondary quality.

    [Estill County Will Book D, p 72]
    [ HALL, EDWARD. Will:23 Jan 1835. Proven: add date here]

    In the name of God Amen I Edward Hall of the County of Clark and the State of Kentucky being in sound mind and memory calling to mind the mortality of this body and certain of death when it shall please God to call me home do make ordain and deliver this to be my last will and Testiment and none other revoking and disallowing all other will or wills and this only to be taken for my last Will in the first place my will is that all just debts be paid and secondly that my body shall be decently enterred my will is that my beloved wife shall have a decent maintanace out of my estate such as to have one third if she thinks proper to take it the balance of my estate I will to my son Bryant Hall both real and personal to have the same at my death my will is that the balance of my six children shall have nothing (to wit) Thomas Hall, Garret Hall, Jesse Hall, Martin Hall, James Hall, and Elizabeth Welsh late Elizabeth Hall shall hold the amount they have severlly rec and no more of my estate at my death and lastly I constitute and appoint my trusty friend and son Bryant Hall executor of this my last will and testiment in testimony where - of -- I have unto sit my hand and seal this 23rd day of January 1835.

    Edward (X) Hall (seal)
    Attest his James Bybee ; John M. Barber mark

    [Caution: Transcript not verified.]
    [Identifies children of Edward Hall.]

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    Township: No Township Listed
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    Home in 1820 (City, County, State): Clark, Kentucky
    Enumeration Date: August 7, 1820
    Free White Persons - Males - 16 thru 18: 1 - [b. 1802-1804 = Bryant or James ]
    Free White Persons - Males - 16 thru 25: 3 - [b. 1795-1805 = Jesse or Martin ]
    Free White Persons - Males - 45 and over: 1 - [b. bef 1775 = Edward ]
    Free White Persons - Females - 45 and over : 1 - [b. bef 1775 = Milly ]
    Number of Persons - Engaged in Agriculture: 5
    Free White Persons - Over 25: 2
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    Total All Persons - White, Slaves, Colored, Other: 5 - [i.e. No Slaves ]

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    [Abstract provided by Delijim 20130714.]
    [cos1776 20130715 note: Milly Hall's birthdate is NOT explicitly stated in her husband's 1832 Pension App. The only reference to her age is as follows: "On 20 Nov 1848 the age of Milly Hall was said to be 81 years." See Transcript for original text.]

  13. 13.0 13.1 13.2 Grave Recorded, in Find A Grave, Secondary quality.

    [Note of Caution: as of April 2014, there are 2 memorial pages for Edward Hall at Find A Grave - # 26390158 Edward Hall, created in 2008, and # 48118093 Edward Rev. War Soldier Hall, created in 2010 - which both claim that he is buried in Hall Cemetery, Estill County, Kentucky. Neither page includes a photo of his headstone or gravesite or any sources for the information posted there. Also, it appears that the death date does not match that given in his wife's 1843 deposition.]

  14. Land Record, in, Secondary quality.

    Preemption Warrant #: 189 Cropped Image | Original Scanned Image
    Name: Hall, Edward County: Kentucky
    Type #1: Preemption Acreage #1: 400
    Location/WaterCourse: ridge about 4 miles from the head of Hingston's Fork
    Assignee #1: Grubbs, Higgason or Hickerson
    Issue Date: 12/22/1779 Authorized: VA 6920.0*

  15.   Family Tradition, in Rootsweb, Secondary quality.

    Source: cKYgen, 11 May 2013 [1]:
    ... This is what my ancestor said, but I have no backup document for the source. (It may have been a family oral history story?.):

    “Edward Hall and sons came to Estill County to Sugar Loaf Mountain or Sprout Springs. The land they had was covered with maple trees and a good place to make maple sugar. In the early 1830, Edward Hall and sons James and Martin bought timber land on Nolands Creek in Estill County.”

    Just beyond Sugar Loaf Mt. is Grassy Knob. The closest village to Sugar Loaf Mountain is Kimbrell. Kimbrell is located between Sprout Springs and Hargett. With Iron Mount and Cressy above (north) of Hargett. I would go with the area of w[h]ere Twin Creek runs; Cressy and Iron Mound are nearby. ...